Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Only In The Democratic Party

Ran across this article today on Foxnews.com.

This sums up the entire article nicely:

The race to replace Barack Obama as Illinois' junior senator heated up Tuesday as Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill., called on Gov. Rod Blagojevich to name a black man or woman to the seat.

By invoking race, Rush, who is black, drove a potential wedge between the prospective white and black contenders for the seat. Rush said it would be a "national disgrace" if Obama's seat were not filled by an African American.

The Illinois governor has said he plans to name the replacement by the end of the year. That person would serve out the remaining two years of Obama's term.

"We don't want (Blagojevich) to short-circuit the will and the wisdom of the state of Illinois," Rush told FOXNews.com, after holding a press conference in Chicago announcing his petition drive for the governor to name a black candidate.

"As we speak, there are no African Americans in the Senate. (Blagojevich) has the power to put one there."

The will and wisdom of the voters of Illinois? For the record, Illinois is 15% black. Which voters are they trying to protect the will of?

I think that most people who read my blog realize I genuinely could care less about the race of the new Senatorial candidate. With this said, I do have a problem with affirmative action and that is exactly what this is.

If the best candidate is black, so be it. We cannot though use race as the only criteria. I believe that AA not only often gives us less than qualified candidates but I also view it as demeaning to minorities. We are telling them the only way they can succeed is with a special hand up. This sells minorities short and helps perpetuate the false stereotype by some that they are not qualified for certain positions.

But then again by any other measure we use, we still get incompetent Congressional members. So, never mind, let them pick who they want.


mksviews said...

Can you imagine the screaming if someone say the replacement had to be a white person. Yet most out there are too ignorant to see the hypocrisy and racism of those calling for it in this case.

One has to wonder when society will wake up and accept that there is racism on all sides, not just among white people. And also those that insist the only way black people can get ahead is with a helping hand are the real racists.

shoprat said...

The Illinois Democratic has a record of graft and corruption that should shame everyone.

cube said...

Affirmative action is an example of racism and often leads to an unqualified candidate.

Look at BO.

Larry T Durham said...

Technically The Obamatron's replacement should be a bi-racial man or woman (as is "the spreader" himself). The protocols of "diversity" demand it!

Cube is right about BO's AA status.

LomaAlta said...

Thanks for the nice post Chuck.

I think it would be outright racial discrimination to select anyone because of race only.

Just another instance showing where the real focus of racism is.

Brooke said...

How the FRICK is this NOT racist?

Honestly, simply replace the word "black" with "racist" and see what reaction you get!

Aaron Proctor said...

Hear about the new ads in California blaming Mormons for the passage of Prop 8?

How come it's ok to have ads making fun of Mormons? I'm not down with the Church of Latter Day Saints or anything..but come on!

Nobody should be "blamed" for how people vote. And if you WANT to blame someone, blame the people who VOTED! UGH!

- AP

Aaron Proctor said...

"Affirmative action is an example of racism and often leads to an unqualified candidate."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

- AP

Chuck said...

MK, the funny thing is, us complaining about it will be viewed as racist. There's no wining.

Shoprat, the old vote early, vote often state

Cube, nuff said

Larry, good point. In fact the replacement should be a socialist with terrorist friends.

LomaAlta, racism will not end until we do away with affrirmative action

Brooke, as always your eloquent. I like the no beating around the bush approach

Chuck said...

Aaron, I've been thinking about this. The reality is that it was the black voters that voted against this. This brings to mind two thoughts

1) I have always thought that black voters as a group are more conservative then we give them credit for which means if anyone in the GOP had any brains we would be targeting these voters

2) Other than a few whackjobs screaming racial slurs, no one wants to talk about the black vote on this issue.

M.A. said...

"Pick an African-American"....NOT "Pick someone who would do a good job serving the constituents". So much for judging people by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin.

By the way, when I saw this: "That person would serve out the remaining two years of Obama's term."

I thought this: Did Obama actually serve any of his term?