Sunday, February 1, 2009

This Explains A Lot

Word during the Olympics was that Michael Phelps consumed 12,000 calories a day. I always thought that was a lot but I figured he's a high performance athlete, he burns a lot of calories.

It has all become clear now, due to a picture in the British tabloid News of the World.

I know, this isn't very nice. Also, just to be clear, I like the guy.

This was stupid though. It was estimated he could make a $100 million in endorsements, now the estimates are over how fast his sponsors will leave him.

Article and picture credit.


DaBlade said...

Very foolish! It's sad. Usually when a kid does something stupid, it doesn't cost him $100 million.

I did like the "munchies" joke though. That was good!

Always On Watch said...

I hope that he does suffer consequences -- if only to serve as a partial deterrent for teens smoking dope.

Chuck said...

I agree, I think it's sad. Plus, why do these people keep letting themselves get photographed?