Thursday, January 15, 2009

Take The Fight To The GOP Leaders

I have been following the blog of House Republican Leader John Boehner for a little while now. On his blog today was a post about the Broadcaster Freedom Act Of 2009.

Leading Democrats are pushing to restore the “Fairness Doctrine” - an antiquated idea which would effectively silence critics of the government. This blatant attempt to quash those who disagree with the Democrats should offend all who cherish their First Amendment right to Freedom of Speech. The right to speak one’s mind is diminished - and effectively silenced - if it cannot find a voice on the radio, television, or the internet.

I want to do two things here today.

First, I want to include my response to this post.

This sounds great and I am glad you are doing it but you still have to fight for it. Reality is the Democrats will not allow it to become law. You need to make them pay a price for this though.

Ultimately what happens in Congress is your fault as a leader of the opposition. The GOP leadership in Congress has got to stop being so passive. Push this legislation. When it is not accepted by the majority party, get out of your office, and sorry for the disrespect, but get off of your asses and get in front of a camera. Make them explain why they are against freedom of speech.

The bloodbath the GOP has endured over the last two elections is largely self-inflicted. The GOP leadership in Congress and the national party as a whole has let the Democrats control the conversation in this country. If you let them enact the fairness doctrine, it is going to get even worse.

Second, I want to ask everyone to do the same. Follow his blog and look for other blogs of the GOP congressional and party leadership. I intend to. But don't just follow them, comment, criticize, keep their asses in the fire. Do even more than that though, ask others to do the same.

We are not using our numbers as bloggers wisely. We are a disparate, disorganized group. What we have yet to realize is the potential for the power of numbers. There are a lot of conservative bloggers out there.

While I am not a fan of chain letters, it is a good analogy for this. We reach dozens to hundreds of people. Those people reach dozens to hundreds of people, some the same people, many of the people we reach are different from blog to blog though. Think about the exponential nature of this.

We have a real potential to make ourselves heard.

Or, we can just sit around and bitch about how things are going.


Christopher Hamilton said...

The fairness doctrine must be stopped.

Christopher Hamilton
The Right Opinion, for the Right Wing

cube said...

Somebody needs to fight the scourge of liberalism. It might as well be us.

Always On Watch said...

You're right: we must be more proactive and find a way to be better organized as a conservative group.

The blogosphere did a lot to get GWB elected. Then, along came BHO and used the same tactics to pave his way into the Oval Office.

Chuck said...

Christopher, I think it will

Cube, it's a dirty job but...

AOW, I think Obama's Presidency will be good for conservativism on the web

Angie said...

Just the week, I was reading the blog on your blog roll from the woman in Australia. I think she called herself Aurora. Her latest post was quite disturbing. Basically she said free speech had been outlawed in Australia, and she was taking her blog down. I didn't respond, but my first thought was, "how could anyone, especially a blogger just accept that and let it happen?" We can't let that happen here.

Daniel-in-the-Den said...

You may already be on it but if not, you should check out

It is hosted by a friend of mine, Chad Everson, and He has goals I think you would easily find a match with.

Thanks for weighing in on my latest post. you have a great blog and I am going to link to it at my site for my followers and so I can keep up with you.

Z said...

Well, finally....a blogger who wants to GET BUSY! Me, too! WE ALL HAVE TO!
I keep saying "we can't just keep typing our indignant fingers to the bone! we have to DO SOMETHING!"

I think you have a great idea..write, write, write..but not only our blogs..TO THE LEADERS!!!!

THANKS, Chuck!

Then, we must fix the media. I'm counting on you to punch them out for me. I'll be standing RIGHT THERE...behind you!!

Chuck said...

Angie, I agree. I was concerned about Aurora's post too. She is well written and I enjoyed reading her posts. I went back and looked though and she seems that she is going to do other things, not quit altogether. I'm with you though, I intend to fight.

Daniel, thanks and thanks for stopping by, I enjoy your sight.

Z, the media is on my list of things to fix. lol

Thru My Eyes said...