Sunday, March 8, 2009

Quote Of The Week

One of the funnier events of the past week was members of the US Senate defending the earmarks they put in the $410 million budget.

Senator Tom Harkin (D, IA) quickly became my favorite when he said this about his $1.8 million earmark for pig odor and manure management at the University of Iowa:

(insert favorite pork barrel spending joke here)

"I suppose we'll hear a lot of jokes on David Letterman and Jay Leno and a lot of other people will be making jokes about this money for manure, but keep in mind this is not wasteful or unnecessary or frivolous, this is very important to the daily lives of people in my state and North Carolina and anyplace else that we raise swine,"

For Sen Harkin's defense of an industry vital to the health of our economy, I give him a can of Glade Hawaiian Breeze air freshener, only $2.79 a can at

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cube said...

Reprehensible bunch of crooks!

Right Is Right said...

excellent post

Leslie said...

"...anyplace else that we raise swine,"

That is the most telling part of the quote. LOL *take it as a double meaning*

Chuck said...

Thanks all. I will not be around much for the next few days. We lost our power today, we have it back on but our sump pump was off for several hours. This is important because we also got a LOT of rain today, most of which is currently in my basement. I will be posting lightly until I dry things up a bit.

mksviews said...


I thought you were kidding.

AP said...

What a waste.

Hope your power situation gets better. Love your blog.

Average American said...

Hope you got all dried out Chuck!

If that had been $1.8 million for leftard odor management, I'd say "That's not enough! Double it!", but as is, what a dolt! These crooks just can't seem to stay out of my damned pockets! We need term limits and we need to get those frigging idiots OUT of power! Hurry up and get here 2010.

shoprat said...

Anywhere else we raise swine.

Means Congress too I guess.

Z said...

Good luck with the waters, Chuck.

As for your post?
That this is a PORK BILL personified doesn't escape anyone, right?
Stinks to high heaven!

stormin said...

there's probably more pork and manure odor in DC instead of Iowa. take care with that flooded basement. hope to see you back real soon.

Chuck said...

MK, seems like a joke doesn't it?

AP, thanks

AA, I'm starting to support term limits

Shoprat, you would think

Z, amybe we need to research the stench coming from Washington?

Stormin, mostly horseshit, no matter the year, no matter the party

All, thanks for the well wishes. The damage was fairly limited, I think I am saving the carpet, etc. Fortunately it was ground water and not sewage.