Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Million Dollars A Day

I was sitting here this morning half watching Fox News and making my rounds when this commercial came on.

I was so inspired I immediately went to the website listed on the commercial,, and embedded this video to spread the word.

This video is great for two reasons.

One, it's true. It highlights the issue of pork barrel spending and gives a great reference of just how much money this really is. We can talk about $700 billion, $800 billion, or a trillion dollars but none of us can grasp a number like this. The video puts it into perspective. Finally it lists some of the ridiculous expenditures in the bill.

Second, it is refreshing to see a conservative campaign against Obama. The left controls the vast majority of the media and so they therefore control the message delivered to the public. Campaigns like this counteract this control. We need more of this.

Watch the video and share it. Let's help this group spread the word.



The Pondering Catholic said...

Yes, I love this video! I will be forwarding your blog along! Great post!

Christopher Hamilton said...

I laugh every time I the commercial appears on Fox News.

It's straight to the point.

Christopher Hamilton
The Right Opinion, for the Right Wing

AP said...

This is awesome. Putting this on my blog now!!!!

Papa Frank said...

I stole this video and put it up at the blog as well. Hope you don't mind.

Flavor Country said...

This states the obvious we know it's a lot of money.

Just like the Bush tax cuts cost 1.3 trillion. Our nations debt as Bush left office 10.7 trillion almost doubled from when he came in.

Not to mention Bush last bailout before he left was more than the stimulus of Obama.

Where was their commercial then? I hate the spending too. What else can you do?

But to be hypocrites makes no sense to me.

The commercial is effective however.

Take Care Chuck

DaBlade said...

Chucky Schumer is such a typical liberal who holds the American public in contempt. Great commercial BTW.

Chuck said...

Pondering Catholic, thanks for stopping by . Thanks and thanks for the forward

Christopher, this is the first I had seen it. Been working a lot lately and not seeing the news.

Aaron, thanks

PF, steal away

Flavor, we were actually jsut as against the Bush bailout. Bush lost a lot of standing with conservatives the way he went out.

As far as the debt, Obama has raised the debt almost half as much in a month as Bush did in 8 years

DaBlade, thanks

mksviews said...

Thanks for that Chuck, must keep an eye on them, see what they're all about.

kevin said...

I've heard a version of this ad on the radio. It's very effective.