Monday, November 17, 2008

The Fix Is In

I can't help but wonder if Al Franken doesn't know something the rest of us have only suspected so far.

It seems Mr. Franken is traveling to Washington to meet with Senate leaders. Story here.

Is this wishful thinking or do they know they already have come up with enough "found" votes to put him over the top.

Either way, Norm Coleman and the Republican Party are going to have to watch this one closely and likely have the courts intervene. Al Franken, along with the assistance of the Minnesota and national Democratic parties are doing all they can to steal this election.


Z said...

I hope this isn't like obama going to Hawaii and suddenly having Hawaii lock up his birth certificate! When these libs travel, get worried.

Chuck, I came to tell you how hard I laughed at your comment at Pasadena's blog about PETA... You "talk about it over a good steak dinner" cracked me UP! Thanks for the laugh!

Papa Frank said...

They will just declare that they have one and the obamabots will all chime in with "YES WE DID!!!" The truth no longer matters.

Papa Frank said...


one = won

Chuck said...

Thanks Z, good point

Papa, I new what you meant, I'm a horrendous typist. I probably couldn't even do this if not for spell check.

shoprat said...

Is this the end of the Land of the Free?

I'm beginning to thinkso.

MK said...

Tell me it ain't getting worse Chuck, no, say it ain't so. Heavens above, does America realize what it's done?

JeffsJots said...

God Help Us!

Brooke said...

It actually makes sense to have Franken run... I mean, what other job could such a talentless hack get?

He won't get this one. The fraud has to be smooth, like Obama's was.