Monday, March 9, 2009

No Hypocrisy Here

Members of the Obama administration and leaders of the Democratic party have their panties in a bunch because Rush Limbaugh said he wanted Obama's policies to fail.

He has the Obama team so upset that they have resurrected Richard Nixon's enemies list and are targeting Rush and any other journalist and/or radio personality that does not fall in line with them. We are now having daily "who we hate today" briefings from Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary. The administration vows to continue these briefings until they can pass the fairness doctrine and get rid of that pesky free speech once and for all.

What is funny about this is that they are misrepresenting Rush's words. He did not say he wanted America to fail. In fact he has said just the opposite. He views Obama's policies as pushing the country into socialization, rightfully so I believe. It are these policies he wants to fail. I have been confused as to what the issue is.

That's the funny part, this is the hypocritical part.

Rush Limbaugh took a lot of heat for saying he wants President Obama to fail -- but a lot of Democrats felt the same way about former President George W. Bush during his second term.

An August 2006 poll conducted by FOX News/Opinion Dynamics showed 51 percent of Democrats did not want Bush to succeed. Thirty-four percent of independents also did not want Bush to succeed.

By comparison, 90 percent of Republicans said at the time that they wanted Bush to succeed, and 40 percent of Democrats said the same.

Conservative radio talk show host Limbaugh says he doesn't want the economy to fail -- just Obama's policies. But his comments last month at the Conservative Political Action Conference drew sharp criticism from the White House.

After CPAC, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel told CBS' "Face the Nation" that Limbaugh's stance was the "wrong philosophy for America."

Rush wants Obama's socialization of America to fail. What did the Dems want Bush to fail at? The economy? The war on terror? What are your thoughts? What would Rahm say if he saw this poll? Undoubtedly he would say the Dems were wrong then. Right?


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

They're a great lot, those Libs. Whatever's convenient at the moment. The width of that mean streak is stunning.

Flavor Country said...

Rush did not only say his policies.

Rush said "I want the stimulus package to fail." I want everything he is doing to fail.
His own words

I know you may not like the stimulus or Obama's policies. but Chuck I know you don't want the stimulus package to be a complete failure do you?

I did not like Bush in his second term but I never wanted what he was doing to fail. I am American everything is not going to go my way, but hey I'll live and push on.

No dem or republican has ever ruined America with their policies. Power just keeps shifting back and forth.

mksviews said...

"Rush Limbaugh took a lot of heat for saying he wants President Obama to fail -- but a lot of Democrats felt the same way about former President George W. Bush during his second term."

Leftist scum didn't just wish for Bush to fail, they actively worked to screw him over. Back in the day that used to be called treason, but they called is patriotism.

Rush must have touched a heck of a nerve, but then leftists are very, very fragile little wankers aren't they. They love to dish it out, but get all flustered and outraged when some of it comes back at them.

Rush's own word here -

And i also join him in say, i also hope obama and his wretched socialist ideals fail.

DaBlade said...

To not want this guy to fail would be to want this country to turn into a large Cuba. The chasm between the vision for America by conservatives and liberals is as wide as the Grand Canyon. Call it continental drift, but we no longer are two different shades of gray. Conservatives have kept the vision this country was founded on while liberals have "progressed" to the vision of America as a Godless, baby killing, socialist soupline.

Always On Watch said...

He has the Obama team so upset that they have resurrected Richard Nixon's enemies list and are targeting Rush and any other journalist and/or radio personality that does not fall in line with them.

One of the reasons for Nixon's downfall was his paranoia. Maybe BHO and company are going to make the same mistake and thereby alienate their base.

On another note, if BHO's paranoia and megalomania grow, he'll come after the blogosphere too.

Tina Hemond said...

The White House (and media) seem to be on a quest to replace President Bush - they need a scapegoat - and are floudering around to find one and quick! - Rush never said he wanted Obama to fail, he wanted his agenda to fail - anyone who read, or listenned to his statement with half a brain understands the difference - which leads me to ponder the intelligence of who's running the asylum lately.

AP said...

Because it's not nice to talk about The Messiah like that?


Larry T. Durham said...

Oh sure, "progressives" love to say that they supported the troops but were against the war, but the truth is they wanted the whole enterprise to fail and they gave not one damn if our guys died in the process. That's right. I'm calling you "progressives" liars. You never believed that radical Islam is a threat to western civ. You cats are more worried about polar bears than you are your own freedoms. Every damn one of you who championed the "support the troops" line is full of crap!

As for Obama's so called economic policies, again I ask you lurking libs: How in hell is it going to work? How do you tax and regulate yourself into prosperity? If Barry's policies are so strong, then why the fear of El Rushbo?

shoprat said...

Wanting Obama to fail is comparable to a healthy man wanting a virus in his body to fail.

Jack Reylan said...

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Flavor Country said...

Hey Chuck,

Conservatism can't go wrong with people like Jack Reylan on your side huh?

His comment was so brilliant I couldn't even understand it. Must be some new conservative language. :)

Chuck said...

PCC, thanks

Flavor, do I want it to fail, no. I didn't want it in the first place. To be fair and balanced though, I did not want what Bush did either. I think they were all wrong. With that said, the failure of these policies are not up to me. I think their failure will be due to their makeup. They are pork laden beasts that will not help the economy IMHO. As far as a President not ruining the country, I have said this before. They can however do some long term damage and I do believe that Obama's policies, on his present course will do long term damage to the country. In fact that is my biggest issue. He may even have some short term success but when the bill comes due for this spending we will come crashing down again, hard.

MK, there is hypocrisy to go around. My issue though is some of these very politicians that are now whining about Rush were working against Bush. They are thin skinned now that roles are reversed. One thing to give Bush, he wasn't whiney and petty like Obama is acting now.

DaBlade, conservatives have, a lot of Republicans have not. This is why they are in the minority in Congress. We need to put a foot up their asses and get them back in line.

AOW, I think he needs to cut the pettiness or risk losing the middle. People are going to start to question why they are spending their time whining about Rush instead of working on the issues that matter.

Tina, agreed. I have maintained all along that Rush is nothing more than a distraction for the Obama administration. They certainly can't see him as a threat.

AP, change, yeah right.

Larry, this is one thing I cannot get over with them. I did not give a damn if they did not support the war, their opinion. I felt they often did not supprt the troops. Some were across from Walter Reed protesting. They can go to Hell for all I care.

Shoprat, thanks

Jack, um thanks for stopping by

Flavor, still working on it :)

David#999 said...

I agree with you entirely; you are preaching to the choir.

Z said...

"What did the Dems want Bush to fail at?"


Brooke said...

Z: Pretty much!

It's amazing how BLATANT the hypocrisy is, and the left acts like its all a figment or our imaginations.

Chuck said...

David, thanks

Z, anything up to and including

Brooke, now it's come out that Carville wanted Bush to fail. Fox ran a story on how the media didn't cover that