Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Call For President Obama To Ban Automobiles

I was reading a post at All American Blogger and started thinking about the notion of banning guns to save lives.

I started thinking, just how dangerous are guns for humans? So, I did a little research.

First I have these excerpts from David Kopel at the Independence Institute, a think tank.

Did you know that:

"One child under 14 is accidentally shot to death every day in the USA." (Center to Prevent Handgun Violence).

"Teen-agers in homes with guns are 75 times more likely to kill themselves than teenagers living in homes without guns." (Washington Post columnist Richard Reeves.)

"In the past decade, more than 138,000 Americans were shot just by children under the age of 6." (Hartford Courant.)

135,000 children carry guns to school each day. (Senators Biden and Chafee.)

"Firearms are responsible for the deaths of 45,000 infants, children and adolescents per year." (American Academy of Pediatrics.)
"One million U.S. inhabitants die prematurely each year as the result of intentional homicide or suicide." (former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop).

"Guns are the leading cause of death among older teenagers - white and black - in America." (Newsweek.)

These statistics are horrifying, and few people who read them can avoid concluding that some kind of gun control - any kind of gun control -- is an urgent necessity. Fortunately, every one of the above statistics is false. (The correct statistics are presented in the relevant sections of this Issue Paper.) Advocates of severe gun controls and gun prohibition -- and their allies in the media - are frightening America.

Or this (emphasis mine)

Compared to the risk of dying in a gun accident, a child aged 0-14 is four times more likely to drown, four times more likely to die in a fire, and 13 times more likely to die in an auto accident.

Now, some people will look at this and say "but this isn't proof, it's just from a think tank, a group with an agenda". Fair enough, not proof that it's wrong, but okay. Maybe a research article from an obscure publication called the Journal of the American Medical Association will lend a little more weight to my argument.

This is a table on the causes of death for adults. By this chart, motor vehicles cause 50% more deaths than firearms. (note: sorry, this chart didn't transfer well, click on link for a very easily read chart.)

So, I therefore call on President Barack Obama to ban motor vehicles. Just think of the advantages. It will save lives, more than banning firearms. It will decrease our dependence on foreign oil, let the peace loving Muslims try to make a living selling play sand. Finally, something near and dear to my heart, it will make Al Gore happy. We will reduce green house gas emissions. He can then fly all over the world in his private jet giving lectures on how we cut down on fossil fuel usage. Or will we ban airplanes too? Didn't think about that.

Think all of this is ridiculous? So is banning firearms to save lives when they are one of the least prevalent, by percentage, causes of death.


Christopher Hamilton said...

Chuck, you're scaring me with this post. You're giving the "Go Green" movement more ammo :).

Great new picture by the way.

Christopher Hamilton
The Right Opinion, for the Right Wing

stormin said...

one of my most favoite bumper stickers reads: "Ted Kennedy's car has killed more people than my handgun".

cube said...

It sounds ridiculous to me, but the Greenies aren't logic driven. Some of them might not realize it's satirical in nature.

stormin: heh heh.

shoprat said...

Watch it. Some screwball leftist will take you seriously.

Actually those statistics about guns that the left quotes remind me of more women are beaten on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year. or An American starves to death every minute (said by homeless advocate Mitch Schneider during the Reagan years.) No proof at all and in the end untrue.

DaBlade said...

Gun deaths never occur in gun-free zones! (of perps, that is)

Chuck said...

Christopher, just trying to help my buddy Al out. The pic is cool, isn't it.

Stormin, LMAO.

Cube, they're nuts anyways, screw 'em

Shoprat, don't you love how someone regurgitates a stat and the media picks it up and it's all of a sudden the gospel truth?

DaBlade, yup