Wednesday, January 21, 2009

About The New Banner

I would like to thank Rick at Organized Doodles for my new banner.

I entered a contest at his blog for a free doodle and won. As you can tell from my image, it fortunately was not a beauty contest. While Rick at Organized Doodles is very good at what he does, nobody is that good. So you are stuck with my mug. Let's just say I have a face that belongs in blogging.

Seriously though, Rick has some great stuff that he did over at Organized Doodles so wander over and check it out.

So I just want to give a big thank you to Rick over at Organized Doodles for this banner.

If anyone is wondering where to go to see more of this, let me know and I will send you to Organized Doodles. (hey, I'm not above shameless plugging) lol.

Really, really, serious though, stop by and see his site, he's got some fun stuff there.



Rick said...

So this is what subtle looks like to you? Very funny. And what's wrong with that face? Wear it with pride man - could be worst!

Thanks for the kind words and for the multiple links. I will be posting it on my blog in a couple of days with links.

Thanks again for entering the contest and I hope you get a lot of good use out of the doodle. I put the original artwork in the mail yesterday and so it is on it's way!

Brooke said...

Cool pic! It's really quite nice!

DaBlade said...

How do you get there again? Nice doodle! Go Blue!

Chuck said...

Rick, thanks. Hopefully both of my readers will stop by.

Brooke, isn't it cool?

DaBlade, I'll try to get you his site name. It's been a struggle being a Meechigan fan this year. Fortunately I have had over 30 years practice.

Papa Frank said...

Congratulations Chuck!!! Not only did you win this contest but I have also sent you a gift. We just sent Gunther Cunningham to be the defensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions. Don't let Kansas City's poor performance scare you. Gun had his hands tied by Herm Edwards and was stuck playing a Cover-2 defense that he never wanted. Gun is a genius and a bad ass and will do good things for the Lions. We will miss him here. Our loss is DEFINITELY your gain.

Chuck said...

Papa, Detroit has a defense?

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

It's a very engaging graphic.

cube said...

From your avatar, I imagined you with more hair.

Then again, I'm not really a warped polyhedron.

Don't you just love the internet?

Charity said...

I love the banner!

Now, where did you say you got it from?

Chuck said...

Pasadena, thanks

Cube, the avatar is my ideal me (including the straight jacket)

Thanks, Charity. I think I put the link on the blog somewhere :)

Alice said...

Another awesome work by Rick :O)