Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Now For A Little Common Sernse

Just a quick follow up and my blog from last night. Seems that I am not the only one that thought the article was off base. Scientists Call AP Report on Global Warming 'Hysteria' ran today on Foxnews.com.

Among the critiques of the article are this scientist

"If the issues weren't so serious and the ramifications so profound, I would have to laugh at it," said David Deming, a geology professor at the University of Oklahoma who has been critical of media reporting on the climate change issue.

In the article, Obama Left with Little Time to Curb Global Warming, AP Science Writer Seth Borenstein wrote that global warming is "a ticking time bomb that President-elect Barack Obama can't avoid," and that "global warming is accelerating."
Deming, in an interview, took issue with Borenstein's characterization of a problem he says doesn't exist.

"He says global warming is accelerating. Not only is it continuing, it's accelerating, and whether it's continuing that was completely beyond the evidence," Deming told FOXNews.com.

"The mean global temperature, at least as measured by satellite, is now the same as it was in the year 1980. In the last couple of years sea level has stopped rising. Hurricane and cyclone activity in the northern hemisphere is at a 24-year low and sea ice globally is also the same as it was in 1980."

Deming said the article is further evidence of the media's decision to talk about global warming as fact, despite what he says is a lack of evidence.

"Reporters, as I understand reporters, are supposed to report facts,"Deming said. "What he's doing here is he's writing a polemic and reporting it as fact, and that's not right. It's not reporting. It's propaganda.

"This reads like a press release for an environmental advocacy group like Greenpeace. It's not fair and balanced.

As I said last night, these authors seek out scientists that agree with them. Mr. Deming clearly won't be interviewed any time soon.

Here's another one that will not be quoted by them.

Michael R. Fox, a retired nuclear scientist and chemistry professor from the University of Idaho, is another academic who found serious flaws with the AP story's approach to the issue.

"There's very little that's right about it," Fox said. "And it's really harmful to the United States because people like this Borenstein working for AP have an enormous impact on everyone, because AP sells their news service to a thousand news outlets.

"One guy like him can be very destructive and alarming. Yeah it's freedom of speech, but its dishonest."

Like Deming, Fox said global warming is not accelerating. "These kinds of temperatures cycle up and down and have been doing so for millions of years," he said.

He said there is little evidence to believe that man-made carbon dioxide is causing temperature fluctuation. "It's silly to lay it all on man-made carbon dioxide," Fox said. "It was El Nino in 1998 that caused the big spike in global warming and little to do with carbon dioxide."

Other factors, including sun spots, solar winds, variations in the solar magnetic field and solar irradiation, could all be affecting temperature changes, he said.

Wait, there's still another one

James O'Brien, an emeritus professor at Florida State University who studies climate variability and the oceans, said that global climate change is very important for the country and that Americans need to make sure they have the right answers for policy decisions. But he said he worries that scientists and policymakers are rushing to make changes based on bad science.

"Global climate change is occurring in many places in the world," O'Brien said. "But everything that's attributed to global warming, almost none of it is global warming."
He took issue with the AP article's assertion that melting Arctic ice will cause global sea levels to rise.

"When the Arctic Ocean ice melts, it never raises sea level because floating ice is floating ice, because it's displacing water," O'Brien said. "When the ice melts, sea level actually goes down.

"I call it a fourth grade science experiment. Take a glass, put some ice in it. Put water in it. Mark level where water is. Let it met. After the ice melts, the sea level didn't go up in your glass of water. It's called the Archimedes Principle."

He called sea level changes a "major scare tactic used by the global warming people."

The AP of course stand by the story. I think. This explanation is a little weak.

A spokesman for the Associated Press said that the news agency stands by its story. "It’s a news story, based on fact and the clearly expressed views of President-elect Barack Obama and others," spokesman Paul Colford told FOXNews.com in an e-mail.

Now this paragraph can be read a couple of different ways. They could be saying that they are treating what Obama says as fact or they could be saying the facts and Obama's are two different things. Read again and see what your thoughts are. Maybe I'm just tired and reading something that isn't there into it.

What I am going to say though, based on the evidence above, is that it is unanimous among scientists, global warming is a myth and climate change is not caused by man.

Finally, they are clearly right because they agree with me.


kevin said...

Environmentalism has descended into an apocalyptic faith. I remember back in the early 80's a friend of mine telling me that by the year 1999 NYC was going to be underwater. He was convinced that humanity was destroying the planet back then. The earth has and will experience radical climate change, but there is nothing we can do about it.

Greywolfe said...

Kevin has it right. Environmentalism is a religious belief. Just as is darwinism. And just as in darwinism, the reality has nothing to do with what they believe.

mksviews said...

It's been bought and swallowed hook, line and sinker by the elites who supposedly bring us the facts. Journalists reporting facts, LOL. Yeah maybe in some bygone era, but now, you can't trust em' with the time of day.

Chuck said...

Kevin, agreed. My biggest issue is that they take 100 years of recorded data and apply it to a planet that is 4.5 billion years old

Greywolfe, it's the church of Al Gore

MK, I haven't believed anything I've read in the paper for years.

Aaron Proctor said...

Great coverage, Chuck.

Always On Watch said...

The left is going to use global warming to take away the rights of individuals and businesses.

The weather forecasters here yap about global warming on nearly every broadcast. They speak of it as FACT. And young people, such as high school students, are sucking up this propaganda.