Sunday, March 22, 2009

Quote Of The Week

In the boys will be boys department, we have Jonathan Locke an 8th grader from Lakeland, Florida. This young man has been suspended from riding the bus to school.

What crime did this beast commit? It wasn't fighting. He didn't get caught carrying a concealed (or unconcealed) weapon. There were no drugs involved. He didn't speak unkindly to the driver or another student.

Yes, you guessed it, Jonathan farted.

"Jonathan passes gas on the bus to make the other children laugh and it is so stink [sic] that you can't breathe after he does it," Was the quote from the bus driver.

If we were to crack down on boys farting to make other kids laugh, the girls on the school buses would have a lot of room. For his willingness to take a stand for boys everywhere, I give Jonathan a SALUTE, from afar that is.

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sue said...

This time you are right.

Leslie said...

Oh that is...stinky!

When will people realize that there is a MAJOR difference between boys and girls? Let the boy be a boy! Sheesh.

We are so feminizing boys and men in this country.

Papa Frank said...

I ditto Leslie. When she's right - she's right. And it happens a lot!

shoprat said...

Hold your nose and salute.

Chuck said...

Thanks all. Sorry, been a busy weekend at work

Average American said...

That's so funny. As soon as you said he farte, I automatically assumed it had something to do with global warming.

Gramma 2 Many said...

This is the absolute epitome of stupidity. Not the kid, the bus driver.

mksviews said...


Don't the bus come with windows?

DaBlade said...

Isn't there a s ong...?

"The flatulence on the bus goes goes 'round and 'round..."

Chuck said...

AA, maybe that's why he was punished, I hadn't tought of that angle

Gramma, the schools can't be bothered with things loke teaching these kids to write

MK and DaBlade, lol