Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So It Begins

In what is likely the first of many similar incidents, Vice President Dick Chaney and former Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez have been indicted in a case in Texas. Chaney for his investment in a prison company and Gonzalez for a conflict of interest as AG. Story here.

I say the first of many because several high ranking Democrats, including our new Vice President Joe Biden, have expressed a desire for charging George Bush and Chaney for, something.

Barack Obama has gone on record as saying he doesn't want to do anything like this until his second term which not only makes him petty and small for wanting to do it in the first place, but also chickenshit for not wanting to face the voters after pulling something like this.

So the question is, if we are going to charge a former Vice President for conflict of interest on an investment in a company that broke the law, when will it be Obama's turn? Why don't we charge him with any felonies that are brought against ACORN? He invested in them to the tune of $800,000+ so I would think he is similarly responsible for any felonies they may have committed. Furthermore, they may be charged under RICO statutes which will make him face stiffer penalties.

So I just want to be the first to go on record calling for the indictment of Barack Hussein Obama for the crime of voter registration fraud.


Christopher Hamilton said...

It doesn't matter. Barack Obama could have been involved with 9/11 and he still would have been voted into office.

shoprat said...

As things go downhill in the next couple of years, the people will hopefully get tired of this.

MK said...

Ah but Chuck, you should know by now, there is one rule for Conservatives, and well... none for the left.

When pressured, shamed and hounded, they'll make it leftists = innocent until proven guilty. conservatives = guilty until proven innocent.

cube said...

Just one of Obama's many negatives would've made any republican unelectable. There are different rules for our side.

An American that cares! said...

I guess it could have been worse, he could have picked Louis Farrakhan for his Attorney General

Mustang said...

I should first observe that the good news is that apparently, the new administration has solved all of our glaring social and economic issues and now have the time to concentrate on political pettiness. Next, there could be some merit to this new standard of prosecuting a former regime. The Romans did this regularly, albeit with mixed success. Had we been doing this all along, Warren Christopher, Madeline Albrecht, Jamie Gorelick, and Bill Clinton would already be in a federal prison and therefore not eligible for a repeat performance under the Obama administration. We might have also prosecuted Les Aspin posthumously. And, finally, such a standard may help to weed out petty opportunists from seeking high office. I hope this catches on.

Chuck said...

Christopher, the media certainly would not have reported on it.

Shoprat, here's to hope

No MK, just guilty.

Cube, see MK's post

American, he's going to be Ambassador to the UN

Mustang, well put