Saturday, January 17, 2009

Who Will The Left Hate Now?

My post for the quote of the week tomorrow is from George Bush. After writing the post, I went to Google images to try to find a nice picture of him to use. It was stunning.

I tried different combinations, "Bush 9/11", etc, finally deciding that "Bush patriotic 9/11" might be promising. This search, according to Google, came up with 113,000 results. Evidently they didn't have very many pro-Bush ones.

Somewhere in flipping through, I found one good image of Bush on 9/11 but it didn't fit. I got to page 33, approximately 700 images, before I came to another respectable image.

I realize this is partly the fault of Google, many of us have talked about how they seem to have a liberal slant to their searches.

The reality is though that there the search results reflected how deep the hatred is for Bush on the left.

Going through these images, I was tempted to go and take a shower when I was done.

I have said before, half joking, that I believe liberalism is a mental disorder. After scanning these images it is clear that this theory is not too far from the truth. The hatred displayed on some of these images comes from some very deeply disturbed individuals.

There is partisanship and I confess that I was less than fair to Clinton and I will be less than fair to Obama. We are political animals and all is fair in love and politics, right. I am not opposed to bare knuckled partisanship. Some of these people though seriously need help.

The thing to watch going forward is this, people are going to say these types of things about Obama, let's see what the reaction is then. Let's wait 2 or 3 years and Google "Obama patriotism" and see what we get.


shoprat said...

They will still hate him and anyone who doesn't share their hatred. They'll be hating him thirty years from now and Obama's inevitable failure will be blamed on him.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

They'll keep harping on President Bush for decades. Everything wrong that happens in the Obama administration will be the fault of the previous administration.

Chuck said...

Shoprat and Pasadena, Chelsea Clinton will run against Bush

cube said...

I remember how they blamed Reagan for everything before Bush came along.

cube said...

I remember how they blamed Reagan for everything before Bush came along.

Anonymous said...

As i said in the previous post, the BDS is still going strong. In a way though i don't think it'll ever go away, it cannot, that is what defines the left, hate.

As for Obama, i doubt they'll ever wake up to their false-messiah. Such is the madness.

MK (