Monday, January 5, 2009


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Sorry I haven't been with it the last few days, my last two blogs were written a couple of days early.

I have been here at home coughing my somewhat limited brains out. I have only worked briefly over the last week which, if you worked with me, would realize that this is far from normal. I typically drag myself into work half-dead. This time I feel like I may be further than half.

It started last week with a cough, fever, and chills. I went to the ER New Years Day. Technically I was already there, I was working (this four hours was my only attempt at work in the last week). The physician worked me up and called it viral bronchitis. I came home, rested, coughed my brains out, got whiny with my wife, you know, the usual. The bottom line is, I had a miserable weekend.

Except it wasn't over. Yesterday and this morning I was actually feeling worse. So I went to the doctor again. She said that it appears to be bacterial bronchitis now which only will go away with an antibiotic. I started an antibiotic and got stronger nighttime cough medicine, I haven't slept more that two hours at a time in a week, so I'm hoping in a couple of days I will be feeling better.

So as I sit here, clinging to life, I will make rounds as I feel ambitious enough to. Just do me two favors. If I don't make a lot of sense, forgive me. If I start saying anything like, "Obama makes sense", "Obama's new stimulus package is just what we need", "Hillary will be a great SOS", or "Madonna looks great for 73", call a paramedic.

Until then, your friend and fellow blogger,


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Feel better. I'm glad you stayed away...wouldn't want to catch what you've got.


CJ said...

Awwwh, hope you feel better. Thanks for making me laugh today anyway!

DaBlade said...

Well I don't know about you, but I FEEL a whole lot better after laughing through that post! :)
Good stuff Chuck! Go easy on the syrup though.

Robert said...

The same crud is passing around here and I had it last week, stil fighting the remainers of it...

Nice blog, and thanks for your visit to

I think we can have some spirited and productive discussions both here and at our place!

Brooke said...

Oh, no! If only Barack were in office, his universal-health-care-laying-on-of-hands program would have healed you entirely!

Rest up and get well, Chuck!

Papa Frank said...

At least your humor is not broken yet. Get well my friend!

Chuck said...

Wordsmith, I'll wear a mask if I come by

CJ, thanks

DaBlade, just took some, off to bed for some sleep (I hope)

Robert, thanks and I enjoyed the site, I blog rolled you so I'll be back

Brooke, stop, it hurts to laugh

Brooke said...

It is the best medicine, my friend! LOL! ;)

mksviews said...

That's too bad Chuck, hope you feel better soon ok.

"If I start saying anything like, "Obama makes sense", "Obama's new stimulus package is just what we need", "Hillary will be a great SOS", or "Madonna looks great for 73", call a paramedic."

LOL. On the plus side you still have your sense of humor. That's definitely a good sign.

Chuck said...

Papa, thanks, like the new avatar

Thanks, MK

Actually I had a nasty night last night. I have never taken Phenetrgan with Codeine and evidently it gives me bad dreams. So instead of the restful night I wanted, I had a bizarre one. But, I will live. Thanks for all of the well wishes.