Monday, December 29, 2008

Should Have Seen This Coming

Just when you think you have seen everything, just when you thought Democratic politicians had reached a new level of arrogance, we get this.

Blagojevich Lawyer to Submit Obama Report to Panel

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. -- The lead attorney for Gov. Rod Blagojevich said he plans to submit President-elect Barack Obama's internal report on contacts with the scandal-plagued governor to the Illinois House committee weighing impeachment.

Attorney Ed Genson told the Chicago Sun-Times on Sunday the report would support Blagojevich's claims that he hasn't done anything wrong in his handling of Obama's vacant U.S. Senate seat.

You have to wonder what these people have been smoking?

The amazing thing is not that they have the audacity to do something like this, it's that you get the impression that they really believe that this report exonerates Blagojevich. Next we will have the Democratic Congress holding "hearings" on the scandal and exonerating Obama.

I think the scariest part of this is that Blagojevich does not believe he did anything wrong. Keep in mind, this is a man who attempted to withdraw a grant from a children's hospital because they would not pony up a $50,000 donation to him. It is Chicago-style politics at it's best.

Finally, guess which major world leader-to-be was a direct product of this corrupt environment?


Greywolfe said...

At this point, nothing, and I mean NOTHING that goes on in Illinois or D.C. has any power to surprise me. I think that it's gonna run it's course and Blago will have had his 15 and fade into the awful smell of politics as usual. His name will become a byword for those that want to point out how stupidity can bite the unwary.

Obama will come out of it smelling like a rose, and assuming he isn't killed by either a racist or a patriot, he'll take charge of the country, and the mainstream media will continue to sing the messiah's praises as rome burns.

Always On Watch said...

Blagojevich does not believe he did anything wrong.

Like a psychopathic liar.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I think the scariest part of this is that Blagojevich does not believe he did anything wrong.

When I read from the NYT about political corruption in the fledgling Iraqi government (as though to continue indicting the decision to invade as a failure and blunder), I look at our own politicians and laugh.

shoprat said...

You have to understand how these people think. There is nothing wrong to these people because he would sell the seat to a good leftist. It's only wrong if conservatives benefit.

Chuck said...

Greywolfe, I don't see where someone who kills the President of the US would be called a patriot. While I do not like Obama and I even could go as far as questioning the legitiamcy of his Presidency, I find this to be a confusing and disturbing thought.

AOW, agreed. The term sociopathic applies quite well.

Wordsmith, we can be kind of smug when we laugh at things such as the corrupt politicians of the banana republics

Shoprat, good distinction

Greywolfe said...

When I used the term patriot, it was merely to differentiate motives. Some see Obama as the second worst possible thing to happen. The first being a nuke attack from terrorists.

I was not necessarily condoning his assasination. That would be the end result of an armed insurrection, though. I don't think many in the capitol would survive.

Brooke said...

Savage said it best: Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Larry T Durham said...

The Obamatron is every bit as dirty as his cronies back in Mob land. How pathetic are the MSM trolls who recoil in faux surprise over just how creepy these Chicago asswipes are?

By the way, has Barry found the time (or the audacity) to bury his Grandma yet?

DaBlade said...

Don't be so hard on Blagoje-biotch. He just made some "unfortunate" f%$&ing remarks!

BTW, great blog. I stumbled here thru DD2's place. DaBlade shall return!

Chuck said...

Greywolfe, I wasn't real concerned with motives. The point I am trying to make is insurrection is not an option just because you do not like who was elected President. Again, Obama is a horrible mistake for our country but he is the President. Constantly going on about insurrection and assasination is no different than all of the other horseshit we have listened to from the left over the last 8 years. This kind of talk is just as insane as this exchange with Bill Maher

saying that he regretted that an asisination attempt on Dick Cheney was unsuccesful. My guess is that you were outraged by this when it happened.

I genuinely like you and your blog and sincerely hope you continue visiting and posting here but make no mistake, you and I do not share the same notion that armed rebellion is the solution to an election that did not go our way.

Brooke, I have always thought this

Larry, he tried to get an unfriendly editor fired and the media is still covering for these people

DaBlade, welcome and thanks for stopping by. Funny, and people had a cow when Cheney used the word once.

Z said...

Isn't it unreal? he's heard the same tapes WE have heard and says he's innocent...what's he THINKING?

Don't you love the obama group? "WE say it never happened, so it didn't" And our media says "Yup..OKAY, THE ONE!" Remember, the Germans after obama's visit to Iraq, said "We must have misunderstood but obama asked Iraq not to allow peace NOW,...maybe we misunderstood? Why would he SAY THAT?"
Turns out the only person who said the Germans were nuts and misunderstood was a guy on obama's team "He NEVER SAID THAT!" Ya, right. And our media bought it.

All obama's people have to do is be on HIS SIDE and our media LOVES it.

un freakin' believabe......

Greywolfe said...

I think I have erred in my postings if you believe that I WANT armed insurrection. I guess that I am merely reading the tea leaves, so to speak, and see armed conflict inside American borders is almost a fait acompli. As is the disolusion of our bill of rights.

There was a lot riding on this election. Possibly more than at any time since the civil war. If the ability of Congress to pass laws is somehow short-circuited for the next 4 years, such as by senatorial filibuster, then the damage that barry can do will be minimized.

The Army War College is currently drawing up plans to deal with mass uprisings in America do to the possible (likely?) collapse of the American economy. In addition, world leaders are looking for the same to happen in Europe, and making plans accordingly.

Please understand me, I do not WANT insurrection. I do believe it is possible that it could come about, although as I've said in my own posts, I would not hold out much hope of it working.

Also, my blog is, among other things, a way for me to work through my own beliefs and feelings about current events. Some days I rage and scream, vowing to go into the long night with fangs bare, and other days I find myself excited to see the direction things are taking in the light of prophecy.

I continually, fight a war within myself. A war between the Christian warrior and the American patriot. I love this country and would not hesitate to bleed and die for it. On the other hand, in order for the stage to be set for my Lord to return and ALL prophecy fulfilled, America will have to fall as a world power.

Chuck I don't think we're all that far apart, I may just be newer to voicing my mind than you. I will continue to fight to put this great nation back on the straight and narrow, but I also see the darker paths that those who call themselves our leaders are trying desperately to push us down.

I hope that this alleviates some of your misgivings about me. All men evolve in their thinking and their beliefs. All of the people that I converse with on here help me along that path. Don't give up on me yet, my friend.

mksviews said...

Don't be surprised Chuck, they really don't think he's done anything wrong, that's how morally screwed by they are.

When they say that right and wrong is not so black and white, that's because they really don't know the difference.

Chuck said...

Z, WE say it never happened, so it didn't" And our media says "Yup..OKAY,

It's stunning

Greywolfe, we are all opinionated. The point I am making is I strongly believe in the rule of law and want us to work in the legal framework to do things. If we can impeach the bastard for something, I'm all for it. As far as hanging in there with you. You can rest assured I would not have said I hope you continue visiting if I did not mean it.

MK, one could hurt themselves trying to think like these idiots.