Monday, January 19, 2009

Some Simple Math

Word is that California is going to delay paying tax refunds because of budgetary shortfalls. According to this article, the sate will have a shortfall of $41.6 billion over the next year and a half. This works out to approximately $27 billion for a year.

Now contrast that with this article.

California's nearly 3 million illegal immigrants cost taxpayers nearly $9 billion each year, according to a new report released last week by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a Washington, D.C.-based group that promotes stricter immigration policies.

Educating the children of illegal immigrants is the largest cost, estimated at $7.7 billion each year, according to the report. Medical care for illegal immigrants and incarceration of those who have committed crimes are the next two largest expenses measured in the study, the author said.

Pro-immigrant groups and Latino researchers dispute the federation's findings, calling them biased and incomplete.

Jack Martin, who wrote the report, said Thursday that the $9 billion figure does not include other expenses that are difficult to measure, such as special English instruction, school lunch programs, and welfare benefits for American workers displaced by illegal immigrant workers.

"It's a bottom of the range number," Martin said.

The federation is one of the nation's leading lobbying groups aimed at curbing immigration into the country.

Authors of the report say it culls information from the U.S. Census and other studies addressing the cost of illegal immigration into the country to draw its conclusions.

So, the simple math is California has a shortfall of $27 billion a year and illegal immigration costs the state $9 billion or more a year. Now, this is only a third of their shortfall, but, a third here, a third there, pretty soon you have a whole.

When are we going to wake up as a country and realize the damage we are doing to ourselves by ignoring illegal immigration.


CJ said...

Again, I totally agree. Don't have anything more to say about it!! Thanks!

EatYourOkra said...

Obama promises to work against sending our businesses overseas. How about he add to that promise and work towards putting a stop to sanctuary cities (like Chicago) for illegals?

stormin said...

californians get what they deserve. you made your illegal immigration bed, now lie in it.

DaBlade said...

Border security has to be priority one, but all we get is lip service. Rhetorical flourish from both sides. Diarrhea of the vernacular.

shoprat said...

You're talking sense which the government doesn't understand.

Brooke said...

I'd make damn sure not to overpay one cent if I worked there.

So will the people be able to charge the state 150% interest as they would be charged if they were late, or will the State just tell them to get bent?

LomaAlta said...

Chu, its worse than $9 billion. Most illegal invaders send money home to Mexico. It's called remissions. Several years ago remissions were running at over $60billion/year.
If that money were here to be taxed the federal govt. & state would gain.

Also in economics there is what is called the multiplier effect. Each dollar spent in the US by a private citizen or business generates about $3 in economic activity via what is called the multiplier effect. In this case about 3.

Remissions to Mexico have a multiplier effect here of zero. So with the tax losses and remission losses the illegals in California are costing much more than the $9 billion. Add the murders, drug dealing, and other hidden costs and the illegals may be costing CA almost all of its deficit.

Chuck said...

CJ, thanks

Okra, let's see, he nominated the Governor from the state with the most illegal immigration in the country. I'm not holding my breath

Stormin, agreed. A lot of the poeple in the state push for open borders, well...

DaBlade, well put

Shoprat, good point

Brooke, I think the people will be lucky just to see what they're owed

LomaAlta, I agree completely. Even the group putting out the numbers said they were likely low.

Z said...

Well, I'll tell you most people did NOT push to open borders here and, if the country had fought harder to get CLOSED BORDERS, we'd all be better off here in CA. And everywhere...I hear there are illegals up in the NE,'s not just here.

We've had to close MANY hospitals due to the illegals using the ERs as doctor's offices...the hospitals can't turn THEm away, but if I end up in an ER, I pay through the nose and, if I can't afford to stay and show I can afford it, they won't let me in.

Ya, everyone I KNOW is for closing the borders and we've been overcome by the stupid liberal government here, led by Mr. Arnold BLEEDING HEART Schwarzenegger and his wife, the Kennedy Greek Chorus.

OUR COURTS are the problem, too.

All over this nation, if conservatives don't start stepping into small(neighborhood school board), medium (controller, mayor, etc.) and higher (Atty Gen'l, gov, etc.)echelon gov't positions, we're TOAST, folks. And it's the LIBS who're getting elected. A friend complained at her children's school and the Principal told her "Mrs. Day, conservatives JUST DON'T RUN"

yup We're reaping that harvest now.

Thanks, Chuck...All Americans need this information in your post, not just us Californians.

Chuck said...

Z, I said a lot of people in California, not most. I realize you actually do have conservatives there.

I wonder if part of the problem in CA is geography. I have always gotten the impression, and excuse my ignorance if I'm wrong, that you tend to have more liberals in the south of the state with the coonservatives in the north. This would put the libs down in the border areas.

As far as the ERs, you coudn't be more right about this. Illegals are literally killing some ERs.

The issue is more than a state issue, it's even more than a border issue.

We need to stop providing services for illegals. Stop letting undocumented children attend school. No food stamps. I'm even comfortable with not providing health care for them, in ERs or otherwise. Now, for humanitarian reasons alone, I think we should provide care in a true emergency. But if it is not a real emergent condition, we need to deny the services.

I personally would go even further and require mandatory reporting. In health care and education, among others, we are required by law to report child abuse. Why aren't we required to turn in illegals? Some people would whine and say "but then they won't seek out services". Tough. Let them seek out the services in Mexico.

Z said... offense taken, I just get tired of the CA slams all the time..not here.......everywhere.
When I hear "get what they deserve", it sets me off.

There are probably many more conservatives in the South, believe it or not. San Francisco is a hotbed, and for MILES around..hippies to the north of it, etc...Silicon Valley big money guilty libs..etc.

You wouldn't BELIEVE how many great Conservative friends I have in LA. Lots of Jewish Conservative friends, too. And some Black Conservative friends here...... but, tons of lefties, too.

whatever.....what we need is a president to STAND UP to all the stupidity you describe on the borders and in our hospitals. And now we've got THE ONE. I feel so far less safe infinitely less safe.