Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pity CNN

CNN's March Ratings So Far: More Lamb than Lion

More evidence that CNN is going to have to find a new strategy fast or risk becoming a cable news also-ran: In the month of March so far, the Time Warner-owned network has come in fourth place in prime time among adults 25 to 54, the key demographic for advertisers, more often than not.

Through March 17, CNN trailed not only Fox News and MSNBC but also its own sister network, Headline News, on nine out of 17 days. On one day, March 13, CNN even drew fewer 25-to-54 viewers than CNBC -- the first time that's happened since November 2007. And of the eight days it finished higher than fourth in the demo, five were either Saturdays or Sundays, typically the lowest rated nights for the news networks.

Now if your a cable news network and your drawing fewer viewers than MSNBC, that's harsh. To be fair though, MSNBC is increasing their viewership. Word is at their current pace they may even get people outside of their employee's families to watch.

The question is, what is going on? CNN used to own the cable news market, before Fox that is. Now they're struggling to keep the lights on.

Not surprisingly, I have a theory.

The country is highly polarized politically right now. Of course, this is entirely the fault of the Democrats, they just won't listen to reason.

I wonder if this is CNN's problem. They have a tendency to be a relatively moderate network with a left-ward lean.

While Fox is a fairly balanced network, it does lean right.

MSNBC by contrast is so far left that they make Nancy Pelosi look like, well, a less liberal Democrat. They are effectively the Obama News Network although I think the rumors that they are changing their name to ONN are untrue.

So Fox has the right-wing and right of center viewers pretty well locked up. Right now they are the only news network that is reporting all of the news on Obama. Undoubtedly their on-air people are mostly right leaning but I challenge anyone to show proof that any network, cable or broadcast, is giving a more balanced account of the Obama presidency. So, in other words, Fox is reporting the truth. People that want to hear it are tuning in to them.

MSNBC is getting the left-wing and a lot of the left of center viewers, especially Obama supporters. They are saying what Obama supporters want to hear. It may not always be the whole story and is at times wildly inaccurate but it is like comfort food for a lot of Obama supporters.

I wonder if in this scenario CNN, being a moderate network in a politically polarized country, is the odd man out?


Flavor Country said...

Chuck Fox News does give you reports on everything Obama and the democrats do, but I notice the coverage is not the same when it comes to the republicans. Only when the right slams the left are they quoted.

All positive coverage for the republicans and both positive and negative coverage for Dems. If CNN actually would have more right leaning folks on their team they would easily be the most balanced coverage team around.

And yes MSNBC is liberal city I admit. Morning Joe is all they got. Me being a liberal saying that is something, but it's true.

But it's better than watching those two wackos Hannity and Beck on Fox anytime! :) Take Care

Leslie said...

Don't worry, CNN will be deemed "Too big to fail" and we will be bailing them out soon as well.

Z said...

Flavor, have you ever heard Shepherd Smith or Geraldo Rivera's "conservative coverage!"? WOW. Anything BUT. And SHep Smith is strictly news,not editorial like Rivera is.
No, even Carl Cameron was not Right-sided during the last election. And Shep certainly was not.

By the way, those "wackos" you mention represent half of America...oops.

And, of course, the Right commenters at FOX are strictly editorial; they SAY THEY ARE CONSERVATIVE right off the bat.
You will NEVER hear Wolf Blitzer or Candy Crowley or Dana Bash or ANY of the CNN 'news' people admit it; as a matter of fact, they'll say they're FAIR. That's hilarious!

Regarding Hannity and Beck, YOU don't have to PAY FOR THEM.
My conservative tax dollars DO go toward supporting PBS..I'm paying Bill Moyers and others. How's that workin' for me? not so much, thanks..YOU 'take care'.

mksviews said...

Great news this Chuck, finally one of the scumbag media organizations is getting their just deserts. I have no pity for these filth, where we they when the country needed to hear the truth about hussein, they knowingly failed in their duty, choke on it lefties.

Good to hear Fox is doing well, it's to be expected though, people are going to want to hear the truth about hussein the economic dunce. Where else will they get it from when msnbc is only showing hussein the messiah.

LASunsett said...

//I wonder if in this scenario CNN, being a moderate network in a politically polarized country, is the odd man out?//

I was pretty much with you until this. I just don't see CNN as a moderate news network at all. It isn't nicknamed the Communist News Network for nothing. Now, back when shows like Crossfire were big, with Pat Buchanan on the right and Tom Braden on the left, one could make the case for balance.

Now, we have Blitzer, Cooper, McCafferty, and the likes. Democratic hacks all.

Chuck said...

Thanks, all. Been a long day, work and then watching Michigan lose on TiVo. Bottom line, study after study, Fox is the only news network that comes out as having balanced coverage. All of the networks have the claim of balance, Fox is the only one that can back it up.