Friday, February 6, 2009

Misreading Michael Steele

Many people are discounting the election of Michael Steele as the RNC chairman as a gimmick.

Liberals are calling him a token. An answer to Obama's election as the first black President. This is not surprising, any time a black is involved in Republican politics or a Republican administration they are called a token, an Uncle Tom, a race traitor, or a house negro. What this is in reality is racist. It demeans not only the achievement of the individual and reduces it to an affirmative action accomplishment but it assumes a person of color, black or otherwise, cannot think for themselves.

Some conservatives are really doing no better in calling him a token or, also like liberals, an answer to the Obama election.

Maybe with this article we can start dispelling this idea. At least for some of the less ignorant people saying it.

The article, Steele Cleans House at Republican National Committee, is about a changing of the guard at the RNC.

I, for one, am glad he was elected to the RNC. I have always tended to prefer him above the others running and my support has only grown more solid the more I hear from him.

To conservatives I say stop embarrassing yourselves and shut up and give him a chance. We are not going to have an ultra-conservative lead the party nor should we.

To liberals I say dismiss him at your own peril.


Brooke said...

Your last sentence is dead on, Chuck!

Leftists are nothing if not racists.

Red, White, and Blue Patriot said...

Liberals have been preaching for years equiality. OK we(whites) are suppose to be color blind we aren't suppose to see race. It's OK for other races to identify race but Whites are exempt. So when Messiah Obama was elected I saw a socialist, far left candidate win. Not a black man, the liberals saw a black man win and celebrated like none other, correct? How hypricritically it that, give me a break you wacko liberals!

Chuck said...

Brooke, thanks

Red, White, and Blue, welcome and thanks for stopping by. The problem is that liberals want to define what equality is.

Leslie said...

Anyone who votes for someone only on the basis of the color of their skin is just as bad as someone who will not vote for someone based on the color of their skin.

You know what I want? I want human beings --live, breathing, humans-- with intellect and a common sense approach on how to run this government. I really just want common people to run the government. We run our every day lives with success, without pomp and glory, without greed of power or power trips...with just plain common decency, common sense, and down-right common morals.

*Yes I dared to say it: MORALS.

I'm disgusted with politicians without morals. And I'm sick of the excuse saying that when you go to Washington you have to play their game to get anywhere in politics.

*Thanks for letting me rant.

Z said...

Leslie, GOOD rant! 100% good.

Chuck..great post. I have always ADORED Michael Steele and was completely thrilled when he won! Thanks so much for this article.....
This guy's CLASS..utter class and resolve....
Clean house, Mikey...we've got WORK to do! xx

Z said...

Oh, Chuck...sometimes you comment on how good the weather looks out here compared to your cold snow; you'll be happy to hear we're getting rain like we've never HAD rain these days!! geeeeZ

kevin said...

I hope Steele continues to shake things up. The GOP needs it, as well as the rest of the country.

Aaron Proctor said...

I'm half black.

Someone once said "Wow? And you're a Republican? You must be self-loathing."

So...yeah. What the hell?

Leftists are more racist than anyone I've ever met.

Look at the rich white limo liberals who give and give to the minority communities..just so the minorities can "stay out of their neighborhoods".

cube said...

Everytime I've seen him, Steele seems to handle himself with humor as he upholds conservative ideals. I like him. I hope he does well in his new job.

Chuck said...

Leslie, rant away. Morals will be hard to find in Washington though.

Z, I think he's exactly what the GOP needs right now, a kick in the pants

Z, we actually had nice weather today (for us) high 40's and sunny. We lost most of our snow

Kevin, agreed

AP, tell them your only half Republican :)

I've said the same thing, there are few people more racist than a liberal.

Chuck said...

Cube, thaanks. I think he will

Chuck said...

BTW Kevin, I'm having trouble posting at your site. Am I doing something wrong? Are you having trouble at your site?