Saturday, January 10, 2009

Who's On First?

When I was a kid we didn't have cable. Where I grew up by Flint, Michigan we received 4 channels at that time. Needless to say then, we did not have 24 hour cartoon coverage. How did we survive?

What this meant was that children's programing was actually an event for us. Saturday mornings were cartoons, my life didn't start on Saturday until I saw the Looney Tunes and Scooby Doo. Sundays were movies in the mornings. They alternated between Abbott and Costello, Shirley Temple (which was a travesty for a young boy), Laurel and Hardy, etc.

I am off for part of the weekend to the in-laws so I leave you with the classic Abbott and Costello "Who's On First". Enjoy and have a good day.


cube said...

I didn't grow up with cartoons on demand either, but I do remember one Saturday out of the year that had cartoons from morning to night.
I used to look forward to this day all year. As a child, I thought this was heaven on earth.

Of course, this was only one day out of the whole year.

Larry T Durham said...

That routine never gets old. Costello's exaparation is hilarious.

Chuck said...

Cube, I remember the one day a year the Wizard of Oz was on, that was an event at our house. Now my kids own it on DVD and I think they are actually missing out on something.

Larry, I loved this as a kid.

Burr Deming said...

Excellent. A long time favorite.

Referring folks here is getting to be a regular event at our site. This gives us another reason.

DaBlade said...

This brought back memories! Every Sunday morning after delivering my neighborhood paper route, the Abbott and Costello movie. My favorite was "The Time of Their Lives." Meeeloooodyyyy

I agree. On demand convenience has destroyed those special moments.

You grew up near Flint? Southender, myself. Freeman elementary school baby!

Tina Hemond said...

Chuck, love that routine! I believe the world was somehow simpler and, if I recall correctly, imagination was required.

Christopher Hamilton said...

A classic.

Papa Frank said...

I enjoyed this when I was a kid and it only gets better.

Chuck said...

Burr, thanks for stopping by. Agreed

DaBlade, I was trying to remember what channel we watched this on. I'm from the north end, Beecher.

Tina, I've gotta say that I do like the new cartoons. Sponge Bob, etc

Christopher and Papa, agreed