Monday, December 15, 2008

So Much Nonsense In One Article

Reading an article today from My Way News, I was impressed. There is so much nonsense in this article that I really should make this blog a series.

First, this author pushed bias to such a height that I actually got a nose bleed the first time I read it. The first paragraph made it clear there would be no balance here.

When Bill Clinton took office in 1993, global warming was a slow-moving environmental problem that was easy to ignore. Now it is a ticking time bomb that President-elect Barack Obama can't avoid.

Then of course they go on to quote Al Gore. What global warming alarmist article would be complete without something from the global warming God himself?

Then we have the quotes from "scientists". It's incredible that every time they interview a scientist, they agree with them on global warming. Must be lucky to catch only the ones who believe in it. It would be embarrassing to interview one of the hundreds who think it's bunk.

Scientists are increasingly anxious, talking more often and more urgently about exceeding "tipping points."

"We're out of time," Stanford University biologist Terry Root said. "Things are going extinct."

Again, you've gotta love one scientist speaking for an entire profession.

Then we have this.

U.S. emissions have increased by 20 percent since 1992. China has more than doubled its carbon dioxide pollution in that time.

Why then are we the ones passing laws to limit gas release? Let's eliminate our jobs so that China can take them all. Think about this. We are passing laws here that will send our jobs to a country that is polluting at a rate 10 times as much as we are. These dumbasses think this makes sense, they really do.

Look at this sequence in the article. (Emphasis mine)

Complicating everything is the worldwide financial meltdown. Frank Maisano, a Washington energy specialist and spokesman who represents coal-fired utilities and refineries, sees the poor economy as "a huge factor" that could stop everything. That's because global warming efforts are aimed at restricting coal power, which is cheap. That would likely mean higher utility bills and more damage to ailing economies that depend on coal production, he said.

Let's look at the next paragraph.

Obama is stacking his Cabinet and inner circle with advocates who have pushed for deep mandatory cuts in greenhouse gas pollution and even with government officials who have achieved results at the local level.

The author let's this obvious contradiction slip.

I have said before that any thinking person knows that we should not pollute unnecessarily. With this said, I believe that global warming, if it exists, is not due to human activity but is just a natural cycle for earth.

I further believe that the science so far has not only not proven a connection between humans and climate change but that the scientists that are participating in the shoddy and misleading research that is used by proponents should lose their jobs. If there were a scientist in any other field conducting research like they do in the climate change field, they would be exposed as frauds.

Due to my career, I have had significant scientific training. I have studied and worked with the scientific method for most of my adult life. The practices employed by these "researchers" is nothing short of distressing to me. Cherry picking data that supports their cause while ignoring contradictory data is a stunning practice for me. Publicly ridiculing anyone who doesn't agree.

Let's put this cherry picking another way. Let's say a researcher wants to study the effect of cholesterol on heart attacks. The researcher believes that increased cholesterol levels lead to an increased risk of heart attacks. The researcher gathers data from 10,000 people who have had heart attacks. Of these 10,000 people 4,000 did not have increased cholesterol levels, thus refuting his theory. If the researcher were working on global warming, he would discard this data leaving the people behind that had high levels of cholesterol. What does the researcher find? There is a definite link between increased cholesterol levels and heart attacks.

Reading this your thinking that doing something like this would not only be misleading but dangerous. Well, welcome to global warming research.

The worrisome part though is that we have an incoming President who is willing to destroy our economy to follow the lead of these crackpots.

The inmates are running the asylum folks.


Greywolfe said...

Oh AMEN! I looked up and found an article by NASA scientists from 1971, saying that we were headed for another ice age. Same scientist pounded the pudding out of GW for not working harder against global warming.

These putzes ALL get my political prostitute of the year award. They only put out what is necessary to get paid.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

A "ticking time bomb"? Oh, brother...

LomaAlta said...

Nice post Chuck.

If shouting and bullying made good scientists or if being in the movies made you understand thermodynamica, chemistry, and physics, etc, etc then I would worry about global warming.

But as a scientist, it seems to me that the climate data have been manipulated and the models forced to produce desired results (just as in your statistical model example). It has been a while, but when I took atmospheric science, water vapor dominated the energy balance not CO2.

As long as people making policy have no scientific understanding, nor any wish to gain it from competent and unbiased scientists, situations such as the voodoo-science of global warming will continue. In addition, we must acknowledge that many atmospheric scientists have put money and notice above truth. This damages all science and will come home to haunt us.

mksviews said...

And it ain't just your president Chuck, the morons leading us have also swallowed this BS hook, line and sinker. They just committed us to cutting our emissions by 5%, mind you they're also saying that the end is nigh, the flames are gathering and the tsunami is on its way. You'd think that if things were that bad, they'd got for a bit more than a lousy 5%.

What's worse, in Australia, few are actually going to pay anything, all their emissions taxes are going to be subsidized by others who these socialist scumbags have deemed to be 'wealthy'. These weasels are banking on the stupidity and ignorance of the masses who'll see all this as a great gesture, since it's not really them who are paying for it.

And you watch, the same scumbags will foist this bull upon you, screaming that the end is nigh and think of the children..... but not even a single one of them will be able to give you a guarantee as to what will happen to the weather once you're done sacrificing your livelihoods for their dreamt-up cause. You ask em', will it rain more, will there be more snow, less hurricanes, what? After all if you humans can ruin the planet, you should be able to change the weather right.

Can you tell i'm mad? Sorry folks, but these vermin really piss me off cos i see them exactly for what they are.

Tina Hemond said...

Chuck, perfection! As I gaze out my window watching the ice and sleet come in - once this "fad" is completely over, the next big money gambit will be "the ice age commeth" - unless of course, some wise person comes up with the obvious solution:
historical weather patterns!!!

If the snow was deeper when you were a kid, walking 6 miles uphil, with no boots, to get to school, and for years, you used that line on your kids, and now, you find that the snow is so high, you need a moster Toro to get out of your driveway - well....get my point.

My favorite oxymoron: The fact that it is colder prooves global warming

cube said...

Money and political bias have been allowed to corrupt science. It's shameful.

Angie said...

I'm no scientist but I have common sense and this whole, "man is destroying the planet" hysteria has annoyed me to no end. Especially since snake oil salesman are making a killing at it, while trying to manipulate us into downgrading our lifestyles.

It is arrogance to think that man can destroy this planet. The earth will destroy man before man destroys the earth. Did any of you ever see the Discovery Channel (or is it History Channel?) show about the theory that in 2012 the earth will align with the sun and our solar system in such as way that only happens like once very 20,000 years which will cause the poles to shift and thus wipe out humanity?

Now I'm not saying this theory is any more credible than global warming, but only that there is some contradiction here. How is the world going to end "scientists"? Will it be global warming or some astrological alignment? And if it is the latter, aren't we wasting our time trying to reduce carbon emissions? If we all only have 4 years left to live anyway, we should be living it up, burning coal like there is no tomorrow. Oh brother. You may like this site:

shoprat said...

I have pointed this out before. It's old news.

1960s We're going to be buried in our own garbage

1970s We're going to crowd ourselves off the planet.

1980s Acid Rain

1990s Hole in the Ozone Layer

2000s global warming.

Any bets on what's next?

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

Amen Brother!

Chuck said...

Greywolfe, good one. You ask these idiots and they claim the ice age and global warming is one and the same, that's why it's
"climate change" now

Pasadena, tick tick

LomaAlta, why not? Being a VP to a whore makes you qualified for the Nobel and a grammy.

MK, I certainly don't want to give the impression we are the only ones with morons in charge of our country. I follow your blog. Your people down there scare the Hell out of me sometimes.

Tina, our kids will be saying to their kids "When I was your age, we didn't have to climb that glacier to get to school"

Cube, as I think you know, I'm a science nut, it nauseates me.

Angie, reading your post gave me a great idea for Sundays quote of the week blog, come back and see it. Thanks for the thought.

Shoprat, it's almost fadish

DD2, thanks