Thursday, February 12, 2009

Porkulus Package Balance Sheet

The balance sheets are coming out for the Stimulus Package To Save Us All just passed by Democrats in the House and Senate and 3 "Republican" senators. (Note: I will from this point forward call this law SPTSUA because all major federal laws have cool acronyms)

It appears that the mouse above, let's call him Moe, does quite well in the package. He evidently hired the Pelosi and Reid agency to represent him. It would be understandable if you do not know Moe, he's a little obscure. Moe is a salt marsh harvest mouse and he lives in, I'm assuming, a salt marsh. A salt marsh in San Francisco to be specific. This is the same San Francisco represented by Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the Mouse, er, House.

Moe is getting $30 million dollars from the SPTSUA. The one thing we can be sure of is that this is not special interest spending because Obama and the rest of the Democrats assured us that there was no special interest funding in this package. One can only guess at how many people Moe will hire to do his part for the stimulus, him being a mouse and all.

Now I realize what all of you are thinking "but Chuck, what about the middle class tax cut we were promised during the campaign?"

Don't worry, Obama and friends did not forget you. You do get a tax cut from SPTSUA. You will soon be receiving an extra 13 bucks in your paycheck.

So Moe gets $30 million to create jobs and you, provided you don't make too much, get $13 a week to spend and stimulate the economy. Don't spend it all at once, we don't want inflation.

Read the rest of the story on Moe and photo credit here.

Read the rest of the story on the "tax cut" here.

(Another note: in the 2nd article, read the bit about the little train engine who did)


Brooke said...

Damn. Maybe I should go to school to be a salt marsh rat, or whatever...

Leslie said...

Where do we send our applications for employment with Moe? But first, I need to have the month of September off, weekends are a definate NO, and I only want $5,999 and hour, a real bargin since Moe is now a rich man... er... mouse...and you know, we need to spread the wealth and all...

What's that? My wealth? You mean you want to spread my wealth? But...but...but...

cube said...

Disgusting, isn't it?

Chuck said...

Brooke, seems like a good living

Leslie, it's the new US motto, "E Plentius Makeus Spreadeth" roughly translated to "your making too much, spread it around"

Cube, it's the lib way, steal from the rich to give to the mice.

A Young American said...

When will Americans wake up and realize that everything the government does to solve a problem simply makes it worse?

Chuck said...

Young American, welcome and thanks for stopping by. One of the great lies is "I'm from the Government and I'm here to help you"

DaBlade said...

$30 million on Moe the mouse? Gee Chuck, haven't you heard Obama say the whole point of stimulus is govt SPENDING? I bet Moe could find his government cheese at the end of the maze before Obama can find a clue.

A New York Guy's View said...

Preach it my friend, say it loud!

Anonymous said...

Now that congressional Democrats have gone through the stimulus bill to yank out anything that has a remote chance of being ridiculed by the GOP - STD-prevention funding and seeding the National Mall, for instance - they still find themselves mocked.
A prominent headline on the Drudge Report Thursday: "Pelosi's mouse slated for $30M slice of cheese..."
Drudge is often the last stop a story makes just before showing up on cable news and other mainstream outlets. (It was Drudge who highlighted the STD funding that ended up axed.)
The problem for stimulus critics is that the package has no earmarks, leaving little to ridicule.
But the money has to be spent somewhere, so House Republicans went looking for embarrassing projects that could be funded by the stimulus. "Appropriations Committee Republicans have been asking federal agencies exactly how the pots of money in the bill will be spent - since much of the spending isn't explicitly spelled out in the legislation," wrote Michael Steel, an aide to Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio), in an e-mail to reporters.
"One response? Thirty million dollars for wetland restoration in the San Francisco Bay Area - including work to protect the Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse," he said.
The Washington Times and conservative blogs picked up the charge and ran with it. "Pelosi's mouse slated for $30M slice of cheese," headlined the Times.
Steel's argument is that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) had previously supported protection of the mouse. "So can Speaker Pelosi explain exactly how we will improve the American economy by helping the adorable little fellow pictured below?"
One simple answer: workers would be paid to restore wetlands, and the restored wetlands then have an economic benefit in terms of filtering water, slowing run-off and improving the health of fisheries.
On Thursday, Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D-Colo.) took to the House floor to make a different point: the money for the restoration isn't actually in the bill.
"There are no earmarks in this bill. There is no earmark for rats in San Francisco. There is money that goes to the EPA and the Department of the Interior for cleanup of wetlands and maintaining of wetlands and apparently this is on a list of ready-to-go projects but it, like many others, must compete within the departments for that money. It is not a specific earmark within the bill," he said. "That trivializes this bill."
Steel isn't backing down. "The bottom line remains the same: if the bill passes, taxpayers will spend $30 million to protect a rodent in San Francisco. That will not help struggling American families, and it will not help our economy create or preserve jobs," he told the Huffington Post.
But Pelosi's office says even this broader claim isn't true. Spokesman Drew Hammill tells the Plum Line's Greg Sargent, "There are no federal wetland restoration projects in line to get funded in San Francisco... The idea that $30 million will be spent to save mice is a total fabrication."

Anonymous said...

Could you please post about something that is true? I knew one of you right wing nutbags would run with this story. You spent all that time writing it, got everybody worked up about it, everybody took time to post a comment, all for something that is false. It's false. You don't want to hear it but it's false. If you guys want to get your panties in a bundle over something that the Democrats DIDN'T DO, have at it, because it's this nutbaggery that will keep you guys in exile for that much longer. Good work. I love it.

Flavor Country said...

Chuck we can criticize back and forth on this as do the experts, but in reality if this works he (Obama) is golden if it doesn't he and the democrats can forget about 2010 and 2012.

I did not agree with Bush and the democratic leadership on bailing out the banks I hoped it worked it did not. A lot of republican governors support this because they know their states will get help. Not one republican senator will say their state should not take any stimulus money.

I may not agree with everything in this bailout but no matter what for the sake of the country I hope it works.

Leslie said...
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Leslie said...

Somebody needs to stop drinking the kool-aid. I could say so much about that comment by annonymous...but I will sum it up with this: there is deceit in this "stimulus" bill and a hidden agenda to make the United States of America a socialist country. Why you may ask? It is so very simple. Simple. Simple.

Power and greed. The more freedom we lose and the more control of our lives the governement gains produces more power and more money for the "people in charge" namely the government.

Annonymous, please take your blinders off and stop believing everything the government and the bias news media tells you. And instead of resorting to name calling and such childishness, be mature and open to an intellectual debate based on facts.

If you truly want to be involved and have an opinion on current events and politics, find a variety of legitimate news sources that do not have a socialist agenda in order to research EVERYTHING our government and the powers that be are doing.

Again, Chuck, thanks for giving an outlet to speak.

Leslie said...

Oh and by the way: the way to "fix" this economy is the free market. Let it reset itself. Capitalism works. It's just the people who are not ingenius or motivated enough to give some effort to making their own money don't like it because it takes hard work. We live in such an instant gratification society.

Look up the big depression on 1920 (and NO I am not getting the year wrong.) Study history. There was a big economic problem (depression) in 1920 but before Harding could figure out what to "do" about it, the economy fixed itself. Then along came the Great Depression, where the government stepped in and caused the thing to last more than 10 years. READ YOUR HISTORY.

Chuck said...

DaBlade, you posted too early. You did not get to see anonymous' explanation that the money is not for Moe, it's for the EPA to use on Moe. Boy am I embarassed.

NY Guy, I am actually standing on a soap box as I type this :)

Anonymous, I would like to say something positive about your post. Er, um, it was long? I can't go through everything you said wrong and dispute it, I wanted to go to bed in a few hours. But I will try.

the package has no earmarks

Stop. I'm laughing so hard reading this I vomitted up my dinner. Then you followed it with this

But the money has to be spent somewhere

I would go into liberalism and the need to spend money but nothing new here.

What you really need to do is go back and have someone read the article to you again. No one denmied there is special interest spending, they denied there were no earmarks because they did not use the "earmark process".

Anonymous2 (or is it the same person? I am not certain if I have one or two people tonight brave enough to leave a comment without any loop back) Nothing to add, just read the response above, I'm bored. And stop worrying about my panties.

Flavor, I agree. I did not support the bailout either. I also agree that the Prez and COngress have a lot riding on this. As far as the Republican Governors, they are prostituting themselves for the money. I have no respect, Dem or GOP. What has, as anonymous said, my panties in a bunch is that there is special interest funding in this bill. They are trying to lie about it. These same Dems ran against the GOP for their spending and now they are filling their liberal special interest wish lists. Finally, what is really pissing me off is that the media was all over the GOP for spending but is suddenly silent on this bloated spending bill.

Leslie, nothing to add. Thanks for the history lesson.