Friday, December 19, 2008

Some People's Kids

We had quite a snowstorm tonight here in West Michigan. Roads are horrendous. I was on my way home and a man was in the ditch. Naturally, I stopped to help him and another man try to push him out.

The two of us who were not stuck were parked in the road, there was no choice. It was a country road and it was park there or in the ditch ourselves. We both made sure we were to one side of the road so that we were out of the way of any traffic (there was almost none).

Were out there digging and pushing, up to our asses in snow in the ditch. A couple of young men pulled along side and did they offer to help? No. One of the asshats rolled down the passenger side window and gave us a hard time about parking in the middle of the road. Mind you these idiots were able to get by safely and without any real effort.

I was not nearest to the dipshit which is too bad because I thought the appropriate response was to give him a fist in the mouth.

The point is, I feel we are expected to help each other out. I did not know this man that was stuck in the ditch, turns out he lived about 20 - 25 miles away. This is irrelevant.

Last year my wife went in the ditch and we could not get her out, not until a stranger came by, saw that he did not have his tow strap in his truck, turned around and went home and got it, returned and pulled my wife out. I hoped to run into him later to thank him again but did not. In my mind, the way to thank him is help someone else. Maybe sometime it's his wife I help out.

I don't understand the mentality of someone like this. I believe it his ultimately a reflection of his parents. I rest easy knowing that if one of my boys is out and about and someone needs a hand, they would help.

As far as these guys, I can only hope they're stuck sometime and sit their asses there for awhile and think about it.


Papa Frank said...

One of my good friends that lives in Hudsonville called me this morning. He said you guys were getting like 2 inches of snow an hour. Stay safe!!!

Greywolfe said...

Christ said "whatever you do to the least of these, my children, you do also, to me." Also, "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you."

Finer sentiments were never spoken and I commend you for following them in your heart.

The youths' failure is more of an indictment of our society than it is of his parents. Think about it. In this society, we are tought to do what makes us feel good. That those that take other's well being into consideration before their own because of a belief structure are the oppressors and their views should be suppressed.

We teach our young that personal responsibility is NOT their responsibility and that their lives are worth nothing more than a stray whim. As that's all it takes for a woman to decide and have performed, an abortion.

I was a prison security officer in a heavy medium security yard. In my training acadamy I learned that, among other things, criminals are getting younger, and have less regard for their lives or anyone elses life. They also, have no ties to their family or to any social or emotional anchor.

I am MORE surpised when I see a child like mine or yours that actually do have enough concience to do the right things.

God help us. But then, as I've said, why should he? We abandoned him, first.

Always On Watch said...

There is no excuse for not helping out someone else during a snowstorm.

One of my fondest memories is of a blizzard here in the D.C. area back in January of 1996. Everybody within shouting distance buddied up, shared supplies and food, helped shovel each other out, etc. Talk about camaraderie!

I wonder if the same would happen now in my neighborhood. Lots of new families have moved in during the past five years, and they are quite holed up in their McMansions. In fact, we don't even know each others' names, for the most part.

Brooke said...

Nowadays, it is SO HARD for some folks to think about anything other than #1. It's as if the universe revolves around them.

I know those folks you helped out are really thankful!

shoprat said...

You know it's bad when cars are stuck, not only in country roads, but city streets as well.

Larry T Durham said...

Asshatery is a growing problem everywhere. It is amazing to me how so many people wander around through life in a perpetual search for "me first".

When you help out folks like you did, you're storing up trasures in heaven.

Chuck said...

PF, it's kinda ugly here. We just drove 90 miles through it from my parents (that's why I was on moderation). Took us almost 3 hours in occasional white out conditions. That's Michigan though. Thinking of writing a blog on our trip later

Greywolf, I agree with your point but still think we, as parents, make the difference. It can be hard, but I think we overcome society's effect on our kids.

AOW, you would think this is the expectation. This wasn't about me, I feel I did what was expected. I don't feel I did anyhting special.

Brooke and Larry, agreed. It's a "me-first" society.

Shoprat, coming across M-57 was a wild ride today.

mksviews said...

Good on ya for helping that stranger out Chuck, yeah i feel your anger, don't worry about those morons, life has a funny way of serving them just desserts when the time is right. It's just that we usually aren't around to witness the moment when life's sharp fangs are sinking into their soft ass-flesh.