Sunday, January 4, 2009

Quote Of The Week

This week's quote is not profound. It's not the most relevant thing said this week. It was spoken by a person that anyone reading this is unlikely to have ever heard, I didn't know who he was. It is interesting though and a sure sign of things to come with the new openness of Obama and the Democratic Congress.

Charles Whittington, chairman of the American Trucking Associations, which supports a fuel tax increase as long as the money goes to highway projects, said Congress may decide to disguise a fuel tax hike as a surcharge to combat climate change.

This article is about a push to increase the fuel tax by 50%. Note the self-serving nature of the recommendation.

Mr. Whittington has a good plan to get the increase past the American consumer though.

"Instead of calling it a gas tax, call it a carbon tax," Whittington said. "As long as we label it as something else we may have the momentum and acceptance to move forward."

For his ridiculous and sleazy idea, I salute Mr Whittington and award him the Dodo bird

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DaBlade said...

Sheesh. Just when Obama had promised to "invest" in shiny new roads, I won't be able to afford to drive on them...

Larry T Durham said...

We evil, fossil fuel consumers are about to pay through the ying yang if these socialist morons have their way.

Brooke said...

I suggest that Mr. Whittington get the "I just got the shit beat out of me" award.


Z said...

Wait. I'M supposed to respond after these comments...they all said did you, Chuck.

Also, I came by to apologize.
I was so stunned that YOU of all people, as smart as you are, hadn't heard Hamas was hitting Israel until you saw that thing on my blog ...and I'm mentioning that and there BECAUSE it supports our FEELING THAT THE MEDIA'S NOT ONLY LYING BUT KEEPING INFO AWAY FROM US...
I hope you don't mind. xx

Christopher Hamilton said...

Well that was interesting.

Christopher Hamilton
The Right Opinion, for the Right Wing

Chuck said...

Dablade, funny

Larry, I still drive an Explorer. I just smile whn I see one of these little wind up cars trying to get through the snow.

Brooke, he's just going with the Dem crowd. We'll see a whole new load of newspeak

Z, use my ignorance as you need. The truth is I had been very busy and I found it quite embarassing that I had not realized it was so bad. You are right though, it didn't get near the play that the Israeli offensive is getting now.

Christopher, thanks

Randy said...

Interesting. The article says that the reason the states are getting behind is because people are driving less. I thought that was one of the goals of the lefties? Now because they are driving less, the taxes have to increase? Which will cause them to drive less?

Brooke said...

Which will cause the taxes to be increased again...

And so on, and so on..

Rick said...

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Larry T Durham said...

"I suggest that Mr. Whittington get the "I just got the shit beat out of me" award.


Now that's funny

stormin said...

has any tax ever found it's way to going to where it was intended to go? NO! Mr. Whittington and his like just need to write checks to DC for the amount of money that they don't feel their being taxed enough for.

Chuck said...

Randy, don't try to figure it out, you'll hurt yourself

and Brooke too

Larry, Brooke is eloquent, that's why I like her

Stormin, no. We had a outcry here in Michigan a decade or so ago. The loterry has always been billed as helping education, with all proceeds going to education. Someone noticed though that they simply took less out of the general fund for education so there was no extra money as they were implying. They fixed it after the public found out.