Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Indoctrination Or Education?

Ran across this article and wanted to get some response from my readers on it. All emphasis mine.

Environmental Lesson Plans Drawing Praise, Concern

Could environmental education be crossing into environmental indoctrination? Some critics say yes, as schools boast that such curricula simply is teaching children ways of caring for the earth.

Being a "good" student at Western Avenue Elementary School in Flossmoor, Ill., means more than just doing reading, writing and arithmetic well. It also means trying to save the planet.

"It's really important to help the earth and save the polar bears," 9-year-old Duree Everett said, as she colored a "go green" sign at her desk.

The students are taking part in what's called "National Green Week," organized by the Green Education Foundation. Schools across the country are encouraged to teach children about recycling, global warming and carbon footprints.

"It's important to start creating habits now, while children are young, because it can add up over a lifetime to make huge monumental consequences to the environment," said Victoria Waters, president of the Green Education Foundation.

Children as young as 5 years old are told to avoid plastic water bottles, carry lunches in reusable containers, to conserve water and reduce their trash, both at school and at home. They're also taught that planet earth is in trouble and animals' lives could be in danger.

While that may seem politically correct to many people, all the talk of "green" is making some people see red. Critics say using public schools as a means to change habits and opinions on things such as ecology and global warming, amounts to environmental religion, because the beliefs of some are being forced on all children. The kids are then pressured to bring that information home and impose it on their families.

I think it's indoctrination and I think it's intentional based on the remarks here. I don't mind the schools teaching about respecting the environment. I don't mind them teaching conservation. I don't want them brainwashing my kids and this is what they are doing.

My other issue with this is I do not want my kids taught about global warming as fact when the science is so shaky and there are so many detractors. If they want to fairly teach it as a theory and that it has holes in the science, I am okay with it but this is not what they are doing.

I am lucky in that I live in an area in which the school district is fairly balanced in their approach to issues like this. When the kids have come with something I think is a little questionable, I have talked to them and explained that what their teacher has told them is one theory, not the gospel truth.

Let me further say that I am in favor of protecting the environment. My family and I are outdoors people and like to camp, fish, etc. I want the environment protected so we, and future generations, can continue to enjoy the outdoors.

What I do find a little ironic is that environmentalism is essentially becoming a religion. A religion that can be taught in school. I would like to see the response of these people if we were to start teaching creationism as fact.

I have one final issue with spending so much time on these environmental issues. They are taking time away from teaching the 3 R's. Read this article here.

U.S. Teens Trail Peers Around World on Math-Science Test

On the science portion, U.S. students, most of them 10th-graders, received an average score of 489 on a 1,000-point scale, 11 points below the average of the 30 countries. Canada, Japan and Korea were among the countries in which students outperformed U.S. counterparts. U.S. students were on par with peers in eight countries and outperformed those from five others.

In math, only four countries had average scores lower than the United States. Students in 23 countries had a higher average score, and those in two countries did about the same as the Americans.

We are not only behind these other countries, we are below average. To sum it up in a way that is easier to understand, our education system in this country sucks.

We need to to stop spending so much time teaching about the environment, multi-cultural ism, acceptance of gay marriage, etc. (these are topics my kids have been exposed to) As I said above we should teach tolerance for differences. I further believe that the schools should police and prevent harassment for any reason. I'm just of a mind that these are issues that should be taught at home or in church. Based on the numbers above, the schools need to start teaching the kids to do math and science and forget about the other issues.

Finally, if you have been paying attention, you may have noticed I did not give scores for reading. This is why it was omitted.

There is also a reading portion, but results for U.S. students were thrown out because the tests were printed incorrectly.

They undoubtedly were printed by graduates of our education system.


Brooke said...

This makes me sick. Falling grades while kids learn about saving polar bears, which aren't in any danger, anyway? They numbers skyrocketed recently, and with no intervention... But that's neither here nor there.

School should be like Dragnet: Just the facts, ma'am.

RightKlik said...

I'd say that the public school system is destroying this country, but that is inacurate. This country is ALREADY toast. We put Obama in charge. And ignorance is the reason he is president.

Angie said...

The fact that I'm forced to pay against my will for such horrible education really has me frosted. I didn't spend much time thinking about it before, but now I'm a mother of a 2 year old, and I don't want her corrupted by such lousy thinly veiled indoctrination and lack of a real education.

I don't feel qualified to home school my child, as I feel I'm only knowledgeable enough on a couple of subjects, and don't want to shortchange her on the other subjects. I talked to my husband about Christian Private schools, and he said "Those cost about $12,000 a year. It is either get a house (we live in a small 2 bed room condo and have outgrown it) or private school."

Thank you liberals.

Chuck said...

Brooke, I agree. As I said, I want them to teach the 3 R's, I'll teach the rest.

Rightklik, now we will have the Sup't from Chicago and his 50% graduation rate.

Angie, you do have to choose your schools closely. We have a fairly good one.

Z said...

They'd rather our kids saved plastic bottles than learn the math they'd need for jobs... God FORBID they'd be successful! ARGH!!

Global climate change, evolution, etc...WHEN did America become a country in which differing views weren't respected? Not listened to?

They have whole CONVENTIONS about climate change and don't invite the "mankind is not causing it" side..THAT"S thinking? That's exchanging ideas?

(I hope you weren't TOO shocked at my most recent post, Chuck!! xxx)

shoprat said...

The sad thing is that most environmentalists are like watermelons. The outside is green but the inside is red. (not as in red state either.)

Of course our education is lagging in critical areas. The left has more important things to teach. America's future does not matter to them.

DaBlade said...

It's the indoctrination of the liberal BS that finally drove my wife and me to pull my 3 boys out of the public schools and put them in parochial schools. I won't lie, it's been a financial sacrifice and I drive a piece of crap, but we would do it again in an instant. It grinds me that I am paying double because of the incremental and systematic takeover of the educational institutions by the left.

Well, they can't have me or mine.

Chuck said...

Z, good thing they have automatic machines for the bottle returns, this way the kids don't have to count anymore

Shoprat, our education is lagging in almost every area. Our colleges are starting to fall behind

DaBlade, I don't blame you. Like I've said, we have a good school system so we are ok

Always On Watch said...

One of my clients, long dedicated to the concept of the public school system, has now pulled all of her children from the local school and enrolled them in a private school -- precisely because of matters mentioned in this posting. Her daughters were simply not learning the basics of academics, though they were "well versed" in certain "matters."

JARNCO5 said...

Schools have been infiltrated by the left... parents must teach agaist what schools teach now.

Voice Of Conservative America just visited your blog

Papa Frank said...

The number 1 job of school NEEDS to be teaching kids HOW to think and not WHAT to think. We are fortunate in that Mama Frank is an elementary Music teacher and so she gets to keep a much closer than normal eye on the education our girls are receiving. Even at that there is still filtering to do at home in order to "unlearn" some of what has been taught.

Chuck said...

AOW, agreed

Jarnco and PF, we have always done this at home too. The kids pick up nonsense on the global warming, etc and I have to unteach them at home

Papa, I agree. One of the first things they taught us in Nursing school was that the most important thing to learn was not what we knew but knowing where to find the answers.