Saturday, December 6, 2008

What's Your Favorite Muppet's Character

I decided to do something a little lighter today and reveal a deep dark secret about myself. I am a long time Muppet's fan.

I know I should grow up and get over it but I think they're hysterical. I will be sitting right there with my kids watching the new special and laughing just as hard.

My wife and I took my daughter to see the Madagascar sequel and I think I laughed harder than my 8 year old daughter. The penguins cracked me up.

So, inspired by the upcoming A Muppet's Christmas: Letters To Santa, I want to ask everyone who their favorite Muppets character is.

I have always been partial to the two old men in the balcony criticizing the show. I see myself like this when I get old. I'm already a wise cracking smart-ass who has occasionally gotten into trouble sitting in a meeting saying something inappropriate. I can only promise one thing, I will never change.

So who is it and why?

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Always On Watch said...

Miss Piggy.

Her self-image is so contrary to the reality. I love that kind of incongruity.

cube said...

I must confess that because of my degree and my life long affinity to science, I have always liked Beaker. I know he is in the periphery of the Muppet world, but then again, so are many science minded folks marginalized in the population.

You go, Beaker!

Jungle Mom said...

Well, I do like to eat cookies so, Cookie Monster for me!

Papa Frank said...

My honest answer to your question would be -- YES!!! I have turned a bedroom that we use for an office into a Muppet room. It's even painted green. The top of the list would have to go to The Electric Mayhem. Although there's also Sweetums, the Swedish Chef, Rizzo the rat, Sam the eagle, Gonzo, The Amazing Mumphrey...........

Chuck said...

AOW good choice

Cube, I forgot Beaker. Your right, I've always been a science nerd and I liked him too.

Jungle mom, welcome. Nothing wrong with gobbling down cookies.

Papa Frank, the fun thing about having kids is you can pretned some of this is for them. You can watch cartoons with them. We did it right. Our youngest is spaced far enough back that by time she starts outgrowing these things we may have grandkids. I think I'm covered until I'm well into my 60's. Then I can just pretend I'm senile. I'll never have to grow up.

mksviews said...

Never seen the muppets Chuck, but from that pic, i don't think it's some deep, dark secret. :)

I've heard of Elmo, dunno if he is part of the muppets clique or not, but if he is, then he'll have to do.