Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's Not The Same Old Washington Elite, It's Experience

Barack Obama campaigned on "changing" Washington. He was going to be a new kind of politician (just like every President before him). It was going to be a new day in Washington.

It turns out that no matter how much things change, they still seem to stay the same. I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this obvious lie. If I were to talk about Obama's lies during the campaign it would take too long and I just don't have the energy today.

What I do find interesting is the reaction in the media to this flip flop. I'm not talking about the MSM here, we expect this. He could fart at a G-20 summit while making a speech and the Chris Matthew's of the media would fall even deeper in love with him and how adorable he is.

This article is from Fox News.

WASHINGTON — For months on the campaign trail, Barack Obama promised to bring change to Washington. But now that he's president-elect, his first potential Cabinet picks indicate that he may bring more years of Washington experience to his administration than Bill Clinton or George W. Bush did.

Obama's first four likely Cabinet choices, including former first lady Hillary Clinton, have a combined total of more than 60 years of Washington experience.

By comparison, President Bush's first four Cabinet picks had a total of 30 years experience in Washington, and former President Clinton's had 58.


So now it's not retreading the same old tired Washington elites. With Obama, it's bringing in "experienced" people. In fact this genius is bringing in people with twice the experience of George Bush, isn't he just amazing.

Articles from the media yet to come:

Obama wisely decides that economy is too bad to give middle class tax cuts.

Obama goes for experience, selects Bill Ayers for Education Secretary.

Gas prices of $9 a gallon keep people from driving, good for environment.

ACORN voter registration stations more successful than imagined, 110% of voters registered.


M.A. said...

I'm waiting for this gem:

Civility Returns to America: Obama Dines with Ahmadinejad, Apologizes

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

This includes Obama's nominee for Director of Homeland Security, a guy whose idea of border security is to wave a big banner that says "Y'all come!"

Greywolfe said...

Here's the gem that scares the sheep dip outta me

Fed declares a force majeur: Dollar busts and Martial law instituted.

followed by:

Riots in ALL major cities kill unknown number in Canada, Mexico, and USA. Emergency summit planned.

and finally...

Congress and Whitehouse agree: Only hope is North American Union.

Chuck said...

Good one MA, it's only a matter of time

Pasadena, this is their idea of security, being sure no one gets lost on the way in. Hell, they'll probably set up an ACORN kiosk at the border to register them.

Greywolfe, I beleive there is a desire for a North American Union. We can have the Nuero as our currency.

Christopher Hamilton said...

What about the obvious:

"Guns Banned to Keep Children Safe"

cube said...

The MSM can make a turd sandwich looks like a cheesecake. We're in for some prestidigation.

Chuck said...

Christopher, good

Cube, your going to need to explain prestidigation for us dummies

shoprat said...

It's just proof that he's owned by the same people who owned Clinton. The Democratic Party is nothing more than a syndicate.

Greywolfe said...

Chuck, you scared me with the way you phrased your response to my 2 cents worth. Do you favor a north american union? And just fyi the currency has, by some reports, already been minted. Coins called Ameros.

There's a racist blogger that has one, supposedly. He shows a good film of it on youtube. I'm not sure how hard it is to get coins minted for crank purposes but I guess it's possible.

For me, a North American Union would put the final nail in our Constitution's coffin lid. The Canadians have a more socialist country than we do, and the Mexicans have one of the most corrupt governments in the "free world".

Of course, ours isn't too high on my list right now either.

Chuck said...

Shoprat, bought and paid for

Greywolfe, it was sarcasm. I can assure you I am not in favor of the Nuero. I'm an RN and this was a poor attempt at a joke, as in neurology

cube said...

Prestidigation is another word for magic. Think Orwell's 1984 when the Ministry of Truth tells you that your chocolate ration has increased when it has really decreased.

The MSM will tell you whatever suits their liberal agenda. If it suits them, up will be down, black will be white, solid will be liquid.

It will be like magic before your very eyes because they control they information that you see and most of what you hear.

MK said...

Brace yourselves folks, if you follow the MSM, there will be very few bad decisions that Obama will make. They simply won't have it.

Aaron Proctor said...

I found $20 on the ground yesterday.

I guess the Libs were right: Obama is making money rain from the skies!

Can't wait for the sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. (Sorry Patsy Cline!)

Sarcasm, by the way.