Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This Won't Be Pretty

Big Hollywood, a division of Breitbart.com, has offered Matt Damon $100,000 to debate Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard. This is after Damon called Kristol an idiot. Story here.

“He’s an idiot — he wrote that we should be grateful to George Bush because he won the Iraq war. We! Won! The! War!”

Matt Damon is calling Bill Kristol an idiot. I will assume anybody reading this knows who both are.

Bill Kristol if you have seen him speak is uber-intelligent. His grasp of the issues is second to none. His analysis, which I don't always agree with in principle, is superb and well thought out.

Matt Damon on the other hand, how to say this, he's not Bill Kristol. Mind you, he's not quite Paris Hilton or Jessica Simpson, but him calling Kristol an idiot is laughable.

I think the bigger issue here is the leftards in Hollyweird being experts on, well, everything because they can act. I don't want to malign Damon. He may be a fairly intelligent person though I still hold that he is not on par with Kristol intellectually. Bottom line though is being an actor does not give him an innate grasp of the issues. He does not compare to a man who spends his every waking moment thinking about politics.

I hope that they can put this debate together. It will be nice for a change to see one of these pampered little stars get their asses handed to them. It will be another case of throwing the Christians to the lions, or in modern terms, throwing the Lions to a professional football team.

My bet is though that Damon will not be able to make room in his schedule. Because the only other sure thing about these liberal idiots is that they are smartest when they don't have to defend their position. More often than not when one of them is called out on their position and confronted with a reasonable argument (most of us just call it the truth), they forget their lines all of a sudden.


stormin said...

apparently the creators of Team America: World Police (same people who do South Park) are not to particulary impressed with Matt Damon's intelligence. they portrayed him as a person who could only say his name.

Miss T.C. Shore said...

Great Post. I suspect that one of the reasons that Hollywood is so in love with Obama (over other lefties in politics) is that he does so well reciting his lines from a teleprompter. In other words... he's really one of them.

It will be interesting to see how Obama does in a real press conference will real (tough) questions ... assuming he's ever in a situation in which reporters who aren't humping his leg are allowed in to ask questions.

That said, I've always wondered why any credence is given to famous people just because they are famous. Just because one can act in front of a camera or on a stage, doesn't make them an expert on geopolitical ideology.

shoprat said...

Can I buy a ticket to this event?

It is also interesting that the koine Greek (The common language of the first century in which the New Testament was written) word for "actor" is hypokrites.

Yup! That's where the word hypocrite comes from.

Brooke said...

I imagine you are right about Damon not being able to 'clear his schedule', Chuck.

I can just picture him during such a debate, fingers in his ears saying, "I can't hear you. La-la-la..."

CJ said...

So true!! I never understand why it is these high school drop outs (most of them - not all) decide, once they become famous, that somehow they have some intelligence, no matter how artificial it might be!!! They might be able to ACT intelligent, but that's about it!! Sometimes that's questionable. He is in the same boat as Susan Surandon, Tim Robbins, George Clooney, Barbara Streisand....have no real intelligence they just play like it on TV!!!

EatYourOkra said...

Oh how I wish this debate would come to fruition. Matt Damon is just a sound byte in the world of politics and because he's a well known actor and pretty face, ignorant people will listen to him and nod in agreement.

DaBlade said...

I will not be watching this debate. It's like watching the old greek cook prepare my coney island while the ash hangs precariously over the grill. It ruins the experience I love my coney islands and I love my Bourne.

Papa Frank said...

Now THAT would be must see TV!!!

Chuck said...

Stormin, there are 3 syllables in his name

TC, or an expert on child rearing or dieting or etc, etc. As far as Obama he has already had an unscripted moment when he visited the WH press room, he did miserable.

Shoprat, maybe they will put it on pay per view

Brooke, I'm betting he won't even understand what the Hell Kristol is saying

CJ, every time something like this happens, I think of Sean Penn and hurricane Katrina. He was trying to embarass Bush by takingt a row boat out and rescuing people. The row boat leaked so the video is of him bailing water at the dock to keep from sinking. In my mind, they're all morons.

Okra, these guys are clever until they are called out

DaBlade, don't you love the coney islands? Usually pretty good food, dumpy restaurant, and very scary people working there.

PF, it would be a good time

Z said...

I hope they do and I hope they do it in LA because I'm pretty sure I'll get to go. THAT would be QUITE the thing! Breitbart's a friend's son in law!

Shoprat, if you lived near here, I'd take you!

Chuck said...

Z, here's hoping for you

mksviews said...

Yeah i think Damon will suddenly find a lot of appointments he just can't reschedule. In most cases the obots and leftists are only good for the odd feel-good one-liner or just to run interference.

If they can't mock and deride their opposition, they resort to stupidity that will just waste your time and get you nowhere.

Gayle said...

I sincerely hope Damon has enough time to work in the debate. I would love to see it! :)

Thanks for your input on Conservative Convictions, Chuck.

Chuck said...

MK, good to hear from you, hope your enjoying the vacation. They are brilliant until someone calls on them to defend what they say.

Gayle, my bet is he won't.

Glad I found CC, good site.