Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Democrat's Coming Image Problem

Sitting here, Fox News playing as background noise, a thought occurs to me. There is another silver lining in the recent losses of Republican party. The Democrats no longer get to hide behind the GOP.

I know a somewhat moderate Democrat who used to tell me all of the time "If people really knew what Republican's were like, they would never vote for them again". Now, I am not going to criticize this person because he is closely related to me.

With this said, I have been thinking about this statement a lot since the elections and how incredibly naive it is.

First is the obvious flaw in that it assumes the media is somehow protecting the true Republican image from the public, they are somehow glossing over what Republicans are really like. This is so patently absurd, it doesn't even deserve discussion. But, of course, I'm going to beat it to death anyways.

The next time I hear this from this person, I'm going to ask them if they actually watch the news. I will ask for an example of what the Republicans have done that the media has not covered ad nauseum. The media not only covers every misstep by the GOP, they go as far as fabricating facts and/or stories about them. One has to go no further back than the recent Presidential election and the media coverage of Sarah Palin for proof that the media does not let things like the truth get in the way of a good attack story.

Finally, the flip side of this argument is that the media covers the Democrats fairly. They, clearly, do not. The examples of the media shilling for the Democratic party are so overwhelming in number that it makes the argument over whether we have an unbiased media a moot point.

So the more accurate statement should be, if the public really knew what the Democratic party was like, they would never vote for them again.

So, back to the original point of this post. The silver lining to the recent Republican losses. The Democrats are no longer going to be able to hide behind the GOP. They are going to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the light of day. The public is not going to like what they see.

The reason for this is two-fold.

First, they hold all of the marbles now. They control the Presidency, Congress, and several state legislators and Governorships. They no longer have the GOP to blame. Economy doesn't get better, they control the purse strings. A new terrorist attack or an uptick in unrest in the Middle East, they set national security and foreign policy now. Illegal immigration explodes and we have the corresponding hit to our economy, they control the border.

Of course, they will blame George Bush and the media will let them. This will carry them only so far though. I predict at best they get 6 months to ride that then the public will start getting restless.

I have noticed that they already are feeling the heat. We have switched from the high flying rhetoric and big promises of the campaign to Congressional leaders and the Obama transition team low-balling predictions and trying to lower expectations. The Democrats, Obama and Congressional leaders, made a lot of grand promises for the new rule, now they have to deliver. In fact Obama's biggest selling point, "Change", could become his biggest nightmare. Obama promised change during the campaign. If things go sour during his Presidency, the opposition will beat him over the head with his own slogan. The obvious attack is that he promised change, and we got it. It is a quintessential 'be careful of what you ask for' situation.

Second the Democrats have a different news environment from the last time they had complete control of government. The last time the Dems controlled Congress and the Presidency we did not have Fox News, we did not have an influential conservative talk radio, and we did not have the internet.

When they last controlled government, the Democrats got a pass from the media and there was no balancing source of information to dispense the truth. Things have changed in 14 years. They will no longer be able to hide behind the media.

I believe that with the spotlight on the Dems in the next 2 to 4 years, they better perform. We could be seeing a party with a badly damaged brand name and the party will not be the GOP.


CJ said...

Your posts are so refreshing. When reading your post I feel like I am finally coming out of some "democratic fog" that has consumed me for months now! Everything you said/are saying is exactly how I feel. I just had my very liberal father-in-law visiting and so needed to read your blog just to drown out his liberal-eeze!!!

Thanks again for the sensible insight!

Larry T Durham said...

Oh yes, the roaches always scurry when the light comes on. I can't wait to see how The One's Marxists message holds up under scrutiny.

An American Girl said...

Democrats Image problem? .... No way, they have Caroline Kennedy!!!

One of the most Unqualified person ever to be appointed by the left wing.

Always On Watch said...

All your points are valid.

With the spotlight on them, the Dems aren't going to be able to weasel out of exposure.

Chuck said...

CJ, thanks, I want you to come back just for my ego. lol. I know what you mean about family though. On my wife's side and mine, both families are liberal with the exception of my wife's brother. I have to detox after a weekend with either of them.

Larry, it's our job to turn on the light.

American Girl, her and Obama will be bookends

AOW, everyone on the right will have to keep on the pressure, talk radio, bloggers. All of these people havge to do the work of our "free press"

mksviews said...

"I will ask for an example of what the Republicans have done that the media has not covered ad nauseum."

You do that Chuck, but just don't hold your breath waiting for an answer, at least not a verifiable one.

And yes, you are quite right, it's all on the democrats now, they got no excuses. And i don't care what they say, it's all on them. They'll get the same treatment they gave to George Bush. We will have to, because you can rest assured the MSM vermin will slither and weasel to cover for them. Forget 6 months Chuck, the media will carry obama for the full 8 years if they can.

They never cared for the public or the best interests of the nation and they won't start now. You Americans are going to have to find out the news and truth by yourselves through talk radio and getting off your bums and putting the spotlight on them. Same as us Aussies, we were too lazy to dig and scratch around during the last election we still are, so we're slowly learning the hard way now.

If you want to know what'll happen if you don't, look to Britain.