Monday, December 22, 2008

Developing A Plan That Can't Fail

Obama has revised his economic plan and he may be on to something this time.

During the campaign he promised to create 1 million jobs. Then last month he increased that to 2.5 million jobs. Now he is promising to create or save 3 million jobs.

How is The One going to perform this miraculous feat you may ask?

They are increasing the projection for job losses. From 1 million this year to 3 to 4 million.

Get it.

It's pure genius.

Or, as they would say on an English beer commercial, "Brilliant".

Bush should have thought of this.

Overestimate the possible job losses, by increasing them 300 - 400%, then take credit for "saving" the jobs when the projections are wrong.

There will be some who are skeptical of my theory but ask yourself one simple question. Why hasn't Obama talked about "saving" jobs until his economic team raised the projected job losses for the year?

Of course, we laugh, but guess who the jokes on? The public. Does anyone reading this think the media is going to call him on it. The only group of people that will take him to task are on talk radio. Oh, wait, they won't be around anymore.

Man, this guy sure is smart.

Story here.


cube said...

It's easy to appear "smart" when you have so many making allowances for your lackluster behavior.

BO wouldn't have survived politically had the MSM conducted investigative journalism.

Aaron Proctor said...

That's an awesome idea. Just pretend like the numbers are bigger so when the same amount of jobs are "saved", he looks like a hero.


Miss T.C. Shore said...

Just wait until he starts "balancing" the budget.

stormin said...

same as proposing a 10% pay increase, take a 5% pay increase, go before the cameras and tell everyone you took a pay cut. only in DC.

Brooke said...

HA! If there's anything a Chicago politician is good at, it's the numbers game.

Chuck said...

Cube, he wouldn't be president if not for the media

AP, or if the numbers don't turn around, he looks like a zero

T.C., thanks for stopping by, it would be fun to watch if not so scary. Stop by again

Stormin, it's DC math. Only raise spending by 2% instead of 5% and call it cutting the budget

Brooke, like how many times did Emanuel talk to the Guv?

mksviews said...

"How is The One going to perform this miraculous feat you may ask?"

And who will hold him accountable?

The media? LOL, good one.

It's a good thing you folks have that 2-term thing going, so at least the fellow will be gone in 8 years.

We don't have such luck, if the current buffoon remains and enough of the masses are stupid enough to give him their vote, he can remain for more than 10 years and more.