Friday, November 21, 2008

Why Do We Bother Voting?

This question is getting more and more relevant.

First we have ACORN putting the validity of our elections in question. No matter what ACORN or it's defenders (aka the Democratic party) say, ACORN's illegal registration activities have the very real potential to change an election. Look at the close races this year for the US Senate.

In a contest like what is going on in Minnesota with Norm Coleman and Al Franken, ACORN would only have to facilitate the illegal voting of 200 or 300 voters to change the election results in that state. Anyone that thinks this is unlikely needs to remember that some of the improperly registered voters have reached the thousands in some state. If ACORN were to misregister 20,000 people in Minnesota, not at all out of the range of possibility, only 1% of them would have to slip through and vote to possibly change the election.

Then there is Minnesota itself in which, against all statistical probability, election officials "found" 500 votes for Franken. See John Lott's blog here. If Al Franken manages to win Minnesota, there will never be a way to make his win appear legitimate.

Finally, we have this. The California Supreme Court is going to hear an appeal by gay rights activists to overturn proposition 8 that was voted on by the people of the state. Without discussing the merits of the law, this is an affront to democracy. This passage here sums up the arrogance of bringing the suit. (emphasis mine)

Opponents of the ban argue that voters improperly abrogated the judiciary's authority by stripping same-sex couples of the right to wed after the high court earlier ruled it was discriminatory to prohibit gay men and lesbians from marrying.

Government has no authority without consent of the people, this is what defines a democracy.

We see this type of thing in Michigan a lot from the libs. Fight the good fight for your cause but that's OK if you lose, just go to court to have the will of the voters overturned.

Further, it should be noted that conservatives lost on two propositions in Michigan this year. I have yet to hear any talk of suing to get the provisions overturned and I can promise if they do, I will be there to criticize them for it.

The irony here is no one can figure out why so many people sit on the sidelines and don't vote. While I will never quit voting, one could rightly wonder at times, what's the point?


Greywolfe said...

Ok. I agree with EVERY single point you made. Now for the real question. what do we do about it? We have no control over any part of the government any more which in my crystal ball of prognostication I see will be born out by the overturning of a LEGAL AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION in California. So again, what do we do?

When does the tree of liberty get pruned and brought back into health? What mechanism is, for now, still open to us?

shoprat said...

If it comes to it, and I sincerely hope that it doesn't, we change two letters in the word ballots. If the left keeps undermining the electoral process then it will come to that.

Greywolfe said...

Well, welcome to the place I live. I hate being the type to consider the things that should not come to pass, but there it is. My question to those that read these is this: What are you willing to do for freedom?

In 1772 our forefathers were having the same thoughts as you and I. In the year following they found themselves doing that which was thought impossible. They started the open rebellion against the crown.

235 years later I don't even know if Americans have the fortitude to stand up for what we hold sacred. Where were the cries of outrage that should have come up when the Congress and the President overrulled the 70% of Americans that spoke out before the bail out happened. Conservatives are, by nature, the people that go to work every day and just want to be left alone. We are not activists by nature, we are the producers. The long-haired, dope smoking, maggot infested non-working leeches on our work are the ones that go out and become activists.

The problem is two-fold. First, that we as conservatives would have to reprogram ourselves to step out and take the fight to those people that would tear us down. Second, the idea of switching bullets for ballots in defense of what is left of the Constitution is a concept that makes the mind rebel. We've been programed to support our government, not our Constitution. How do you overcome that? Most people want security over freedom. Most will wake up and say, "Damn. They took another right away. I should have done something. Oops, too late now." And go back to reading their morning paper.

This should, if nothing else I've written on my blog has, warrant my very own FBI file. What do you think?

cube said...

Mr. Cube has often joked about how the left will one day insist on votes being be automatically designated democrat unless the person actually goes to the polls and changes it to republican.

I'm thinking Mr. Cube was quite prophetic.

Chuck said...

I'm willing to fight for my right's but I will do it through the political process. The ballot is stronger than the bullet, we just need to use it. Too many conservatives stayed home this election now we have to spend the next few years fixing the mess they left behind.

Cube, I'm thinking Mr. Cube was pretty smart, and funny

Greywolfe said...

"The ballot is stronger than the bullet". A truer statement has never been spoken. But that is only true when the ballot is kept sacred by the government served by it. This one has been raping the voting process and it keeps getting worse each year. Look at your own post for proof of it.

When the vote is taken away by fraud and the government protects the fraud (check the ohio election and their atty general)then what do you do chuck?

Understand me. I'm not trying to condone an uprising. I'm trying only to incite thought and debate.

shoprat said...

Greywolfe nailed it. The second to the last thing I want is an insurrection. The very last thing I want is for the electoral process to be reduced to a joke. If the electoral process is kept sacred and not messed with then it won't happen. We will accept electoral defeat but we will not accept cheating.

Chuck said...

Agreed. The one thing I have been concerned about is the free run ACORN is going to have now.

Greywolfe said...

I'm gonna have to write something up on this one... It's a scary road, and frankly, my mind has been drawn here more and more lately. Wonder how long it'll take the government to start watching my blogs...LOL. Well, need some coffee to work on this one.

Z said...

Germany has it made in the voting dept.
You have a card with your photo on it, you go in and show that you're the person on the card, you vote, and that's IT. One vote. Only at that precinct that has you registered. DONE.

No cheating. (also NO LOBBYING, but that's another post!)

WHY are we not taking voting seriously enough to make it uniform and uncheatable!? (for want of a better word!) What's UP with that?
And Obama told ACORN he'd be meeting with them if he won so they can "help set his agenda!" WHAT? Agenda to CHEAT?

MK said...

Some people don't bother voting because of the area in which they live. For example if they live in a Republican state, that consistently votes Republican, what's the point of voting for a Democrat.

But you are quite right about the left suing when the vote doesn't go their way. Another tactic of the left is to keep putting an issue to the vote, until they get the result they way, a sort of wearing people into submission. Once we vote the way they want, suddenly their yearning for asking us for our opinion suddenly evaporates.

To an extent Chuck the whole democratic process is a bit of a sham, not all candidates are given a fair chance and we the public are not exactly allowed to make up our own minds on who to vote for. Look at the treatment of Sarah Palin by the media. They have decided that she is not worthy to stand and so they'll only paint her as bad and enough of us are happy to let them do so and take the lead given to us.

Yes, she is technically free to stand, but they will never give her a fair hearing, so in a way she is not is she.

Chuck said...

Z, I've got to hand it to Germany.

It is incredibly frustrating that a) The Dims won't publicly commit to fair and legal elections and b)the idiots in the GOP do not take them to task for it. Your right, voting is too important to ignore. Why isn't the GOP running comercial after comercial demanding that the Dims go after ACORn and other voting fraud. Paying the homeless to vote, "helping" nursing home patients vote, voting out of state, and the dead voting.

I've said this before about the election, while it is the Dim's fault for breaking the law, the GOP is just as guilty for sitting by and leting it happen to them.

MK, you actually have a good point about people not voting if they think their vote won't count. I still do, I don't care if it's a "wasted" vote or not, I feel it's an obligation.

As far as the process being a sham. You have a point. Part of this though is the fault of the candidates. The media can run Palin in the ground all they want but it was up to McCain to fight back and he didn't, so he lost.

Aaron Proctor said...

Kinda like Prop 187 in California.

The people voted to not give any more free passes to illegal immigrants.

Three key words there: The. People. Voted.

Then the activist judges overturn it.

What's the point of ballot ref's if they're just gonna get overturned?

Two dudes getting married doesn't bother me. Doesn't make the price of gas go down. Doesn't make unemployment go down. However, I believe in State's Rights and when a State clearly voted (TWICE now) to not allow same-sex marriage...I mean..what happened to the will of the people?

I also love how people are "going after" the Mormons and such and not even saying a word about how the majority of people who voted yes on Prop 8 were minority voters voting for Obama.

Not that I'm at all suggesting going after minorities or whatever...but...come on...if you're GONNA point fingers, don't point fingers at the people who funded the Prop 8 ads...point fingers at the people who actually pressed the pen down and voted on the stupid Ink A Vote they have out there.

But in a world of liberal fact checking and fact ommission, these facts aren't being mentioned.

Great blog. I'm blog rolling you. I used to blog for until the liberals kicked me out of Pasadena. Now I'm back in Philadelphia, PA - blogging at and I have a new site set up at

Haven't started writing at the latter yet - but you can read about me on Wikipedia.

- Aaron Proctor

Chuck said...

Aaron, welcome and thanks for stopping by.

The thing I love about overturning props that the people have voted for is that the libs use the argument that the prop is unconstitutional. What is more constitutional than voting for an amendment? It's insanity.

Thanks for the blogroll, I added yours for when you get going again. looked at your wiki also. Good story, like the goth look. I like conservatives that step out of the mainstream. Were not all suit wearing uptight prudes anymore.

Aaron Proctor said...

Heh, I'm not a Goth kid anymore. Nobody took me seriously and I was getting wayyy to old for that stuff. I'm not an uptight prude but I think I look damn good in a sweater vest and tie :-) That's just me, though.

That Wikipedia article really confuses people. :-)

At any rate - keep up the GREAT work and if you could point me in the direction of some other awesome blogs like yours, it would be greatly appreciated.

- AP

Chuck said...

In my mind most of the blogs I blogroll are good blogs, I'm fairly selctive because these are the ones I follow personally. In particular the blogs in the first list are all quite good.

Always On Watch said...

Fight the good fight for your cause but that's OK if you lose, just go to court to have the will of the voters overturned.

The problem is that judges now legislate from the bench, and this trend has been going on for decades, if not longer. In other words, judges have been overstepping their constitutional powers, both state and federal.

And the will of the people? That goes right out the window, and the people can't vote those judges out of office. And recalling one, if at all possible, is a lengthy and difficult process.

Chuck said...

AOW, Roe v Wade was a good example

“Of course it has to be the woman’s choice, but the Court should not have done it all,” she said. “It is dangerous to go to the end of the road when all you see in front of you are a few yards.”

This is frolm the very liberal Ruth Bader Ginsburg