Friday, January 9, 2009

Palin Fights Back

Sarah Palin sat for an interview with John Ziegler for a documentary he is working on. Article here.

It was a wide ranging interview and she was well spoken. I had hoped since the election she would take an opportunity like this to fight back against the garbage she had to put up with during the campaign. For one thing, this was going to be her only chance to take the offensive and regain control of her image if she wanted to run again.

My suspicion is that this may put the media on the offensive.

As I said it was wide ranging, she covered topics such as

  • The left going after her son Trig and the false accusations surrounding his birth
  • The media using bloggers as a source of information and using this as reportable fact
  • Was the coverage of her political or sexist?
  • Disappointment that Obama was able to place his wife off-limits but her family was not afforded the same courtesy.
  • Interest in seeing how differently Caroline Kennedy will be treated by the media.
  • How the media has loved her when she was bucking the GOP but attacked her when she was not.

It was a good interview and she touched on a lot of the topics that we have talked about on our blogs.

Take the 9 minutes to watch it, it's well worth the time.


Christopher Hamilton said...

I agree with you Chuck.

Christopher Hamilton
The Right Opinion, for the Right Wing

Always On Watch said...

I saw this earlier today.

Good on Sarah Palin.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

She's absolutely right. The MSM has lost its integrity in news-gathering, and there is a massive double-standard when it comes to political reporting. I don't know if it will ever turn around.

CJ said...

I saw this earlier this morning and thought "IT'S ABOUT TIME!" I like her and feel she and her family were attacked unjustly.

Thanks for putting her out there on a positive note.

Chuck said...

Thanks, Christopher

AOW, agreed

Pasadena, the guy that interviewed her was on MSNBC today, called the network a joke

CJ, until I see something different, it's all positive for Sarah from me, it was a national embarassment how her family was treated.

Alexa said...

Sarah Palin rocks! She needs to work hard over the next 4 years and rack up even more achievements to prove the media and elites wrong so the American people see the real her.

Z said...

VERY well worth the time, Chuck.
I'm glad you blogged this, needs to be seen.

I'm with Alexa on this one..GET OUT THERE, Sarah! SHOW 'em what you've got.......kick the political machine out and BE YOURSELF!!

Brooke said...

I saw this yesterday; GOOD ON PALIN!!!

Chuck said...

Alexa, Z, and Brooke, I think over 4 years she has a chance to restore her image. I think this was the first step, descredit the media, Tina Fey, etc.

shoprat said...

It's too bad that the good guys can't just tell the MSM to take a hike.

Chuck said...

We are Shoprat, just look at their numbers. That's why I think now was a good time for her to do this. The MSM's credibilty is low. I think her message could resonate.

Anonymous said...

Stuck at an airport Chuck, so i won't get to watch that. But good on her for fighting back, she needs to cos the MSM won't give her any break, they only do that for leftists.


Chuck said...

Since you stopped by I won't be bitter about this 5 week holiday while we got 8 inches of snow today. Hope you get out of the airport without too much trouble. If you get a chance to watch the video somewhere, do, it's worth the trouble. Enjoy the break.

Homestay Mama said...

I liked Sarah from the day she made her convention speech. I hope we see more of her.