Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Timing Of Israeli Counter-Attacks Interesting

While I fully support the Israeli military fighting back against Hamas in Gaza and I further agree with many of the citizens of the country in that it is about time, I do find the timing interesting.

Israel has endured many years and thousands of bombs and have seldom fought back in a strong and convincing way. Some of this is restraint, the targets in Gaza are often in civilian areas, and I believe Israel has not wanted to kill innocent civilians.

There also is the likelihood that they have bowed to pressure from the United States and George Bush and not retaliated. It has appeared that Bush has asked them over the years to remain in a defensive position to prevent tensions in the Middle East from boiling over. I do not agree with this position. I believe Israel has had the right to defend themselves and the rest of the Middle East be damned.

Now though, Israel has decided to put on a major offensive and appears ready to settle in for a long and punitive war. I think there is a reason why they are doing it now, Barack Obama.

Pro-Israel George Bush is leaving office and being replaced by a Barack Obama who has shown not only a pro-Islamic side but has appeared to be a bit anti-Semitic. I think Israel views this as their last chance to retaliate against Hamas with the full support of the US.

To date, Bush has come out in strong support of Israel in the current conflict and has verbally attacked Hamas for the rocket attacks. It is likely that Israel realizes it faces a far lonelier future in less than a month.

There's an old saying here in the Midwest, 'make hay while the sun shines'. This is appropriate now in that Israel is likely to see the sun set on their long standing strong ties with the US.


Anonymous said...

nice blog Chuck


CJ said...

I find your insight very refreshing and I am glad I found your blog. Sometimes I thought maybe no one felt the way I did! Thanks for that!

Chuck said...

Thank you DaMav, thanks for stopping by

CJ, thank you

Greywolfe said...

Can't add a thing. Ditto.

LomaAlta said...

Excellent post. Thanks.

Tina Hemond said...

Excellent post, Chuck - the U.S. "protests" against Isreal have alraedy begun - pro-Palestinian groups and the press, and of course, the U.N. (worthless body that it is) are crying foul. Not for nothing, but with Olmert out, the conservatives in power and the people themselves are fed up with the idea of just letting Hamas/Iran continously assualt them without defending themselves in order to maintain a "good standing" in the "word view". Nonsence. Should the U.S. have been continously assaulted, what then would the reaction be?
Defending Isreal rejects terrorism - right now Obama has said nothing on the subject (rightfully so,as he has not taken office), and it remains to be seen how he will deal with the a "crisis" which is, essentially, none of our business, unless we (as a nation) offer sympathy and aid to the party that is wronged. It will be intersting to see what statements he issues regarding Isreal. I would think, being the political animal he is, it would be risky for him to be pro-palestinian.

Chuck said...

Thanks Greywolfe and LomaAlta

Tina, I agree that the Israeli/Gaza conflict is ultimately not our fight but we have a long history of close cooperation and assistance to Israel so we are involved. As far as Obama not being overtly pro-Palestinian, I agree. He's likely too smart for that. My concern is that he will dilute the US support for Israel which, surrounded by a lot of people that wish them ill will, puts Israel in a dangerous position.

mksviews said...

Their fears in Obama are well founded i think, he hasn't even said a thing about the current crisis. Time is running out for them and their list of allies is growing thinner.

Chuck said...

Agreed MK. AS I said at your blog, Australia is going to get lonelier and lonelier in it's support of Israel.