Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quote Of The Week

One of the first, and most controversial, decisions new President Obama made this week was to halt war crimes trials at Gitmo.

I cannot say it any better than former Cmdr. Kirk Lippold, who was in command of the USS Cole when it was attacked in 2000.

"It demeans their deaths because we seem to be more concerned with the rights of detainees than we are with the justice that is being denied to my sailors that were killed,"

Rest of the story here.

In honor of his continuing fight for justice for the crew he lost and for his service to our country, I salute Commander Kirk S. Lippold, USN (Ret.)


shoprat said...

The deaths of our military personnel is meaningless to these people because a country that leftists don't believe should be protected.

cube said...

This doesn't go against Obama's track record of ignoring our military and its heroes.

He snubbed them in Germany to go to the gym.

He snubbed the Heroes Inaugural Ball, but attended the Africa on the River Ball and the BET ball plus 8 others.

Lot's of patriotic talk doesn't mean a thing without the actions to back it up. So far, I'm not seeing anything that makes me feel as though America is safer.

Frankly, I hope I'm wrong, but it doesn't look likely right now.

Papa Frank said...

Hating our flag, our national anthem, and our servicemen = the moral high ground. It's new math Chuck. Welcome to liberal rule.

dmarks said...

Why do you have all the bogus blog links in your profile? I clicked through the three dead ones before I found the real one.

CJ said...

This president doesn't seem to care about America, Americans, and especially those who fight to keep it safe. He cares about the "rights" of terrorists who would kill him if given the opportunity. It is sad. I hate it for our country.

Missy said...

I don't like the decision that Obama made. It could have been handled in different ways.

Found you in Robot Nine. I love the header.


Brooke said...

Leftists think that once a person joins the military they are supposed to die; that they are disposable and beneath contempt.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Great quote!

Chuck said...

Shoprat, agreed

Cube, if anyone is surprised, they're an idiot

PF, never understood the new math

dmarks, thanks for stopping by. It's because I'm an idiot. Those are a future project I am working on and I did not realize they showed up in my profile. Evidently I can remove them until I am ready for them. Thanks for letting me know. Stop by again (to the real one that is)

CJ, Papa Frank put it pretty well above

Missy, glad you found me, welcome. I agree, it could have been handled differently, by not doing it

Brooke, this is possible. I think the truth is though that simply don't think about them at all. They are irrelevant

Z said...

This sentiment of this military guy SORT of echoes my feelings I'm going to explain below.. and it's WRONG to diss OUR KIDS!

WHEn is America going to wake up and starting honoring OURSELVES...putting OURSELVES FIRST..ERRING ON OUR SIDE.

See, this is what I think of Gitmo: we ALL understand the American left when they say every man should be afforded trials....I DO, anyway........BUT< PLEASE! NOT THESE GUYS! There are technicalities about them and Gitmo and America which are BEST SERVED FOR US (America) THERE at GITMO. WHY NOT ERR ON OUR SIDE?

Sorry, my caps look like I'm yelling...and, this time, I AM!!

WHEN are we EVER going to err on OUR side again? This is a fantastic country, we deserve to watch out for ourselves FIRST, not cave to a bunch of young Harvard lawyers who're so enamored by "the poor enemy guys who had no due process!" WHAT? Some have gone back and killed more of US!

We don't HAVE to be "better than they are!"..that'll make us DEADER THAN THEY ARE. THEY WANT US DEAD, what's the Left not understand about that?

sorry, Chuck....i can't help it...I'm so passionate on these subjects. Especially that we DESERVE to err on OUR side and that we might have a PRESIDENT who doesn't agree with me on's horrifying.

Chuck said...

Z, TAHT'S OK, YELL IF YOU NEED TO. The reality is, Obama has shown more respect for terrorists this week than he has our nations heroes.

Leslie said...

My salute added to Commander Kirk S. Lippold, USN (Ret.)
How dare we ask anyone to go fight for our freedoms and not back them up when it is right. No terrorist has the rights of citizens of the United States!