Monday, February 16, 2009

Hurry Up And Wait

President Obama along with his unholy minions, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, pushed through the economic stimulus package quickly. Their dire warnings were that if they did not push it through, the entire Western civilization would collapse.

There was such urgency they could not follow through on their promise to post it online for 48 hours for review, Armageddon was nigh.

So you would think Obama has already signed the law and the money is speeding it's way to Moe the Mouse so the economic healing can begin, right?


Take a look at this.


After pushing Congress for weeks to hurry up and pass the massive $787 billion stimulus bill, President Obama promptly took off for a three-day holiday getaway.

Obama arrived at his home in Chicago on Friday, and treated wife Michelle to a Valentine's Day dinner downtown last night. The couple was spotted leaving upscale Table Fifty-Two, which specializes in Southern cuisine, with the first lady toting what appeared to be a doggie bag.

The president plans to spend the Presidents' Day weekend in the Windy City, and is not expected to sign the bill until Tuesday, when he travels to Denver to discuss his economic plan.

I don't know about anybody else but I am starting to become disillusioned by this administration. I'm starting to think he misled us during the campaign and will not bring the Change and Hope he promised.

To give him the benefit of the doubt though, maybe he genuinely thought going out for dinner was providing economic stimulus. He's such a great guy.


Leslie said...

Less than a month in office...Whew! Need vacation...Armageddon can wait...right?
And if we are in such dire need of all this pork spending why is much of it not going to be put to use until 2010?

Can we say Election Year Payoff?

*how amazing to steal money from the taxpayer wallet then use it to buy the taxpayer's vote.

By the way, Moe said that due to the economic slow down and the dying of capitalism he won't be taking any more applications for employment.

Randy said...

"Starting" to become disillusioned? I'm not sure I was ever illusioned.

I Care About America said...

If it was so urgent that this bill be passed without anyone getting a chance to read it… why is Chairman Zero taking yet another weekend vacation and not signing the horrible bill until Tuesday ?
You don't have to answer that I already know the answer

Debbies Choice said...

Don't you just love how all these clueless idiots that voted for him still believe in him!!

M.A. said...

Great point. He used scare tactics to convince the idiots that the bill needed to be passed NOW (without time for anyone to actually read it, of course). Now that it's passed, he's got all the time in the world to sign it.

This is a huge contradiction that you point out here.

Larry T. Durham said...

Southern Cuisine huh? Hmmmm. I wonder what was in that doggie bag? Bet it wasn't arugula. It had to be fried chicken and collard greens.

Flavor Country said...

Since everyone opposes the stimulus and the spending.....please make sure to return the checks you receive in mail. Spending that money would make you hypocrites, and you don't want to do that.

DaBlade said...

hey flava flav, I'm not due a check. It's our account that he will be drawing from. and guess what, everyone who does get a check drawn from others collective sweat and labor is a no good thief and criminal.

stormin said...

i can hardly wait to see how the stock market reacts to it's passage tomorrow.

Chuck said...

Leslie, this is not the first time he's said he needs a break. Good point on waiting for the money to be spent, I've noticed that too.

Randy, I stand corrected. One of the docs I work with was talking about Obama re-imbursing people who don't pay taxes. His point was you have to imburse before you can be re-imbursed.

I Care, making all of these replacement cabinet picks are wearing him out.

Debbie, I wonder if all of them do. Have you actually read some of the questions on his high opinion polls?

MA, my issue is if he wasn't going to sign it, they could have posted it for the 48 hours they promised

Larry, I would take the fried chicken and greens

Flavor, how many Dems returned the Bush "tax cuts for the wealthy" they complained so much about?

I know one person who did not, George Soros, the man who paid for Obama's presidency. He didn't get the tax cuts he complained so much about because he keeps all of his money off-shore so he doesn't have to pay taxes. No hypocrisy there.

DaBlade, you must be one of those rich people.

Stormin, one can only assume it will go in the same direction it has been going in


Brooke said...

Hey, Obama has his priorities, OK?

What an ass he is...

M.A. said...

Flavor - I won't be getting anything back because I actually pay taxes. And if I do get anything, I can almost guarantee that I won't spend will go into savings (so I can pay taxes next year).

Beautiful system we have here, huh?

Flavor Country said...

Chuck, I couldn't tell you how many Dems returned their checks, I was not one of them. Anytime the government is willing to hand out cash, I am willing to take it. As much as I pay in taxes a year that rinky dinky check I got was the least they could do.

That's my point though everyone is complaining about the bill here but everyone will certainly take the benefits.

Those dems that did complain and spend the money were hypocrites just like anyone who take money from this stimulus will also be.

Everyone here sounds like they want the stimulus to fail so they can gloat. What sense does that make?

We all lose if it fails. No matter if you agree or not it has been passed, cross your fingers, pray, knock on wood or whatever your thing to make it work.

No one here is an economy expert, we listen to partisan economist and pundits who tell you what they want.

Both have just as many experts, someone has to be right. This time I hope it's the democrats.

Leslie said...

It isn't the hope that the bill will is the fact that it will. Look at history (I'm sounding like a broken record now!) Every time taxes are raised and senseless spending is practiced by our government the American people (those productive little beings that make this country work) suffer.

If you personally were in debt up to your eyeballs you wouldn't go out and spend outrageous amounts of money on riduculous things you don't need to get yourself out of that debt.

Do I want the stimulus bill to fail --I didn't want the thing to be signed in the first place. And if this bill was so great and going to help solve all of the economic problems please answer these questions:
1) Why wait until Tuesday to sign it?
2) Why keep lawmakers from being able to READ the thing before voting on it?
3) Why fill it with pet projects and earmarks (yes there are earmarks in it no matter what you want to call them.)
4) Why hide within the bill socialist agenda items?

Papa Frank said...

The idiotic liberals needed the three days to pork up the bill after the fact and before Obama signs it. Don't be surprised when what is actually signed is closer to 900 billion.

Chuck said...

Flavor, I don't want it to fail, I didn't want it in the first place.

Truth is, this bill will not effect me personally much one way or the other when it fails, I have a fairly recession proof job.

My real issue is I want the Dems that passed it to stop lying and calling it a stimulus bill. It is not. It is a spending bill that exists for no other reason than political payback for their supporters. Granted they are not the first, nor will they be the last, to do this but I will continue to bitch about it.

As far as economists, those that support are either in short supply or are not saying so publicly very loudly.

mksviews said...

"I'm starting to think he misled us during the campaign and will not bring the Change and Hope he promised."

Only starting Chuck, you should have picked on this phony months ago. Or are you just being sarcastic?

stormin said...

1/2 hour into first day of stimulus passing ... DOW -251, S&P -31, NASDAQ -55, and Obama is wasting precious fuel and spewing global warming gasses into the air to fly to Denver to sign it

AP said...

This new President is pathetic.

Gramma 2 Many said...

I wonder if he tipped the waitress, or is she paid enough as it is?

Chuck said...

MK, welcome back. I hope your vacation is going well. It's sarcasm, I didn't overdose on the kool-aid while you were gone :)

Stormin, it's now the worst it's been in 10 years. Hmm, wonder who was President then?

AP, 'nuff said

Gramma, Obama's not been one to spread the wealth himself

All, here is a good read

Fox must be right, they're seeing things the way I do.

cube said...

Heh heh heh.

I love the sarcasm about beginning to be disillusioned.

BO & MO must be laughing their heads off in private over the stupid people that comprise half this country.

Chuck said...

Thanks Cube. I'm going to try to keep up with what Moe is doing to help stimulate the economy.