Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quote Of The Week

With Veteran's Day falling in the past week, this week's quote was an easy choice.

Gen. Ann E. Dunwoody became the Army's first female four star general.

I would like to congratulate Gen. Dunwoody and thank her for her 33 years of service to our country.

Finally, as the father of an 8 year old girl, I would like to thank the general for being a role model to all, especially young girls. Lord knows we need positive role models for our children.

"Thirty-three years after I took the oath as a second lieutenant, I have to tell you this is not exactly how I envisioned my life unfolding," she told a standing-room-only auditorium. "Even as a young kid, all I ever wanted to do was teach physical education and raise a family."

"It was clear to me that my Army experience was just going to be a two-year detour en route to my fitness profession," she added. "So when asked, 'Ann, did you ever think you were going to be a general officer, to say nothing about a four-star?' I say, 'Not in my wildest dreams.'

"This promotion has taken me back in time like no other event in my entire life," she said. "And I didn't appreciate the enormity of the events until tidal waves of cards, letters, and e-mails started coming my way.

"And I've heard from men and women, from every branch of service, from every region of our country, and every corner of the world. I've heard from moms and dads who see this promotion as a beacon of home for their own daughters and after affirmation that anything is possible through hard work and commitment.

"And I've heard from women veterans of all wars, many who just wanted to say congratulations; some who just wanted to say thanks; and still other who just wanted to say they were so happy this day had finally come."

Source for quotes.

So in honor of her accomplishment, I give Gen. Dunwoody a well deserved Eagle

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Christopher Hamilton said...

Great quote selection Chuck. It truly is an inspiring story to all.

cube said...

I have two girls so the same goes double for me ;-)

I'm hoping General Dunwoody will comport herself better than the CYA general that was in charge of abu Graib. One of the reasons why I'm against affirmative action. Promotions should be earned.

Z said...

Wonderful, important post.

having said that, I will admit I'm not nuts about females in combat, but what do I KNOW?
If I'd been at Pt D'Hoc, they'd have had to pry my fingers from the side of the boat before I started swimming and took the bullets. Great courage humbles me more than ANYTHING else.
I don't have it.
I salute this woman for what she's got that I don't got, so to speak!

Chuck said...

Thank you Christopher

Cube, agreed. It is nice to have a role model for our girls other than Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton, not that my daughter sees either of these much

Z, the courage can be humbling to us mere mortals

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

As Pondering Penguin put it, "A brass ceiling broken!"

MK said...

Here here Chuck, congrats General.

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

That was a great quote, I couldn't have said it better myself. Well maybe not.

stormin said...


shoprat said...

She is indeed a role-model but the only way she will get in the public eye is if the tabloids set out to destroy her. There needs to be an effective way to get positive role-models in front of the general public.

Brooke said...

The American dream at work! How awesome!

Chuck said...

Shoprat, agreed. The Sarah Palin syndrome