Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Democrats Want To Investigate Bush?

While this is not a new story, it has a little twist that most of you may not know about.

The article is about Congressional Democrats wanting to investigate the Bush administration for essentially the dastardly crime of keeping us safe for 7+ years. Listening in on the phone conversations of poor murderous terrorists. Keeping murderous terrorists locked up sometimes in, gasp, secret foreign prisons. Sprinkling a little, OK a lot, of water on the face of some murderous terrorists. Who does the son of a bitch think he is anyways?

My suspicion is that this will go nowhere. Maybe at most some showy congressional investigations. Though Joe Biden has pushed for convictions of Bush, Obama has been cool to the idea himself. Maybe now that Obama is on the way to the White House he sees the trap that lies in this type of action, he too will someday be an ex-President.

Additionally, he has to be smart enough to know that while Bush may not be real popular now, the public may not be very tolerant of something that is really nothing more than political payback for the Clinton impeachment while the economy is in the toilet.

Back to the point of this blog though and the little twist that many outside of Michigan do not know about. The principle driving force behind this and impeachment attempts against Bush for the last several years is Rep John Conyers (D, MI).

Most people probably know who Conyers is though after roughly 90 years in Congress he has very little in the way of accomplishment to show for his time.

Most people though do not know who Monica Conyers is. She is the wife of John and is the Detroit City Council President Pro Tem. Ms. Conyers has been a busy little city council member.

An aide to Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick filed a police report Thursday claiming Monica Conyers, the short-tempered City Council president pro tem and wife of U.S. Rep. John Conyers, threatened to get a gun and shoot him at a city pension board meeting..."


Conyers' behavior another blow to Detroit

Councilwoman's bizarre actions won't help city move past crisis

DENVER -- Don't be too quick to breathe a sigh of relief when Gov. Jennifer Granholm finally removes Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Why? Two words: Monica Conyers.

I'm not saying Conyers is crazy. But her behavior is so consistently erratic that she's guaranteed to keep the embarrassing spotlight focused tightly on Detroit long after Kilpatrick is gone.

City Council's second ranking member arrived at the Democratic National Convention this week with her famed entitlement attitude packed neatly in her luggage -- she never leaves home without it.

When the accommodations at the Magnolia Hotel in downtown Denver didn't meet her majesty's expectations, she pitched a hellacious fit in the lobby that reportedly escalated into a sit-in. It was too much for the lone cop on duty. He had to call in reinforcements to subdue the next Detroit City Council president, who wasn't shy about reminding the hotel staff who she was, where she's from and who she's married to (U.S. Rep. John Conyers, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee).


Councilwoman Accused Of Role In Bar Brawl

Woman Wants Monica Conyers Charged With Assault

POSTED: Friday, December 23, 2005

DETROIT -- Recently elected Detroit city councilwoman Monica Conyers is accused of assaulting another woman at a bar.

The brawl occurred at Crossroads Lounge Monday night, according to Local 4.

and finally, the one that may land her in prison...

News: FBI Has Evidence Against Conyers

Last Update: 7/06/2008 9:00 am

(WXYZ) Our reporting partners at the Detroit News are reporting that the FBI has electronic surveillance that links Detroit City Council President Pro Tem Monica Conyers to the Synagro scandal.

The evidence reportedly proves that Conyers received either a payment or payments in connection with the city-approved sludge contract.

Conyers was a vocal opponent of the $47 million a year Synagro contract, but changed her position and eventually voted for the deal when it passed by 5-4 vote in November.

The FBI is also looking into the involvement of, and possible payments to several other people in connection with the Synagro deal. Another, unnamed member of Council is also reportedly the focus of the investigation.

I have a suggestion for Mr. Conyers. Instead of worrying about Bush's anti-terrorism program that actually kept us safe, maybe Congress should investigate how the wife of a congressman has spent years terrorizing a city and possibly breaking the law and has yet to face any consequences for her actions.


Homestay Mama said...

Found your blog from reading my friend's blog (that your wife also reads and commented on and where she (your wife) mentioned your blog). Uhh, hope that introduction wasn't too convoluted.

Anyhow, I liked your post. I'm pretty sure Lincoln would be rolling over in his grave if he could see the 'state' of his beloved Illinois now! God help us all starting January 21st!

Thanks from another 'right' thinker!

Christopher Hamilton said...

He kept us safe for his administration.

I don't care how he did it.

Christopher Hamilton
The Right Opinion, for the Right Wing

cube said...

OMG. I had heard a little about the nutcase Monica, but not all of this. God help Michigan. And God help the USA.

CJ said...

Yes, he kept us safe, but no one wants to give him credit for it. But, they bleed for these idiots who want to kill us. I just don't understand people at all. They won't get the strength and wisdom from Obama that they have from Bush. Sorry, its just not there!

Obama sure is showing what he's made of with these cabinet picks!

shoprat said...

It seems that nothing can save Detroit so let's save the rest of Michigan from that economic sinkhole and tun this state around.

Chuck said...

Homestay, however you got here, welcome. To think, they are comparing him to Lincoln

Christopher, agreed

Cube, she's the stable one in the Detroit city government

CJ, love how his tyreasury secretary pick made an "honest mistake"

Chuck said...

Shoprat, we need to declare our independance