Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Quote Of The Week

Picking a quote for this week was harder than I thought because with the Presidential election, there were so many to choose from.

We had John McCain's concession speech. We had John McCain's staff attacking Sarah Palin in an attempt to blame their blatant incompetence on her. We had Sarah Palin's response.

We had Barack Obama's acceptance speech. We had Barack Obama's idiotic attempt at humor at the expense of Nancy Reagan. The Dems have a list of Reagan jokes to draw from if they want to impress their friends.

Curiously, we haven't heard much from Joe Biden. My suspicion is Obama threw away the key to the muzzle he put on Biden a month or so ago. I think we've heard the last of Joe.

So, feel sorry for me, this wasn't an easy choice.

I think this quote from Michael Steele, out of all of them, gives one of the best analysis of where the GOP needs to go from here. Source here.

"Ronald Reagan made it cool to be a Republican, for God's sake,".... "It was the package we presented to the American people: We love fresh ideas, we love the back and forth of debate, we relish reaching out and welcoming people to be part of this effort. That's what we need to re-establish."

Michael Steele, former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, current Chairman of GOPAC.

Michael Steele is on my short list of people I would like see head the RNC. He's smart, articulate, well spoken, and an unabashed supporter of the GOP.

For Mr. Steele's words of wisdom and continuing support of America, I give him the Eagle


shoprat said...

We need more words like that as claw our way back.

Aurora said...

"Claw our way back"...LOL
Chuck, nice optimistic post, as always. Our identity as a group has been attacked and undermined by the vicious attacks from those on the other side. We need, most of all, to rediscover what we are all about and what we stand for. It's going to take courage, strength and conviction to continue to stand over the next Obama years.

Frank the Carpenter said...

True Republicans are not happy about a communist managing to steal the 2008 election through massive fraud,college kids voting multiple times for obama, inmates voting for obama, dead people voting for obama, non-citizens voting for obama, etc.. But the cold comfort for Republicans is that a couple of years from now when obama lays waste to our economy, security, and health care, Republicans can smugly say "I told you so!".

Chuck said...

Shoprat, Michael Steele is great

Aurora, thanks.

Frank, it won't take a couple of years, he's already making plans for executive orders.

Always On Watch said...

I greatly respect Michael Steele. He's a man of integrity and a conservative.

Chuck said...

AOW, agreed, he's a good man. He would have been my choice for the first black President.

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

"My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you'll join with me as we try to change it."

Barack Obama

Misfit410 said...

Steele is awesome, one of the few left I can say that about.

As for Biden he was seen at a Giants game this weekend where the entire crowd booed when he was shown on the monitors.