Monday, December 8, 2008

This Speaks Volumes

This was an article I found on Drudge that didn't seem to get a lot play in the media.

New England border protection chief charged with hiring illegal immigrants

The regional director of Homeland Security, Customs, and Border Protection was charged today with repeatedly hiring illegal immigrants to clean her Salem home after one cleaner wore a wire during an undercover investigation.

Lorraine Henderson is the director of the Port of Boston, overseeing 190 armed federal officers who patrol major airports and shipping terminals in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

According to an eight-page affidavit unsealed today, Henderson had employed a Brazilian woman to clean her home for $75 to $80 every few weeks for several years. Henderson's fellow officers at US Customs and Border Protection told her in 2005 and 2006 that it was against the law to hire illegal immigrants and urged her to find another housekeeper. Not only did she ignore the advice, according to the affidavit, but when the housekeeper took time off to have a baby, Henderson also allegedly hired two of the housekeeper's Brazilian friends who were also in the country illegally.

After having a baby, the original housekeeper allegedly came back to work for Henderson, who counseled her to avoid detection by law enforcement. The housekeeper told her, according to the affidavit, that she had been living in the United States illegally for seven years after paying a man to smuggle her across the Mexican border.

"You have to be careful 'cause they will deport you. Be careful," Henderson told the housekeeper in a conversation Sept. 9, 2008, that was recorded on the wire. "Wow, wow, if you leave they won't let you back … you can't leave, don't leave … 'cause once you leave you will never be back."

So we have a highly placed official in the Homeland Security department not only hiring illegals and ignoring the advice of fellow agents to stop the practice, she's coaching the illegal on how to avoid detection.

Is there anyone left out there who wonders why we can't get our illegal immigration problem under control?

I realize this is only one incident but keep two things in mind.

She oversaw 190 agents. How hard was she pushing them to fight illegals from coming in? At least so of them knew she was hiring an illegal so what did this do for morale and the drive to fight illegal immigration among her subordinates? We all know how the rumor mill works in our place of employment, if a few agents knew than every agent knew.

She did this for years. She was a regional director and the Department of Homeland Security couldn't even catch her breaking the law right under their noses. For years. What kind of Keystone Kops outfit are they running there.
Finally, while this is one incident, I think it is fair to ask if it is the only incident. With the above mentioned points, there appears to be a culture of tolerance in the agency for this type of behavior. How could we possibly be assured this is an isolated incident?


Brooke said...

Yeah, funny how this didn't get any play in the midstream media, huh?

This just goes to show what a farce our border enforcement really is. ABSOLUTELY INFURIATING!

Obob said...

sadly, does not shock me. just because you once passed a background check, doesn't mean you won't become corrupt. I think five years cleaning orphanages is a just punishment here

Papa Frank said...

Look at this from another angle. This may also be a case of "we are better than the unwashed masses." It could be that it was less of a case of them not being able to catch her and much more of a case of it's okay for high and mighty me but not for lowly you. This is the attitude that has already been exhibited by the Obama campaign and his new administration coming in and so get used to this kind of thing. Please note that I'm not blaming Obama for this instance just saying that more things like this are on the way. Kind of like it being okay for Obama/Hillary to break the law of the Constitution by Hillary being appointed Secretary of State.

Z said...

WHAT information, and the fact that it is NOT in the media is unconscionable.
I TOLD you, Chuck, your blog pieces are getting my BP up!! (and mine's LOW!) Good thing you're a should know better!! LOL!

And, to further this idiocy along...didn't Obama appoint McCratchy or something to head the Dept of Homeland Security? Isn't she the governor of AZ who is against building the wall and never COULD get control of her little border and now SHE is in charge of ALL OUR BORDERS?


Wasn't it a Republican presidential nominee who had to give up her appointment because she'd had an illegal in HER home?
It was headline news......

Larry T Durham said...

This kind of crap was predictable with the creation of the DHS. Bureaucracy and corruption go hand in hand. Google Julie Myers and get ready for a barf-a-thon.

cube said...

Why didn't we hear about this on the MSM? The government elite always want us to do as they say, don't do as we do. The press is complicit because we are considered un-elite peons.

shoprat said...

Deport her hired help and let's deport her while we're at it. No wonder this country is so screwed up when the authorities think they are above the law.

Chuck said...

Brooke and Cube, their still working out how to blame it on Bush

Obob, she's on her way to prison, I believe

Papa Frank, exactly. This goes directly back to the nanygates of the Clinton years. Laws are for the rest of us.

Z, and Hillary as SOS. Just keep repeating to yourself, "these appointments are a stroke of genius". You'll get there.

Larry, agreed. Now we're going to have a "car czar"

Shoprat, deporting her to Brazil may actually be doing her a favor

LomaAlta said...

Chuck, nice post.
I have been in a number of restaurants in border/near border cities where illegal aliens from deep in Mexico were working as cooks, dishwashers, maintenance, etc. and have seen Border Patrol agents come in and sit down, listen to the Spanish spoken by the owners and kitchen help and eat their meals and leave. I have made it a point to search out these restaurants where the Border Patrol agents are regular customers to see how they would react to the presence of illegal aliens.

Now, Spanish from southern Mexico is as different sounding as Spanish spoken by Mexican Americans as is English spoken in Alabama and Boston. Even I could tell the difference. All of the Border Patrol agents knew illegal aliens were working in these restaurants and looked the other way. I have observed this dozens of times in dozens of restaurants involving hundreds of illegal aliens and hundreds of Border Patrol agents. Many Border Patrol agents have dual Mexican-US citizenship. They are entirely crooked but you won’t see them in trouble like Ramos, Compean, and Corbett. The difference is that these last 3 are honest Border Patrol agents.

The DHS is a quagmire of incompetence, corruption, and lousy supervisors. You will see little of this in the MSM either because they support open borders.

Chuck said...

LomaAlta, thanks. Ice knows where to get these people if they want them. Hell they could come to my ER waiting room and take away half of the people there alone.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

There is no way to be sure that this is an isolated incident, because it's not. The trust was broken with we the people long ago.

mksviews said...

"Is there anyone left out there who wonders why we can't get our illegal immigration problem under control?"

Well, i was going to put my hand up, but not anymore. It's a damn joke, and not a funny one, in fact it's a lousy joke and an expensive one to boot.

Is this cretin still in her job? That wouldn't surprise me either. Should have been leaving the building and handing in her badge and security pass as this was hitting the media.

Paleo Pat said...

It was mentioned by Keith Olbermann on his "Worst Person in the World" Segment on countdown.

Just an FYI... and Nice Blog Chuck

-Paleo Pat
A Lurker

Chuck said...

Pasadena, agreed

MK, you can pretty much bet she's still employed and likely still getting paid. We have a fun thing called "administrative leave" in the US in which an accused employee, typically management level or a teacher, is placed on paid suspension until their case is resolved. Sometimes they get paid for not working for as much as a year or, rarely, more.

Paleo, welcome and thanks for stopping by. Thanks for the correction. I have no doubt some will cover, my point was that this is a newsworthy story but the media has a curious decision making process om what they will report to death and what they will ignore.