Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Face Of The Lions

Detroit Lions Center Dominic Raiola made an obscene gesture at the crowd during the Lions loss to Minnesota Sunday, their 13th of the year. To date he refuses to apologize and the incident is being investigated by the NFL for possible penalties against Mr. Raiola.

"I don't take one thing back," he said Monday.

"I'm just tired of hearing it coming at just me," Raiola said. "It's coming at me because I've been here for years. I've been through the losing. Me, Jeff (Backus) and whoever else are the head of the losing."

"I'm just so frustrated," Raiola said. "I'm tired of being a doormat for people to just talk to us how they want to talk to us. I'm just not going to put up with that anymore."

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Let me say up front that I do not care for fans that act like asses and throw insults, if not objects, at players or referees. I think it's boorish and uncalled for.

With this said though, I do not feel too sorry for Mr. Raiola and his teammates. Let's look at some numbers for Mr. Raiola and his team.

0 - 13 Lions record to date

0 - 16 Lions likely record for the season

8 Years Mr. Raiola have been with the Lions

31 - 94 Lions record over Mr. Raiola's time with the team

.248 Lions winning percentage in that time

$56 Cost of the cheapest ticket for the Lions fans

$3,500,000 Salary of Mr. Raiola this year according to Fox Sports

Now obviously Mr. Raiola is not solely responsible for the losses of the Lions over his career. It's possible, I refuse to watch the Lions, that he's quite good.

The point though is that his arrogance is exactly what, in my opinion, has been the problem with the Lions for these last 8 years and even for the last 50 (the last time they were actually competitive).

They just can't understand why someone would be upset to pay anywhere from $56 to $320 to watch spoiled millionaires not give them a respectable show for their money. They cannot understand why fans are losing patience with a team that has not won a game in 13 attempts this year, has not even been able to win 1 in 4 games over the last 8 years, and has won 1 playoff game in 50 years.

They seem to think that the fans should be grateful that they just chose to show up at the stadium on this particular Sunday. So what if, yet again, they did not show up to perform up to their pay scale. I guess several million dollars just doesn't buy much anymore.

As I said before, I do not condone poor behavior by fans. If they are caught being abusive, I feel they should be tossed out on their butts. Trust me, downtown Detroit is not a good placed to be tossed out on your butt in. With this said, Mr. Raiola needs to be a big boy and stop his whining. Maybe if he would put as much energy into protecting his quarterback as he did raising his middle finger the Lions could win a game and he could earn his 3.5 mil. You think?


Aaron Proctor said...

I'd be pissed if I played for the Lions, too.

(Eagles fan)

shoprat said...

The Lions are a laughingstock and he's the most embarrassing of the bunch.

Papa Frank said...

This is the exact same case that we currently have here in Kansas City with the Chiefs. Unfortunately, until people simply stop going to games and stop spending their money on people like this then we are guaranteed to repeat this same outcome over and over. Money is a tool. Nothing more. Nothing less. It is the only language they understand and the only vote that counts to them.

Chuck said...

Aaron and Shoprat, thanks

Papa Frank, it is ultimately the fault of the fans. Stop going. I will not pay $300, just for tickets, to take my wife and kids to a game. We have just as much fun at the local minor league baseball for $6 apiece or our high school games. At you have a better class of athlete.

mksviews said...

3.5 Million is a lot of money, perhaps the fans should walk away and let the dying source of funds correct his behavior and their losing streak. It's amazing what the reality of no money to fund your extravagant lifestyle can do to get people to wake up to themselves.

Randy said...

If the tables were turned, the Lions were winning every game, he was MVP of every game, fans would be yeling for him all of the time. Would he be upset then?

PhantomMan said...

Another spoiled brat who knows how to milk the game

cube said...

They jack up the price of tickets in order to pay bellyachers like Raiola a huge salary for playing a game and not very well from what I hear. Sheesh.

Larry T Durham said...

It's been a tough year for football in Michigan with the misery of the Wolverines and now the futility of the Lions. Getting the finger from a millionaire athelete is needless to say bad PR.

Chuck said...

MK, they're whiney little turds

Randy, point well taken but you could not possibly think the Lions would win every game

Phantom, welcome and thanks for stopping by. Incredbile they think they should make what they do on a failing team. What do they think they are, a CEO of an auto company?

Cube, I'm not paying it

Larry, thanks but My Wolves will be back next year. The Lions, not so much.

Brooke said...

LOL! Aaron is right!

The only thing better than playing for the Lions is playing for our dirty Bengals, who are currently 1-11-1.


Now, I don't know about Detroit, but it is a prerequisite for Cincinnati that one must be a felon to be on the roster, so flying the bird is of course no biggie.

Chuck said...

Brooke, 1-11-1, we're jealous