Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Day At The Lake

Yesterdays blog was a little tense and idiotic so I thought we would do something fun today. Today we are going to spend the day at Lake Michigan by Muskegon.

My wife and I took the kids out to the lake to see the scenery. It was cold and we did not spend much time outside except for about 45 minutes when we got out at the luge run to watch some kids ride the luge. These kids appeared to have a good time. For some great pictures of the luge run visit my wife's photo blog, A Dance Of Words And Photos.

Most of the time though we took pictures from the car. We were fairly protected at the luge run but out on the lake side the wind chill was not much fun.

This is a picture of the beach at Muskegon State Park. In the summer this is a beautiful, wide, sandy beach

These are a couple of the pierheads on the Muskegon channel. The small lump to the far right is a lighthouse that is probably better than 10 feet tall. It is completely encased in ice from the waves crashing into it.

This is a view of clouds coming into the shore from the lake.

I'm not entirely certain certain what this guy is doing. It was a treacherous place to have a bike

When we got home we were treated with a nice sunset in our backyard. The perfect end to a fun day.


Brooke said...

What beautiful pics! I'm glad you all had a nice day out!

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Very relaxing photos!

Mia Cronan said...

Chuck, the pics are incredible. They started my day off nicely, accompanied by a cup of coffee.

mksviews said...

Damn, that is beautiful. That's where you live? Cherish every sunset Chuck, if not for yourself, then for the rest of us.

DaBlade said...

The beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline... in February. Hope you kept the truck running with the heater on. I'll pay your carbon credits to save your blogging digits!!!

shoprat said...

Very pretty but I prefer lakes during the summer.

Chuck said...

Brooke, thanks it was fun. Lunch, walk around the winter sports complex and driving by the lake.

Wordsmith, it was a good time

Mia, glad you enjoyed

MK, the sunset is my backyard. I go back a quarter mile facing west and it is almost all clear field. We get some good sunsets.

DaBlade, we just won't let the Goracle know

Shoprat I do to but it was great view

Average American said...

That sure is a beautiful sunset!

Larry T. Durham said...

That sunset shot is something!

Z said...

WHAT A SUNSET, CHUCK..that is utterly Amazingly beautiful..thanks!!xxxx

gecko said...

Great photos!