Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not Hard To Figure This One

President Obama wants to lower the tax deduction for charitable giving by wealthy people. This article is a good read and gives a good and balanced accounting of the tax and how much of an effect it will have on charitable giving.

I think though that this statement by the author speaks volumes.

Ironically, Obama's proposal to change tax policy is intended to help raise hundreds of billions of dollars for expanding health care -- but Hillman said in the near-term, the tweak to charitable donations policy could put more strain on hospitals that rely heavily on philanthropy.

Anyone else think the plan here is to take money out of philanthropic giving and into the control of the federal government?


Papa Frank said...

When we should be saying thank you so much to the rich for giving millions of dollars to charity instead we stab them in the back for the good they are doing. OF COURSE charitable giving will be cut back. And then Obama will criticize those who now give less that their intentions were not right in the first place. Since it is ALL their money in the first place shouldn't we be ecstatic that they chose to give 61% of it away instead of trying to steal another 11% from them?

Randy said...

When considering that his proposal would cut the deduction for charitable contributions, it's important to note that his charitable contribitions weren't very charitable. According to his tax returns for 2000-2004, he gave around 1% each year. He did step up to 4.7% in 2005 and 6.1% in 2010. I couldn't find more current data.

The Gray Headed Brother said...

Why do you folks waste so much time and energy on these stupid subjects?

Papa Frank said...

We've always got time for you Gray Headed Brother. Even if you are a "stupid subject" of a socialist ruler. ;0)

Right Is Right said...

Papa Frank said...
"We've always got time for you Gray Headed Brother. Even if you are a "stupid subject" of a socialist ruler"

Papa Frank you forgot to say that he is a RACIST "stupid subject" of a socialist ruler"

Brooke said...

Of course BO wants to kill charity. He wants EVERYONE on the gov't teat, dependent on him.

Why can people not see this?

Chuck said...

Papa, as a RN in a hospital that benefits from charitable spending, this is a killer. We help the poor a lot and a lot of that money comes from donors.

Randy, I thought of that also. He certainly won't take a big hit

Gray Headed Brother, your comments are always welcome but an actual constructive comment would be nice. Criticism, attacks, let us have it. Irrelevant and groundless attacks I have not got a lot of tolerance for.

Right, again, you are welcome but back up your allegation.

Brooke, this is my fear

mksviews said...

This is the funny thing when you compare America to the rest of western world. You folks in America give a lot more than anyone else, apart from you lot being nice people, that's also because you folks have the money to give away.

For the rest of us, the state takes a lot of our money in taxes, so we can't give much of it away even if we wanted to.

"Anyone else think the plan here is to take money out of philanthropic giving and into the control of the federal government?"

Off course it is, the thing about leaving the money with you is that even if you do give it away, you give it to charities you want to, the ones you like and the ones that are more inline with your beliefs and values. Obama and the rest of the socialist scum can't decide how to spend your money, when they take more of it away in taxes, they can channel your money to their various pet causes like killing off the unborn, or making life for crackheads and criminal scum easier.

"Why do you folks waste so much time and energy on these stupid subjects?"

See, you struck a nerve Chuck, when you stop to examine these 'stupid' subjects, you start to unearth the foul ideology that is of the left.

If only more people would educate themselves on this. Keep at it Chuck, shine the light on these vermin.

Oh and grayboy, if these subjects are too taxing for you, you can always piss off somewhere else where they discuss and expend energy on 'intelligent' subjects like husseins hair style or what dog they're going to get. Should be easy enough, no?

Chuck said...

MK, as usual, good post. I hadn't thought about the angle with Obama controlling what we donate on, it was just a knee jerk reaction to the government control. You're right, instead of donors giving to Right to Life or Pregnancy Resource Centers, Obama can tax their money and pay for abortions all over the worldd.

As far as Gray Headed Brother, until he has something relevant to say, I will ignore him. He has been making the rounds spamming conservative blogs with cut and paste comments. His comments pose no relevant argument and I have yet to see him back up one of his assertions. I welcome honest and thoughtful dissent. Hearing the argument from the other side, while I may disagree, is still of interest to me. He is nothing more than a poster child for the ignorant left. If he chooses to continue to visit, his comments will stay up for two reasons. One, I have only deleted one other person's comments and he was, believe it or not, considerably more ignorant. Two, he is exhibit A for an American left bereft of original thought.

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