Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ari Fleischer Gives MSNBC A Beatdown

Former Bush Press Secretary Ari Fleischer was being interviewed by Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski on Morning Joe on MSNBC Thursday morning when he made both hosts speechless with this exchange: (all emphasis mine)

BRZEZINSKI: Ari, if you were standing at that podium, would you have not taken the opportunity to do what they are doing with Rush Limbaugh?

SCARBOROUGH: Let's say Michael Moore.

FLEISCHER: You have to be careful when you stand at that podium, you don't realize until you're in that unique job how much weight your words have. When you previously as a Senator's press secretary or a party secretary, press secretary, could dismiss or take a slap at a political opponent, when you do it from the White House, you're bringing the weight of the government onto that private person. So, you really have to be careful about it and do it with some grace. Going after Rush Limbaugh, it's just -- to me it's the usual nonsense.

BRZEZINSKI: They're not going after him, they were just labeling him as the leader of the Republican Party and saying --

SCARBOROUGH: They targeted him, Mika.

FLEISCHER: It's gamesmanship.

BRZEZINSKI: I'm saying you wouldn't have pointed that out?

FLEISCHER: It's gamesmanship, what difference does it make? Are you going after Democrat members of Congress for why they aren't distancing themselves from Keith Olbermann?

BRZEZINSKI: That was a good one. We're all thinking.

FLEISCHER: That's my point. That's my point. It's a one-sided debate because largely the press loves it because the press doesn't like Rush.

SCARBOROUGH: I'm going to have a -- I can't talk right now because I'm drinking. Mike?

BRZEZINSKI: Mike Barnicle?

BARNICLE: I have to ask you, Ari, because you were really good when you were standing at the podium.

SCARBOROUGH: No, that was good.

BARNICLE: But did you have to soak your face in cement this morning to come out and say all of this with a straight face. I mean, come on!

FLEISCHER: You are so part of how Washington's always worked and this is why people give up.

BARNICLE: [Laughing] Me? What?


FLEISCHER: You guys love this story. You love what Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel are doing because it gives the left an excuse -- not you, Joe -- to go after people like Rush and conservatives and like they did to Newt. But don't you realize, this is why so many people in America tune out Washington? Especially at a time when we got so many bigger issues. Yeah, Mike, it's two or three minutes a day, that's all it took for them to plant the seeds of destruction they wanted to plant.

Rest of story here.

Good for Mr. Fleischer. This is what the GOP needs to do more often. Throw this nonsense from liberals back in their face. He could have also mentioned Chris "I have a gay crush on Obama" Matthews among a multitude of other "journalists" inside and outside of the NBC network.

I would like an honest comparison of right wing bomb throwers and left wing bomb throwers. Wonder who has more?


Nikki said...

Great post Chuck...I love Ari Fleischer. He has been making the rounds. I saw him on that new Hughley show on CNN and he was awesome saying how much he still stands by Bush and his administration. A stand up guy for sure. :)N

Always On Watch said...


...[L]argely the press loves it because the press doesn't like Rush....


...You guys love this story. You love what Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel are doing because it gives the left an excuse -- not you, Joe -- to go after people like Rush and conservatives...

Fleischer is exactly correct. The liberal press loves nothing better than a feeding frenzy targeting the right.

And the media wonder why so many of their ventures, newspaper and audio and visual media, are failing, i.e., losing readers, listeners, and viewers?

Yes, the right can be shrill at times -- largely out of sheer frustration. But the hatred of the left is palpable. Leftistas want to gag or lynch us.

Leslie said...

I hope we see more of this. I hope more conservatives will start fighting back and calling out the truth. I'm tired of conservatives being afraid to say what they mean and speak reality. I don't want a leader who is worried about being politically correct or worrying about hurting someone's feelings. Speak out. Speak the truth. Be strong. That is what Americans want.

Chuck said...

Nikki, agreed.

AOW, I have made this point before. The right has it's own nutjobs but Bush was called retarded, there those on the left that wished Chaney had been closer to a bomb in Iraq, we have a ways to go to catch the left

Leslie, it is way overdue. My gut is we will start seeing it more.

Z said...

Chuck, I HOPE we start seeing this more and more. Ari was fantastic.

It is unpatriotic to slam a war during war time.....much more unpatriotic than it is for a talk show host to say he hopes a president's horrible agenda fails.

Z said...
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Z said...

OH, CHUCK! I hope you haven't seen the video my NYC (lib elitist cousin) just sent me. I have to hand it to her..she was even-handed sending ME this red meat!! (HA)
OH, you will enjoy it, and then YOU will put YOUR head down on your desk and cry!!

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cube said...

I always thought Ari was watching President Bush's back. I never got that feeling from Scott McClelland.

Z said...

Man, Chuck..I decided I'd written more than I wanted to and deleted some and now my statement about crying doesn't make much sense. Suffice it to say IT DID! Sorry.

Here's the bit of my second comment that I wanted to leave here:
By the way, Chuck..I saw on one of the blogs that you agreed with me that something's changing, that people are waking up...that you see that, too, gives me a lot of encouragement.

sorry about that!

Chuck said...

Z, you could never post too much. I just thought you were a ittle caffeinated. I think there could be a bit of change coming.

Cube, McClellan looked out for himself.

DaBlade said...

Thanks Chuck. I hadn't seen this. We will never have the quantity of high profile "bomb throwers", but we have the quality, what with truth being on our side.

Z said...

what's making me cry lately is being too 'Americanated'...I love the place and I hate what's happening! sue me !(SMILE)

mksviews said...

Yeah, good on him, give it to those biased leftist pricks at every opportunity, they've had it coming for good few decades.

They love obama, but they're not supposed to, they're supposed to remain unbiased, so mock them for their teenage infatuation for the empty suit.