Friday, January 30, 2009

The Origin Of The Global Warming Movement Explained

John Coleman, the founder of The Weather Channel and now a weatherman for KUSI-TV in San Diego, posted an article on the KUSI website today.

This article is well worth reading for two reasons.

One, it gives a very good and detailed history of the global warming movement. It is full of insight on how this hoax has been foisted on an unsuspecting public and contains a good explanation on the motives of the founders and those that have perpetuated the movement.

It follows the movement from it's founding through it's growth with the assistance of the media and the UN to the present day in which the science has caught up to it and is starting to cast doubts on it.

Second it attaches well earned labels to the movement and it's Deity Al Gore, calling it a hoax and scam.


David#999 said...

when are these idiots going to give up on this moronic idea?

I suppose never!

Tina Hemond said...

Chuck, I recall concern for "The Coming Ice-Age" (quotes are mine) when I was in high-school - (long ago, far away), it is - cooling, warming - nothing more than historical weather patterns, yet, Gore and Company have made a huge industry (see profit) out of this - the education system (teachers unions) are so enamoured of anything "left" that they write this bunk into text books (it serves a purpose - keep the "masses" ignorant)! Hoax? More like a pyramid scheme - along those lines - I get "frosted" every time I hear this junk - especially as I watch the snow, ice and sleet pile up in my driveway with no hope of seeing my lawn until April!!!!

Chuck said...

David, welcome and thanks for stopping by. It's a cash cow, they're not giving it up. Al Gore is making a fortune on this.

Tina, your dating yourself :) I can remember as a teen the word was that we had an ice age coming. Now the environuts say that any of this proves their point. Whatever

DaBlade said...

The purpose of the climate scare is no longer even thinly veiled. The scam is right out in the open. Hard to educate folks when half of kids drop out by grade 9 and the other half that stay are indoctrinated with misinformation.

Myself said...

Global Warming?
I don't know about you, but where i am from I'm freezing my azz off.

Chuck said...

DaBlade, it's a money making scam. Word is Gore has invested heavily in the "green" companies he promotes

Myself, 12 degrees outside right now. Warming my a$$

Jack Jodell said...

Chuck, regardless of whether or not global warming is a reality, or whether it is some kind of liberal/environmentalist scheme as so many global warming opponents seem to think, one truth is perfectly clear: Mankind cannot continue recklessly dumping pollutants into our ground, air, rivers, lakes, and seas the way it has been doing for the past century. We are killing wildlife and forcing a far too rapid ecological change that is not healthy. With a number of animal species becoming extinct at a record pace and with the level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere steadily on the rise, we've got to clean up our act, and soon! Rather than ridicule people like Al Gore or other global warming proponents, a new type of dialog should be in order.

BSc said...

Sure wish the guy that wrote this would of read a recent article and not just googled global warming. In current academic articles global climate change due to anthropogenic (thats human caused) inputs is our concern. So basically due to our inputs weather pattern are more intense more server storms ect. and go figure there is evidence to back it up. As for global warming the term means warming and the media wants to use it to explain everything and those people don't have a BSc in front of there name and they cut and paste what they want when they interview.

MhoinReno said...

David#999's comment was a good point! The answer is: They never will. When proven wrong the will morph, helped by a sensationalist
"yellow press" into some other alarmist power grabing political group. "We know what
is right or best for everyone else" elitist crowd. They don't have anyone's good or welfare in mind !! IT IS ABOUT MONEY AND POWER !!! Below are 2 good sites
with some insight into what is and has been going on for the last 110 years...

Follow the money and politics for your answer. There was a report on the news that possibly the govt. could offer carbon credits for those having no children..Brave New World ??? The 2 biggest threats to the U.S. today are the trillion $ plus free healthcare for all and Cap & Trade limiting our production or "carbon footprint" fostered by those who would try to control all life on earth. Do I sound somewhat Alarmist ? I hope I do !! Once these ideas are made law you will never get rid of them or the beauracracies created to make them run !!
If you can knock the underpinnings of this idea of MMGW whis is CO2 and its labeling as a greenhouse gas and pollutant you will expose these charletans for what they are/liars to the core. CO2 is a blessing and a part of the life giving "carbon cycle" !! It is probable that an increase rather than a decrease (estimates of atmospheric CO2 at 160 ppm rather than the current 360 ppm or so, would cause plant life on earth to wither. Most variations in climate come from ocean currents (which take hundreds of years to change), the sun/sunspots and our wobbling orbit/angle to same. Water vapor/clouds is what holds heat in the lower atmosphere, which by the way are not in the computer climate models because it is too complicated process for scientists to accurately model. Well enough rambling for today. Have a nice day and enjoy a great barbeque preferabley charcoal fueled !!!