Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Follow Up On Education Or Indoctrination?

Reading my blog and some of the comments from yesterday, a thought occurs to me and I want to pose a question.

There is a push to teach global warming in schools. I submit that virtually every public school teaches it to some degree or another.

My biggest issue with global warming is the shoddy science it employs.

Being an RN and attending nursing school I obviously was exposed to a lot of science and logged a lot of time in labs. I'm guessing I've taken over a half a dozen different lab classes throughout my education.

The point of this is I feel I have a fairly good understanding of the scientific method. The method being:

Hypothesis (prediction)

So the researcher goes through the first two steps, observation and questioning, to make a hypothesis. As stated above this could also be called a prediction or educated guess. This forms the basis of the experiment, what the researcher is trying to prove or disprove. A hypothesis for global warming may be that man causes it by producing greenhouse gases.

The process of proving or disproving the hypothesis is the experiment. The experiments for global warming vary from reviewing historical data, taking measurements of current temperatures, to using indicators like melting glacial ice, etc.

The researcher than gathers their data and concludes whether the data support their hypothesis or not. In other words do their data support the hypothesis that greenhouse gases are causing global temperatures to rise?

The issue I have with the global warming theory is that they have grossly corrupted the scientific method to support their hypothesis.

Right from the beginning the method is compromised because they refuse to acknowledge competing explanations for their hypothesis.

Researchers will discard data that does not fit their prediction.

There have been numerous reports of poor temperature probe placement such as next to air conditioning units that are emitting hot air or on hot roofs. Recording data from the wrong month such as recording September temperature readings as occurring in October, making October appear warmer than it really was.

So what happens is their conclusion is based on faulty experimentation making their conclusion suspect at the least.

My point then is, with our children already falling behind in learning science when compared to other countries, why do we accept the teaching of conclusions from poor experimentation as a defined fact?

I wonder how the acceptance of the global warming experimentation will bode for the future of our children's understanding of the scientific method? How can they possibly learn the proper scientific method if what we are teaching them is flawed?


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

They don't need to do their own research to determine whether global warming is a scientific fact or not.

They just need to listen to Uncle Al Gore and their teachers soothe them into semi-consciousness with their lies.

Z said...

In the future, our kids won't be required to THINK, anyway...they'll be told what they believe and that's that...seems to me that's the way we're going.
The very thought, too, of environmentalists scaring the heck out of our children is so disgusting. I've heard of NYCity kids having nightmares that their city's going to sink in floods...what KIND of people..?

TOTAL INDOCTRINATION. I'd like to spend a week in some school where they teach teachers to teach (say that real fast!)...might be as eye opening as modern journalist classes which seem to teach "just expose what YOU want known"

Bags said...

I am currently reading a report by the NIPCC (which is the NonGovernmental International Panel on Climate Change) which shows how nature, not humans, causes climate change.

The key part of NIPCC is the N for nongovernmental. This report is done by scientists that do not have the Al Gore agenda driving their results.

And yeah, keep this crap out of our schools.

Greywolfe said...

First off, when talking about global warming, science really need not apply. That is only a very thin window dressing. The fact is, that Global Warming which is now Global Climate Change (due to the fact that the temps have been dropping over the last 2 years) is a pseudo-religion based on socialist/marxist belief. Man and his constant striving for a better life is evil. It must be held back and the only way to do that is through government intervention. In order to allow for this government intervention the great unwashed masses must be made more afraid of their own prosperity than they are of government power grabs.

Enter the eco-wackos. These hemp sandle wearing, dope smoking, spoiled rich kids, with nothing else to occupy their minds and hands, start raising a hue and cry and pumping daddy's money into canditates that already have socialist leanings and presto-chango we end up with Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and Gore. Founders of the First Socialist Republic of North America.

Scientists are more than happy to climb on board as the government is the largest major contributor to scientific study. You don't make your Uncle Sam happy, he doesn't fund your next two years worth of lab time.

LomaAlta said...

I don't believe global warming is a science issue at all. Science would show that anthropogenic global warming is a farce.

Global warming is a political issue. How to control people and their energy, automobiles, lifestyle, and how to limit their freedom. These are the goals of global warming alarmists-control. more big goverment and more oppressive government.

Chuck said...

Pasadena, he is a Nobel Prize winner :)

Z, you notice too that they often pick the cute fuzzy animals to teach the kids about, ie the polar bears are in danger

Bags, welcome and thanks for stopping by. I posted a blog a while back quoting Michael Cricthon's opening of Jurrasic Park. It discussed the arrogance of humans to think they can control something as big as the Earth.

Greywolfe, I beleive a lot of the research is tailored for receiving grants. Wonder how easy it is to get a grant to disprove global warming right now? It follows that a scientist who does not have the ethical standards to conduct proper scientific experimentation also lacks the integrity to prevent him from fashioning his research in a way that will get him grant money.

LomaAlta, I agree, this speaks directly to what Greywolfe says above.

Papa Frank said...

Shoddy science is the hallmark of evolution being taught as a fact and not as a religion. Why should global warming be any other way?

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

It's pretty outrageous how many classrooms are teaching man-made global warming as "fact".

Tina Hemond said...

Chuck, excellent question and observations - the theory of global warming, like the theory of evolution in science, or the melding of the humanities into "social studies", has lent to the "dumbing down" of America. The fact that there is no room for debate on theory is disturbing (and this "global warming" theory is not only taught in public schools, it is also taught in private schools) - re-writing history to fit a specific progressive agenda, while eliminating civics, has gone a long way towards creating an education deficit (or indoctrination if you will) in our culture as a whole. Those born and educated within the past 30 years either do their own reseach or fall by the wayside - as a History major the discrepancies between reality and the textbooks our children are using is stunning - textbooks from the 1940's and 1950's as relate to American History are an interesting read when compared to the "modern" approach to "fact". It is not so much the distortion of fact, (which, that is up for debate), rather it is the inclusion of the constant drumbeat of "bad America" that is prevalent. The lack of civics and knowledge of the working of our government is lost to most students.

Chuck said...

PF, the scientific method is gone from the classroom

Wordsmith, saw an article this morning. Man made gases are increasing from 0.9% increase in the 90's to an over 2% increasse per year in the 00's. Where's the corresponding massive increase in temperature?

Tina, we have been dumning down schools for decades. My bet is there will be a decline in civics lessons also as you said. The party in power now gains nothing from the public knowing how they work. I see a huge sell of the liberalism "government will take care of you" agenda in schools.