Friday, March 6, 2009

Far Left Liberal Agenda Explained By Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton gave an incredible insight into the mind of a far left politician yesterday. This quote spoke volumes.

Clinton told young Europeans at the European Parliament global economic turmoil provided a fresh opening: "Never waste a good crisis ... Don't waste it when it can have a very positive impact on climate change and energy security."

So in other words, let's use this economic crisis to push our far left global warming (read farce) agenda. The assumption is that she is concerned that the public is catching on and they need to jump now while the jumping is good.

Warning: Do not look too far into the far left liberal mind, it is mostly empty and there is a considerable risk of getting lost and not finding your way back out.

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The Pondering Catholic said...

After all of the grief Rahm got for saying this, she repeated it? Can you say insanity?

Z said...

you know, Chuck...if our kids weren't so brainwashed by the left, they'd be thinking "are you NUTS?"

But, they're not. Sadly.

cube said...

Sane folks who are able to think critically would see past this nonsense in a minute. The problem is that we've allowed generations of our children to be indoctrinated into the cult of stupid. These kids have been propangandized into thinking just about any garbage the teacher's union decides to put in front of them. How do we turn this around?

da patriot said...

We all know that it gets worse than that, Cube. As Chuck very rightly pointed out in his previous post, (by the way Chuck , it was a great post), when our kids get to college, they soon learn that there is a price to pay for deviating from the PC track that they were indoctrinated into during K-12.

shoprat said...

Temporary misery used as a catalyst for eternal misery.

Chuck said...

Pondering, or stupidity

Z, I am lucky in that y kids have grown to think for themselves

Cube, we teach our children the right way

Thanks on both accounts Patriot

Shoprat, well put

kevin said...

I wonder what unemployment rate would be best for the planet? Will Mother Earth survive Global Warming if 25% of America is jobless?

Throwing Stones said...

Since President Barack Obama was sworn in, the financial markets have dropped to ten-year lows, housing prices are off by ten percent or more, nearly a million jobs have been lost..
Oh yeah...Happy Times Are Here Again!

mksviews said...

"Do not look too far into the far left liberal mind, it is mostly empty and there is a considerable risk of getting lost and not finding your way back out."

Perhaps for the garden-variety leftist, but in the minds of the hardcore ones, it's far worse than just empty.

Mustang said...

Never waste a good crisis comes directly from the Saul Alinsky playbook. Clinton is the second White House official to use this term in the past two weeks.

If Americans haven't figured out this economic crisis by now, they never will "get it."

Chuck said...

Kevin, we need to get rid of the pesky people

Throwing Stones, he is looking at having the worst 'new president' stock market in 90 years

MK, good point, probably better if it were empty

Mustang, you know Obama said something similar yesterday

cube said...

We paid tons of good money to put our girls through Catholic school because we believed the public schools were unacceptable.

Even so, we found many dinner conversations overtaken by discussions undoing whatever nonsense was taught at school that day.

Many folks don't have the luxury of two parents at home at dinner time to discuss the PC crap taught at even so-called conservative schools.