Thursday, March 12, 2009

Karl Rove Is A Smart Man

Why is Karl Rove a smart man? Because he agrees with me. I'm smart, he agrees with me, so he's smart. That's Chuck logic in a nutshell.

Now to the part where Rove agrees with me. He wrote a great opinion peice in the WSJ today. The White House Misfires on Limbaugh

Just a quick aside. When you go to the page I linked to, I want you to notice one thing right off. The WSJ called this article an opinion piece. It's right there, spelled out, "opinion". Why is this relevant? Because if you were reading this article on most other news sites, at least the ones that don't start with "Wall Street Journal" or "Fox News", the article would be called news. See, respectable sites like the WSJ or Fox, label articles like this as opinion pieces. Whereas when visiting the majority of the media, CNN, MSNBC, etc, the "news" stories are opinion pieces.

Now back to the regularly scheduled rant.

Rove wrote a piece today about the Obama administration's war on freedom of speech, er Rush Limbaugh. Rove was not defending Limbaugh's position or really even criticizing Obama's attack on the position. It mainly looked at the political rationale and implications of the attack. (all emphasis mine)

Team Obama -- aided by Clintonistas Paul Begala, James Carville and Stanley Greenberg -- decided to attack Rush Limbaugh after poring over opinion research. White House senior adviser David Axelrod explicitly authorized the assault. Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel assigned a White House official to coordinate the push. And Press Secretary Robert Gibbs gleefully punched the launch button at his podium, suckering the White House press corps into dropping what they were doing to get Mr. Limbaugh.

Was it smart politics and good policy? No. For one thing, it gave the lie to Barack Obama's talk about ending "the political strategy that's been all about division" and "the score-keeping and the name-calling." The West Wing looked populated by petulant teenagers intent on taking down a popular rival. Such talk also shortens the president's honeymoon by making him look like a street-fighting Chicago pol instead of an inspirational, unifying figure. The upward spike in ratings for Rush and other conservative radio commentators shows how the White House's attempt at a smackdown instead energized the opposition.

Did it do any good with voters not strongly tied to either party? I suspect not. With stock markets down, unemployment growing, banks tottering, consumers anxious, business leaders nervous, and the economy shrinking, the Obama administration's attacks on a radio talk show host made it seem concerned with the trivial.

Why did the White House do it? It was a diversionary tactic. Clues might be found in the revelation that senior White House staff meet for two hours each Wednesday evening to digest their latest polling and focus-group research. I would bet a steak dinner at Morton's in Chicago these Wednesday Night Meetings discussed growing public opposition to spending, omnibus pork, more bailout money for banks and car companies, and new taxes on energy, work and capital.

What better way to divert public attention from these more consequential if problematic issues than to start a fight with a celebrity conservative? Cable TV, newspapers and newsweeklies would find the conflict irresistible. Something has to be set aside to provide more space and time to the War on Rush; why not the bad economic news?

This is all stuff I, along with others, have been saying. The attack on Rush, while making the far left giddy, is petty and small and runs a real risk of costing Obama the support from moderates that he is getting now.

The rest of the article is well worth reading. Rove goes into the long term ramifications of Obama's policies.


mksviews said...

If he wants to go after Rush, let him, i'll be Rush can take that metrosexual panty-waist and all his fawning booooyfriends down, hard.


Z said...

I suppose you heard that Emanuel and Carville and Stephanopoulos and Begala talk EVERY SINGLE DAY. It's said that if one's busy, they just call and say "Hey, it's me" and hang up. Sounds like 13 yr old Jr High School antics, but it's the truth. Even Mary Matalin said it's silly but true and it's not always politics but sometimes football.

This whole machine is so well oiled; David Rasputin Axelrod and the rest of the team are running obama and it's about time we woke up to it.

The media made it look like Rove was "Bush's Brain", remember? This gives new meaning to PUPPET, this Obama admin.
And Soros is the Wizard behind the curtain holding the strings.

I'm not sure I agree that centrists will go toward Rush because of the onslaught against him; this lefty cabal is VERY articulate and VERY convincing. I hope you're right.

Chuck said...

MK, metrosexual, nice

Z, thanks. I did not mean to say the moderates would flock to Rush. I'm pretty conservative and I'm not a huge fan. What I am saying is that they will leave Obama. I think his pettiness during a time when he should be working on other issues will turn off the middle.

Flavor Country said...

All polls taken of Rush are not favorable. Among women he is ranked low, minorites (which the republican party desparately needs etc....

So those who are not fans of his can't stand him.

I think he is what all Dems which they had a strong media voice. I have no serious problem with him and listen to him from time to time.

Until republicans have a leader, no fear of moderates leaving.
Bottom line it has not hurt Obama a bit, and he has turned it over to the DNC, DCCC etc.... which that's what their there for.

It's over already (Rush and Obama) and now the republican party is fighting within itself now. It seems to have worked a bit.

Take Care everybody,


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

What I like most about Rove is that he's smart (like you) and absolutely fearless. The Libs are completely intimidated by him.

Greywolfe said...

Let's see, first he is very intelligent. Most of what he comes up with and the way he crunches numbers is beyond me, but his opinion peace is like me shouting "SEE!?!?!? THAT'S WHAT I SAID!!!"

Nice to know that when my faculties do decide to fire they are backed up by people with more than 3 brain cells. Two of mine are waving bye bye to the third.

Chuck said...

Flavor, I think the one poll that matters on Rush is 20 million listeners a day. I don't listen to him but a lot of people do. To be fair some that listen don't agree but they listen. As far as the GOP, it's not fighting, it's an "evolution" :).

I think there is a fight for the GOP and what comes out of the fight may be good for it. Both parties go through this, difference is when it's the GOP it's news.

PCC, agreed. This is why the libs hate him so much, fear. He did one thing, won. He lost the 2006 Congressional election but even that was limited, irregardless of what the media said. He won when he shouldn't (2000, 2002, 2004). One thing you won't see is a side by side comparison of the records of him and the media's golden boy and genius in his own mind James Carville, no comparison.

Greywolfe, agreed. He's one of the few people in the GOP right now with any brains. If he hadn't been poisoned so much by the media he would have been a good choice for RNC chair.

cube said...

Rove is intelligent, well-spoken, and surprisingly witty. That's why the left demonizes him at every turn.

About the whole Rush thing, I think Carvel, Begala, Emanuel, & little Georgie remind me of the Little Rascals and the He-Man Woman Haters Club except their club hates conservatives.

I call it political prestidigitation. They tried to take attention away from BO's bumbling antics by going after a figure who can be a real lightning rod for controversy.