Thursday, December 4, 2008

An Honorable Life Taken By A Pack Of Jackasses

While this is a story I like a lot of the rest of the country have been following, I had not commented on it until now.

A line-cutting dispute among shoppers who waited for hours outside a New York Wal-Mart and those who stayed inside their cars led to the stampede that killed a store worker, Newsday reports.

Nassau police said Wednesday that the conflict among shoppers who remained in their cars and those who waited in the cold weather fostered a "mob mentality" that led to the death last week of 34-year-old Jdimytai Damour, according to the paper.

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Some blame does have to go to Wal-mart for first setting the stage for this tragedy and then not providing adequate security to control the crowds.

While I support the families' effort to sue Wal-mart and wish them well, I do feel that the real blame rests elsewhere.

The real blame rests with the animals in line that placed their own personal greed at such a high level that they were willing to sacrifice a human life to satisfy it. Some may criticize my use of the word animal but that is too damned bad, it was chosen carefully. There is no other way to describe the pack mentality that was in force on this morning.

I remember a time I was at the grocery store. As I was crossing the crosswalk in front of the store a woman in a pick-up had stopped to let me pass, as is the law and custom in Michigan. This woman had her turn signal on and was obviously in the process of turning down an aisle to get a good parking space in front of the store. As I was right in front of her grill, she started pulling forward. I yelled at her and asked her what the Hell she was doing. She gestured towards the intended parking space where another car was pulling in. The bottom line is that she was willing to run me over if it meant keeping someone else from stealing her parking space.

The point is, the selfishness of people really knows no bounds. They focus on what they want at the exclusion of all around them.

All it would have taken would have been a just a few people to stop pushing towards Mr. Damour and help shield him to save his life. Instead everyone in that line was too intent on getting a great price on an MP3 player or a TV or maybe get Christmas lights for a buck. Can't take out the time to help some poor dude that has fallen to the ground. What was almost worse is that the people raised Hell when Wal-mart store officials told them they were closing the store and they would have to leave.

The police say that it is unlikely anyone will be charged, which is really too bad. There is definitely a need for prison time here.

So what was Mr. Damour doing in the path of this mob? He was trying to protect a pregnant woman from being crushed by the crowd. Too bad there weren't just a few more people in the crowd who were as good of a person as Mr. Damour, I may just be posting about something else tonight.
So, while there are unlikely to be any charges, the people that did this know who they are. To them I say, enjoy your MP3 player. My suspicion is that it never will sound quite right.


Z said...

I think I disagree; I can't imagine suing. Who would have ever thought this kind of shoving and pushing and ignoring someone lying on the ground would ever happen? How can every store prepare for every possibility?

I shudder to think that the family will be the gazillionaires they undoubtedly will be and SPEND THE MONEY. WOW.. THAT is something I COULD NOT DO. To have seen a lawyer so quickly......whew. (of course, probably 2384728769267 lawyers called THEM$$$$)

This man was obviously a very good guy and it's a terrible tragedy that says less about WalMart than it does about the public, as you said.

They apparently will be able to tell from video who was involved. They might be listening to that MP3 in prison.

Chuck said...

Z, I agree to an extent. I don't like to see things like this used as a lottery ticket. I do feel though that these stores set up the conditions for this type of thing and do not provide proper support for their employees in this type of situation.

I am with you though in that I personally would not be running to a lawyer first thing Monday morning. I am not a lawsuit happy type of person. Trust me when I say that I have an occupational dislike of litigation.

If I had my choice, every person in this line would be sued though. There would be poetic justice in these selfish people having to forfeit their possesions.

Aaron Proctor said...

I hate how people act like assclowns on Black Friday.

I mean, more so than they do the other 364 days of the year.

Great blog and yes, a tragic loss.

- AP

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

Its very funny that none of the other WalMart stores that all had the very same sales going on had that problem isn’t it.
Could it be that it was because of the neighborhood that store was it that contributed to the disgusting problem?

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

It’s so easy to put the blame on the store because they are the ones with the BIG money to sue.

cube said...

I think DD2 has hit upon a point that has been overlooked by the MSM. Why did this awful event happen at this particular WalMart & not at the hundreds of others all over the country?

I don't care what time of year it is, I think people need to look at their own behavior and act like human beings and not animals.

Chuck said...

DD and Cube, this was one of my first thoughts, what was the area like. Actually, according to the news, this is the first employee killed by a crowd on Black Friday

MK said...

"The police say that it is unlikely anyone will be charged, which is really too bad. There is definitely a need for prison time here."

Indeed chuck, what a shameful bunch of people.

"To them I say, enjoy your MP3 player."

I hope there's some sort of short-circuit it it.

If those that crushed the poor fellow had any decency or humanity, they'd turn themselves in.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I do feel though that these stores set up the conditions for this type of thing and do not provide proper support for their employees in this type of situation.

I heard that the store did anticipate, and made reasonable preparations.

I think the crowd is directly responsible and those involved should be deeply ashamed of their behavior. If they have any kind of conscience, they'll think to compensate the family in some way.

I heard that Wal-Mart, on its own volition, have tried to make it right with the family, and not because of trying to settle the lawsuit outside of court.

Angie said...

Speaking of these people acting like animals, did you see the story on Fox and Friends about the dog who pulled another dog that had been hit by a car across a busy street to safety? My point being, sometimes I wonder if lately animals have more decency than humans and that these people in the stampede are actually beneath animals.