Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Practicing Free Speech Is Now Illegal On College Campuses

I think most of my readers have come to the same conclusion that I have in that free speech is dead on college campuses, at least conservative speech. Turns out conservative speech is not just dead, it's now illegal. This article has some scary examples of what happens to you if you speak out for gun rights on campus.

Professor Takes Heat for Calling Cops on Student Who Discussed Guns in Class

A professor in Connecticut reported one of her students to the police after he gave a class presentation on why students and teachers should be allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus. Now, free speech activists say the professor’s actions are what really need to be investigated.

Last October, John Wahlberg and two classmates at Central Connecticut State University gave an oral presentation for a communications class taught by Professor Paula Anderson. The assignment was to discuss a “relevant issue in the media,” and the students presented their view that the death toll in the April 2007 Virginia Tech shooting massacre would have been lower if professors and students had been carrying guns.

That night, police called Wahlberg, a 23-year-old senior, and asked him to come to the station. When he arrived, they they read off a list of firearms that were registered in his name and asked where he kept them. Guns are strictly prohibited on the CCSU campus and residence halls, but Wahlberg says he lives 20 miles off-campus and keeps his gun collection locked up in a safe. No further action was taken by police or administrators.

The article then went on to list other similar incidents on college campuses around the country.

In 2007, Shibley noted, a student at Hamline University in Minnesota was suspended after writing a letter to an administrator arguing that carrying concealed weapons on campus may help prevent tragedies like the one at Virginia Tech. The student was allowed to return only after undergoing a psychological evaluation, he said.

This student had to undergo a psychological evaluation to return to school. So in Minnesota practicing your 1st amendment right in asking for the right to practice your 2nd amendment right is considered a mental disorder.

Shibley also cited an incident at Colorado College last year in which campus administrators denounced a flyer as "threatening and demeaning content" because it mentioned guns. He said the students who produced the flyer were found guilty of violating the school’s violence policy, which was added to their school records.

In Colorado you get a permanent black mark for practicing your 1st amendment in asking for your 2nd amendment right. One can only assume that anyone that has been caught harassing ROTC members or burning the American flag in protest, an act I consider threatening, have suffered similar fates.

Some on the left will celebrate this type of treatment but everyone should be terrified of the actions of these colleges. Today's celebration of free speech can be tomorrow's thought crimes.


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Free speech is dead on college campuses if a student or instructor has something truly intelligent and well-thought-out to say.

If someone makes a speech about what a rotten, nasty, mean and evil country the U.S. is, free speech is alive and well.

An American Girl said...

Hi chuck as for your "Free speech on college campuses post.
Good luck with that. I don't think we are going to see it.

AP said...

Wait...we still have free speech?

Flavor Country said...

Come on Chuck why are we turning this into a conservative/liberal debate?

School shootings are a happening more and more. This teacher was covering her ass. Any talk about guns nowadays in school or the work place is gonna spark caution and fear.

I think the teacher might have overreacted, but which is better to overreact or to have another tragedy? My wife works on education and has had to deal with guns in school and I worry about her everyday.

You know I'm liberal, but I would love to carry my Glock wherever I go too, but I can't especially in Illinois.

Talking about guns in school is like talking about supporting Palestine while working in a nuclear don't do it.

@Pasadena closet conservative:

As far as conservative speech being silenced by the government did we or did we not have a republican in office for eight years controlling government? And I think there were far more liberal arrest and beatings than conservatives.

P.S. Member of the NRA

Take Care everyone.

Right Is Right said...

Flavor Country said...
"Come on Chuck why are we turning this into a conservative/liberal debate?"

Are you kidding?

Because it is!

Brooke said...

Liberals are now so afraid of guns that they can't even be spoken about? Whoa.

Brooke said...
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Chuck said...

PCC, that's not freedom, I know you know this, just stating the obvious

American Girl, not right now it isn't

AP, it's in the Constitution, remember that document? I think it's still in force?

Flavor it really is a liberal v conservative issue. There has been way too much of this happening to deny it. Burn an American flag on campus, it's free speech. Burn a flag from a Muslim country, it's a hate crime. Put a crucifix in urine, it's art. Have a display that is anti-anything liberal, it's a hate crime. Write a paper about gun control, it's an A. Write a paper about gun rights, it's a hate crime. Seeing a pattern here?

As far as being cautious, I agree but there is no evidence these people were aking any threat at all. They were simply exercising there free speech rights.

All, I am not always successful but I do try to be clear I am not generalizing. That is why I said "Some on the left will celebrate". I do not believe all liberals are against the 2nd amendment. I do stand by my stance though that conservatives do not have free speeh on our college campuses.

Right, agreed

Brooke, that is my point. Now if one of these people had in anyway been deemed a threat, they should be reported. But believing that you have a right to bear arms, which we do, is not a threat and it is not a mental disorder.

shoprat said...

The left never has believed in freedom, except the freedom to copulate with anything you wish and the right to pump any chemical, except nicotine and alcohol, into you body. All other freedoms they can do without.

Flavor Country said...

My point Chuck is that not all liberals are against guns. My dad's side of the family are all hunters and police officers and all are liberals.

I am a liberal that is on your side as far as gun rights are concerned. As you not everything that congress does or wants represents what everybody in the party wants.

If we are talking about far-left wing nuts that's a different story. I know we can agree that every gun that has been fired has was not all fired by conservatives.

We liberals love our guns too.

Chuck said...

Flavor, I agree. I've no doubt there are liberals that are pro-gun just as there are conservatives that are pro-gun control. As far as the profs on college campuses that are pulling this crap, I think it is fair to call them the far-left. The problem is that they have a huge amount of influence and it is anyone with conservative ideas that is paying for thier influence. Colleges are not a hotbed of free expression as billed.

DaBlade said...

It is a huge understatement to say that Gun free zones on college campi do not work. I believe there is plently of evidence of this. That said, IMO no student should be allowed to carry, period. However, faculty, staff, and any competent security presence should be armed to the teeth.

Your point, however, is not lost. Certainly a student should be able to broach the topic in an assignment and actually espouse the opposite opinion (as long as he/she is not threatening). It's all a question of degrees. Simply mentioning guns in an assignment is not in and of itself, threatening. Of course, if the interpretation is up to the gray, pony-tailed hippy lib professor...

Chuck said...

Dablade, I agree. I'm not comfortable with kids carrying on campus. College kids are often still immature and often highly intoxicated. Not a recipe for success.

They should still be able to defend their 2nd amendment right without being labeled a criminal or mentally ill.

My biggest issue here is that liberals are big proponents about free speech, as long as they can define which speech is free.

mksviews said...

Yeah, can't have people infecting the sheeple with ideas on defending themselves eh. That's might open doors to freedom and liberty! Someone might dare to ask, how exactly did the gun-free zone help those at Virginia tech? How exactly did gun-control help those 200 people shot to death by Muslim terrorists in India? No way, that's too much for the collectivist, fascist, liberal mind to handle.

Far easier to just keep the sheeple ignorant and cowardly. Never mind those that end up killed because of their plainly stupid and useless gun-free zones.

mksviews said...

"That said, IMO no student should be allowed to carry, period."

So if your daughter hooks up with the wrong fellow and finds out he's a woman-beater and refuses to take 'no' for an answer, she should not be allowed to carry in case he decides to kick her door in, period?

If your 15-year old is walking home from school one day and some pedophile decides to pull up and drag her into the bushes, she mustn't be allowed to carry a weapon to protect herself?

Yes they can be immature and all that but i don't believe everyone should just be restricted from defending themselves with weapons that the state cannot keep out of the hands of criminals and scumbags because others can't use them responsibly.