Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A New Beginning

As I write this Barack Obama has been projected to win the Presidential race. I'm tired and I have to get up in 7 hours for work. Before going to bed I have some final thoughts on the 2008 Presidential election as it draws to an end.

I still hold that electing Obama was a mistake and a potentially disastrous one for America. With this said, the electorate has spoken and we need to respect that. This is a great country and a great system of government. We may not agree with the results, but they are what they are. Finally, even though I cringe at the thought of an Obama presidency, I can still appreciate the historic election of a black President.

I find it sad that Obama's grandmother passed away the night before the election. May she rest in peace and may Obama be comforted in the knowledge that she is watching him as he achieves his goal.

We need to maintain our support for America. We cannot fall into the trap of many on the left who threatened to move out of the country both times George Bush was elected. This is my country and I am staying here and will continue doing my small part to make it the best country in the world, bar none.

Before any think that I have gone soft, don't believe it for a minute. I will use my blog to call this man on every misstep he makes and I believe he will make many. I am an unapologetic partisan and that will never change. I am first though an American and agree with our President or not, respect the man or not, I will always respect the office of the President of the United States.

This is not the end of the world. The sun will come up tomorrow, I will wake up and go to work, and the United States will persevere. As I said in the title, this is not the end, it is the beginning.

The Republican party is a rudderless ship with no one steering it. While I have no pretense of being the one to steer it, I and everyone reading this has a duty to assist with righting the ship. The Republican party, when it is at it's best, is a grass roots party. We are a part of the grass roots. Watching coverage of the election tonight, I see leaders in the party that appear willing to step up and resurrect the party, Sarah Palin being one of the more obvious ones.

The Democratic party now controls the Presidency and both chambers of Congress. They have a monumental task. They have the lowest approval rating of any Congress ever, they have a newly elected President who made a lot of promises that he will not likely be able to keep, and more importantly, they will not have George Bush to hide behind. The onus is on them to perform and there is no evidence as of yet that they know how to. Finally, they have painted themselves into somewhat of a corner. They have a party base that expects big things from them and a still right of center country that is going to look dimly on some of the things their base will want them to do. The bottom line is, someone is not going to be happy with the actions of this new ruling party.

This is where the opening is for a rejuvenated Republican party.

Our job is to use what influence we have, no matter how small to help with spreading the word about conservatism and assist with the resurrection of the Republican party. I am only one and, as of yet, do not reach a lot people but together we can be a force to reckon with.

So cry yourself to sleep tonight if you feel the need, I do not, but awaken tomorrow and be prepared to continue the fight. I am. Good night and God Bless America.


Z said...

I did my crying, I have to admit...Incognito called tonight and we both had a boo hoo.......but, I'm over it. I have to be. We're stuck with this horrid man and we have to look at it as something we'll survive..
There is no doubt that the election of a Black President is an exciting thing...I just wish it were a Black President with good character.
some of the things I'll never forgive obama for is lying so often, bringing up Haliburton the day before the election (imagine a cheaper, less applicable shot with more power on unthinking voters?), maneuvering into the minds of the young and thoughtless with socialist dreams of government cradle to grave care.
i will never respect the man but i will be praying for this country and her people.
very good piece, chuck. I'm proud to blog with you.

Aurora said...

Chuck, thanks for your optimism and call to patriotism despite the unthinkable happening. I admire the respect for leadership that so many on our side have even though I believe that this particular leader far from deserves it.
Good post, I'm adding an excerpt to mine.

Randy said...

I agree with most of your thoughts here, especially the part about supporting the office of the presidency and the country.

I disagree however, that the democrats won't still blame the republicans and Bush. I suspect we'll be hearing that for years to come.

Mia said...

Chuck, I've followed your blog for several months now but have never commented. I wanted to tell you that your comments were just what I needed this morning as I sit here in despair thinking about what the next four years holds for us. Then I think, "Four years really isn't that long."

I agree that electing a black president is an exciting piece of history. I just wish it wasn't him. But I will continue to respect the office of the president, and I think you again for the reminder.

Joe said...

Thanks for that encouragement.

I will fight to fight off change when it involves: change to the Constitution; change to our economic system; change to our religious liberty; change to our moral fiber and any other changes to the system that has made us a great nation.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I still hold that electing Obama was a mistake and a potentially disastrous one for America. With this said, the electorate has spoken and we need to respect that.

Good for you!

Thanks for showing class and dignity in losing.

TAO said...

I think you need to take a step back and really analyze Barack Obama. Lets not forget that he also defeated a traditional Liberal candidate, and one that for all practical reasons should have won the democratic primary.

He defeated traditional liberalims well before he defeated traditional conservatism. He brought a majority of registered voters to the polls which has not occurred in decades and he won a majority of that majority.

Its time to realize that this is not a traditional election because basically we have experienced a passing of the torch.

The people have voted over the last two years and they have voted against traditional liberalism and traditional conservatism.

If we continue to look at this election using the traditional political matrix that we all are accustomed to then we will find ourselves falling further and further out of touch.

Obama is not only a black man but he is also a child of the sixties...no more cold war warriors, no more traditional liberals...

This is change....Obama represents the Ronald Reagan of a whole new generation...

Rightwingsnarkle said...

Enjoy your remaining years out on the fringes.

If you can't find stuff to complain about, I'm sure you'll have no problem making something up.

As for Caribou Barbie - yes, by all means, bring her back in 2012. She was so thoroughly loved first time out.

She may actually be available much sooner, when she decides not to run for re-election in the face of certain defeat, just like Mitt Romney.

Ah, ha ha ha ha.

An American that cares! said...

Obama's campaign was packed with lies, and In addition, Obama had benefited from a bias media.
I don't congratulate Obama at all.

Would you also congratulate the Racist Black Panthers for contributing to his victory?
No there is no reason to congratulate Obama

Brenda Jean said...

Chuck is much more gracious than I am, or could be. I hope any of the liberals reading this take note. Being gracious is not something they seem to excell at. But, I knew he'd find the words. He's my husband so I know his character. Now, if he could just pick up his socks we'd be all set:)

Peed off said...


Yes, I hope you lefty moonbats are happy...

No I don't

Nikki said...

And yet...they will blame Bush just as Clinton did. Great piece. I am finding a lot of comfort blog hopping my conservative friends blogs. You guys make me proud! Onward and upwards my friends! :)N

JeffsJots said...

Yes Chuck, thanks for your optimism. I whis that I had as much of it as you do, but I don't. But I'll do my best. I can not find it within my heart to be happy in any way, shape of form. Our first Black President or not. Call it soure grapes if you will bit it is what it is..
He is just NOT my kind of guy.

Yes, may God Bless America

Z said...

tao...NO MORE COLD WAR WARRIORS? Is that a GOOD thing? We don't make wars, we have to react to threats....what if...........??

We celebrate doing nothing, or ? Or we will hope obama has it in him to do the right thing, which could mean he needs to belly up and stop being a lefty and actually BE a warrior.

Chuck said...

Sorry for being so late in responding, had to spend the day out in the real world at work. Thanks all for dropping by.

Z, I agree, I would have chosen someone like Michael Steele or J.C. Watts but I couldn't. It is not likely I will respect him just because of what he has stood for but he is the President and I respect that. The honor of blogging with such good people is mine.

Aurora, thanks and thanks for the add, I'll check it out.

Randy, they will blame Bush but I think that at some point, the blame will fall flat. With them controlling government there will come a "put up or shut up" moment.

Mia, thanks for following and thanks for commenting, you are always welcome. I think we have seen the last 8 years how being disrespectful of the Presidency can be destructive to the country.

Joe, thanks, the fight for our ideals continue and we do have a part to play.

Wordsmith, thank you.

Tao, I think Obama is an accidental president, he had the good fortune of running against two decent candidates who ran horrible campaigns. They both ran dysfunctional and disjointed campaigns.

As far as passing the torch, just how many times do you guys pass this torch? This is a tired old line used every time a Dem wins an election. This was nothing more than a protest vote against Bush, don't make too much of it.

Finally, just how far left do you have to be to think Obama is not liberal? To paraphrase a comment I heard one day "you would have to so far left that if a bomb went off in the center, you wouldn't hear the explosion for a day"

Ronald Reagan? Stop, please.

Snarkle, There will be no need to make stuff up trust me. Soon you will join us and realize what a colossal disservice you have done to your country by voting for this man.

American that cares, thanks for stopping by. I didn't actually congratulate him, I said that I respect the voter's decision. We live in a Democracy and agree with an election or not, it is how we select our leaders. As I said earlier, we have had 8 years of nastiness and disrespect from the left, we do not need to make idiots of ourselves and sink to their level. AS far as the Black Panthers, I believe they should have had their asses drug off to jail. Stop by again.

Brenda Jean, Ok everyone, you see how I'm treated at home, this is why I'm so angry all of the time. Actually Brenda has put up with a lot from me during this election and she deserves a lot of credit. (for the record, I dropped my socks on the bedroom floor again tonight)lol

Peed off, when is the last time you saw a happy moonbat? They're always doom and gloom.

Nikki, thanks, chin up. This is just a setback, we'll get the country back on track.

Jeff, it's not happiness, there is nothing to be happy about. It's determination and we all have it, that's why we do what we do. Keep it up.

Greywolfe said...

Chuck its good to meet you here. I saw your post and agree with it. I must admit that my anger at the stupidity of the American electorate has gotten the better of me. I found it hard to think of anything positive to come out of this election with one exception, congress didn't get a bulletproof majority in either house.

Further I agree with your estimation of the hardships that the congress and obama have ahead. Thanks for helping me get my head up.

From what I have read of the comments I believe I have found even more of the like-minded friends that I prefer to surround myself with. Give me a visit sometime at www.okiepatriot.blogspot.com and give me a yell.

kevin said...

I've been complaining that the GOP has lost it's way for about 2 years, now it's finally come into fruition. No party can ignore it's base the way the GOP does and expect to win.

Papa Frank said...

Let's skip the rebuild and go straight to start anew.

Chuck said...

Greywolf, welcome and thanks for stopping by. I think Obama is got to tred lightly here. Their majority is large but precarious with their approval rating. Your among friends, stop by again.

Kevin your right but check out the blog I just posted, there a couple of good links there that may offer some hope.

Papa Frank, I think that is the only real solution. Time to let some of the new young blood in Congress and the state parties to have some input.