Monday, November 10, 2008

I Told You So

I just wanted to try to be the first to say it.

I posted in this blog that President Obama's fuel policies were going to be a hidden tax on the public that will be just one part of a general dilution of his middle class tax cut, if he gives the tax cut at all.

According to this article John Podesta, Obama's transition chief, has said that Obama will quickly issue executive orders to bring "change" to Washington.

President-elect Obama plans to use his executive powers to make an immediate impact when he takes office, perhaps reversing Bush administration policies on stem cell research and domestic drilling for oil and natural gas.

John Podesta, Obama's transition chief, said Sunday Obama is reviewing President Bush's executive orders on those issues and others as he works to undo policies enacted during eight years of Republican rule. He said the president can use such orders to move quickly on his own.

Now, two things about this statement.

First, it did say he is reviewing it so it is not written in stone that he will reverse the domestic drilling policy of Bush. With this said, his comments on the campaign trail along with opposition from almost all leading Democrats to domestic drilling makes it likely he will do this.

Second, I am not being critical of him issuing executive orders, Bush did it as did others before him. I do have to wonder though if the Democrats in Congress will be as critical of Obama's use of Executive orders to circumvent them as they were of Bush?

Keep in mind that Bush's executive order to allow domestic drilling was what reversed the Democratic increase in gas prices. Let me remind people of the last time the Democratic party promised change in fuel prices, it was when they were working to retake Congress in 2006. This "change" they brought about was a doubling of gas prices to over $4.00 a gallon. The only thing that started reversing this slide was Bush's executive order to allow drilling.

Finally, notice they are looking at natural gas drilling also. The US has the sixth largest natural gas reserves in the world, the five above us are Russia and Middle Eastern countries. Do you think not drilling here won't make your home heating prices skyrocket?

One thing to watch for are catch phrases. You will hear about things like "Environmentally Sensitive Areas". Obama and the Democrats will use this phrase or something like it to justify their opposition to drilling. This is just a cover for them, they can name any area as environmentally sensitive. They do not want to drill in the US because they don't want cheaper oil. They think more expensive oil will keep you from driving and thus prevent global warming, another Democratic myth we will have to save for another day. Obama himself made this statement during the campaign about gas prices 'I think that I would have preferred a gradual adjustment.' So he didn't have an issue with the price of gas, he just felt that we deserved a more gradual increase.

I could go on and on about Obama bringing change to America and be careful of what change means but I think John Podesta said it best, "We need to get off the course that the Bush administration has set."

Mr. Podesta is right, we can no longer tolerate these $2.00 a gallon gas prices. Thank God we have the Democrats here to change them again.

Further, we need to let the Middle East sell us oil, there are starving terrorists over there that need our support.

I'm going to take a nap, wake me in 2012.


Brooke said...

You're taking a nap?

I'm going to the store to stock up on bulk cases of Vaseline...

Larry T Durham said...

Excellent point: The executive order to drill, just the hint of drilling, made oil prices fall. But these "wealth spreading " chimps won't let that stand. Everything about Barry's plan is inflationary.

Vaseline indeed. LOL.

Chuck said...

Brooke, this is a PG-13 site lol. Point taken though.

Larry, thanks for stopping by. It's going to be interesting. We are going to be screwed on fuel prices, maybe Brooke has something there.

Nancy said...

Lol, I understand completely the want to just nap through these next four years. Right now we are in tough times and having to deal with the political lull, but somehow we'll get through it. Its going to be a long four years though.

Papa Frank said...

I read an article on CNN's website today on how this is the time to impose a $1.00 a gallon tax on gas so people don't begin to drive more with the lowering gas prices. Lefty rule has never been about the common man and has never benefitted the middle class. The ONE silver lining in this bad economy and they are already chomping at the bit to try and take it away.

MK said...

When Obama starts to change things, people will start to appreciate George Bush's legacy.

"They think more expensive oil will keep you from driving and thus prevent global warming..."

Which really is just a ploy to impoverish the world through higher taxation and line their own pockets.

Brooke said...

Whoops, sorry Chuck.

PF, are you SERIOUS!?!

There will be blood in the streets if the Dems raise the gas tax like that!

Chuck said...

Nancy, I will be.

Papa Frank, ythe one thing the economy needs is higher gas prices, We can really destroy things then.

MK, I said this last night. Sandwiched between Clinton and Carter will make Bush look better on a lot of issues.

Brooke, just joking. I found it funny.